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.I stop thrusting and lift her off me, laying her back on the mattress.I climb on top of her, positioning the head of my cock just inside her sweet pussy, and then drive the entire way in.I shove a hand between us, rubbing her clit, hurriedly at first, and then as she gasps for breath and her legs tremble, I slow my pace, and touch her with soft, lightly punishing strokes.I pull out and drive back in slowly, deeply.Each stroking glide of my cock in and out of her pussy tugs on my piercing, heightening everything.“Cum for me, Princess,” I whisper, as I groan in her ear.“Show me why you risked your life to come back for me.”Her soft moan, the way her hips rise to meet my thrusts, the hurried, angry kisses she places on my lips, let me know she’s close.All of this makes me know I didn’t need her to verbalise the answers to those questions either.“I.” she moans.“I came to.kill you.”“You are killing me.Hurry the fuck up, so I can fill you with my cum.”“You first,” she challenges.“Woman, fuckin’ give me that orgasm or I’ll take it from you by force.”“Take it,” she whispers.“Take me.I’m yours, Daniel.”“I know,” I growl and pump faster.Her breathing peaks, her muscles clench and she cries out as I pull that orgasm from her, and my cum shoots from my cock in hot, hard bursts.I’m chugging back a beer and staring off into space when Indie comes back down the stairs.She pauses when she sees me occupying the lounge.I move my feet off the end of the couch and shift so that the side she favours is free, and then I kick my feet up on the coffee table.She’s wary at first, sitting down like a kitten that can’t decide if it’s curious or fuckin’ terrified.“Does your face hurt?”I laugh.“Yeah darlin’, it hurts like a fuckin’ bitch.”“Good,” she says, taking a swig of my beer before setting it on the table.“By all means, help your fuckin’ self.”“Oh, I will,” she replies, giving me a stubborn-arse fuckin’ glare.“You wanna help yourself to anything else of mine, then go right ahead,” I mutter, staring pointedly at my crotch.“You’re a pig.”“And you’re a pain in my arse.” I smirk and snatch up my stubbie, downing the rest and putting my mouth to good use before it gets me in trouble.“Thank you, though,” she says, “For the lesson.It was still an arsehole move, but I understand why you did it.Next time, maybe give the rape victim a little warning before you drag her across the room, throw her to the ground and attack her.”“If I’d given you warning, you never would have known what you were capable of.”She thinks on that for a minute, biting her bottom lip as she stares off into space.Finally, she nods and says, “I want you to teach me how to fire a gun.”“Slow your roll, Spitfire.To do that I’d need to take you outside.Prez said outside is off limits.”“Your prez isn’t here.”“Lucky for you, otherwise he’d beat you down for sayin’ that shit.You have to trust that we know what we’re doing here.If it were safe to take you outside, I’d take you out-fuckin’-side.”She lets out a sigh, opens her mouth to say something, and then closes it again.“Out with it, Spitfire,” I say.She glares at me for a second and then her face crumples.“Tell me about the tooth, Kick.”I’m not wearing it anymore.I took it off and threw it across the gym the second she left.And then I walked over and picked it up, threading the necklace through my wallet chain and then pocketing it so I wouldn’t lose it.The roar of motorcycles up the drive has my head snapping around towards the kitchen where I can see through the front door.Saved by the fuckin’ bell.Though I know we’re not done here.She’ll be bitchin’ at me later to answer the god damned question.“Cavalry’s here,” I say, standing up and stretching out my tired muscles.After she’d left me in the gym I’d taken some of my self-loathing out on the bag.I’m not wearing a shirt because I’d soaked it through with sweat, and hadn’t seen the point in putting on the only clean shirt I had left.I liked the way she looked at me when I wasn’t wearing one, her sweet and innocent gaze roaming every inch of my tattooed flesh, as though all the answers to my secrets were written within.I didn’t have the heart to tell her there was no mystery when it came to me.Just selfishness.And shit.And betrayal.“Stay,” I say, as I head for the front door.“Where the fuck do you think I’m gonna go?” she yells after me, and I can’t help but turn so I see her exasperated expression.I don’t know how much longer we’ll be babysitting the brat, but a part of me is gonna be reluctant to let the bitch go.I step outside to find Killer, One Eye, Prez, Squeals, and motherfuckin’ Country.I shoot a questioning glare at Prez.“The guy that wants the bitch dead, the blind old coot, and the motherfuckin’ prospect? Where the hell is Tank and Raphe? Hell, Prez, even fuckin’ Diesel would have been a better choice than these three fuckers?”“Tank’s out.Takin’ Ivy home and attemptin’ to get her clean again after this motherfuckin’ idiot stuck his coke under her nose and she ODed.Again.” He smacks Killer in the back of the head, who’s been here since yesterday without a wink of sleep.The fuck-knuckle mumbles another apology, some shit about not knowing she was Tank’s property.“Raphe and Diesel are busy cleaning up your shit.We got more to deal with than your old lady.”My head snaps up.“She’s not my old lady.”“Wearin’ her claw marks on your neck, aren’t ya?”“That’s not what it looks like.”“Dude, what the fuck happened to your face?” Killer says.“Did you let a girl beat you up?”“Shut up, fuck-stick.” I smack him upside the head and he sneers, slinking back to his post [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]