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."The one that delayed the beer delivery," Myles clarifies, holding back a sigh of exasperation.Asking at all suddenly seems like a bad idea, because he really doesn't want to know."Friend of a friend," Todd says vaguely, but the smile is more there, growing larger."We might hang out next week.Want to come with?"Myles is horrified and embarrassed and deeply unhappy."No, no," he says hastily, looking away."I was just wondering."Todd nods and looks out the window on his side of the car."You staying over tonight or taking the cab to your place?"34Carbon and Ashby Chris Owen"Be another fare," the cab driver warns them from the front seat where his act of pointedly not paying attention to their conversation has just failed.Myles shrugs."Just have to come back for my car in the morning," he points out, though he doesn't really want to stay now.It would far too weird not to stay, however, and there's been too much that's strange between them lately."You don't mind?""Nope," Todd says and that seems to end the debate.They pay the driver at Todd's house and Todd's still smiling as he unlocks the door and almost stumbles in."Careful," Myles says, grabbing Todd's arm by instinct.He didn't think Todd had had that much to drink."I'm always careful," Todd laughs, and then he's in Myles arms, kissing him, and Myles goes with it unthinkingly, following Todd's lead until they're pressed against the wall between the door and the closet, kissing deeper and deeper and Todd's arching and rubbing against him.Todd tastes more like beer than usual, and he's more aggressive than normal, too, and Myles doesn't know precisely the best way to handle this."You're drunk," he says into Todd's mouth, the words tangled and garbled by the way Todd's sucking on his tongue."No 'm not," Todd says and proves it by undoing Myles pants with a dexterity no one could manage drunk."Okay," Myles gasps as his dick is surrounded by Todd's fist."You're not.""You're not either," Todd says, dropping to his knees.35Carbon and Ashby Chris Owen"No.I'm not." He can admit that, accept that they're in their right minds there in Todd's hall as Todd licks him, nuzzles him.He can be completely sane, standing with his pants down around his knees as Todd starts to suck him.He can be sober and completely real, his best friend at his feet giving him expert head by the coat closet.But not for long.It really is expert head, Todd's mouth freewheeling over his cock and balls, making Myles' knees week.He leans against the wall, one hand buried in Todd's hair, and groans.Todd sucks him hard and pulls away."Do it," he demands."I want you to." Then he opens his mouth wider, his lips bruised already and slightly swollen, and takes Myles in again.Myles groans once more and his hips flex, pushing gently.It's not enough for Todd apparently, for his hands are on Myles' hips, guiding him, and then they're in a rhythm, a nasty, fast and dirty fuck.Myles can't breathe, doesn't even want to, in point of fact.All he wants to do is watch his cock vanish into Todd's mouth, coming out slick and dark and wet.He thrusts and Todd takes it, pulls him in, and Myles knows that this is going to be as embarrassing as the last time, but at least he'll get to come in Todd's mouth and not in his pants.Myles closes his eyes, hopes that not watching will stave off the rush to the end, but Todd makes a sound, deep in his chest, and Myles' eyes fly open again.He knows that sound, the depth and breadth of it, can feel the intensity of it in his mind, his heart, his cock.The vibration tingles the head of his dick, almost as seductive of the sound itself.That sound, the 36Carbon and Ashby Chris Owenneedy, greedy desperate feeling behind it, has lodged itself in Myles and he can hear it over and over, Todd's want filling him until he breaks, coming in long volleys that thunder out of him and are lost in the sound of his cries.It's the best blow job he's ever had, bar none, and he's almost in tears before Todd leans back, away from him, leaving him cold and damp."Come on," Todd whispers, pulling at Myles' hand."Come to bed."Myles nods, tries to get his pants up so he can walk, but mostly it's an excuse to stay where he is for a moment.Long enough that Todd won't see the shine in his eyes or the way Myles' world has just shifted again.When he can move, when he can face the new nirvana of Todd's bedroom, Myles goes.He walks slowly, wondering if perhaps Todd has changed his mind in the short walk down the hall and up the stairs, but when he gets there Todd is turning down the covers, his chest bare."You okay?" Todd asks.His smile is a little smug as he fingers the button on his jeans.Myles steps over the threshold of the doorway, into Todd's bedroom and wonders why it's such a big deal."Yeah," he says."You're.damn, you're good at that [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]