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.I may never get to that level of flexibility but I won’t know unless I try.Not wanting to overdo it, I stick to simple stretches and the lower back exercises Luke’s taught me.When I’m finished, I refill my water bottle with cucumber water.I’m addicted to the stuff now.After six weeks without soda, I don’t even miss it anymore.Ice cream on the other hand, I still crave.My cravings mainly hit me at night, right as I’m trying to go to sleep.Apparently, eating right before you go to bed is a bad thing so I get to drink water instead.It isn’t the most satisfying option; but if I’m still craving ice cream in the morning, I make a smoothie.Finishing my water, I check the clock to see how much time I have and have to hurry to hook up my tablet when I see I’m running late.Luke’s incoming connection request pops right up.“Hey, Luke,” I smile, backing away from the screen.The last thing he needs is my face taking up the whole thing.“How are you feeling?” he asks.“Great,” I beam.“I have awesome news.I lost five pounds this week.”When he frowns, my face falls.“Isn’t that good news?”As if he notices my hurt expression, his face instantly softens.“It’s great news; it’s just a lot of weight to lose in one week.It’s my job to make sure you aren’t overdoing it.”I nod.“Have you been skipping any meals?”I shake my head.He rubs his hand over his face.“We’ll keep an eye on your weight this week to see if the same thing happens.If it does, we may need to adjust some things.”“But isn’t losing the weight a good thing?” I stammer.“It is, but I don’t want to shock your system.The healthiest method of weight loss is gradual.”Sounds logical I suppose.“I was wondering why I couldn’t see the difference.Since we started working together, I’ve lost fifteen pounds altogether.When I look at myself, why can’t I see the difference?”“I’m not sure why you can’t because, trust me, I can.”Something in the tone of his voice makes my cheeks redden.“I’ve never asked you,” he continues, “what is your end goal for the weight loss? Not the number, but if you have some other motivation.”I rub my lips together, sucking them into my mouth to chew on them before answering.“There’s this reunion.”His eyes widen, so I stammer, “I know it sounds silly.I should be doing it for my health and not because I care about what people I went to school with think about me.”“Lindsay.” He stops me.“I was just surprised you plan on going out.I think that’s a great goal.”I can’t help but smile as I look back at him.“You do?”“I do.The only thing I’m worried about is what you’ve told me about not going outside.Do you have a game plan for how you’re going to feel comfortable enough to go to your reunion?”Flushing, I look away, not able to handle his eyes on mine.He’s right.I’ve haven’t even considered being able to walk out the door yet.Was there a part of me that assumed I would never accomplish my goal of looking like the woman the world saw? And no matter what I did, I wouldn’t go in the end?“I’m taking your silence as a no.I have an idea though, if you’ll let me help you.”I turn back to him, his warm green eyes waiting for me.“What do you mean?”“We can talk about it while we workout.Is your mat already out? I can’t tell if I see the corner or a rug.”I giggle as he squints at me.“It’s my mat.”His smile takes my breath away.“All right, let’s warm up.”As soon as we’re done warming up, he has me get into a plank.“I was thinking we should work on getting outside.”I want to look at him but it’s taking all of my strength to hold the position I’m in.I can’t even reply without it coming out like pants.“You know how you jog on the treadmill every day; what if you did a lap around your block instead?”He’s crazy.If I ignore him, there’s a chance he’ll give up.Unfortunately, once he has me in a rest position, he asks me about his idea.“I don’t know if I can do that,” I admit.“Would it help if I drove up there and went with you?”Gaping at him, I reply, “No, it wouldn’t.”His wounded expression makes me want to take my words back.“People make me nervous and you’re a…”“Person,” he quietly finishes for me.Looking away to avoid the judgment I’m so sure will be written all over his face, I nod.“So, if there was a way to make sure there wasn’t anyone around, would you go outside?”I shrug, still avoiding his eyes.“Maybe, I’m not sure.”“That’s not encouraging,” he pushes.“Ahh.Why do you even care?” I snap.“I only want what’s best for you, Lindsay.”I have to look at him, have to test the sincerity of his voice with the expression in his eyes.It’s useless, though.I’ve lost the piece of me that truly trusts people.You never know when someone you have trusted will turn out to have been telling you nothing but lies.Luke has his role in my life.He’s the cute guy who’s helping me get in shape.He isn’t my friend.“Can we talk about something else?” I plead.He frowns.“I’m not going to give up on you that easy.”My reaction to his words is tears filling my eyes.I rush over to the screen, turning it off before he can see them [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]