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.Instead, he took several moments before answering.“I can understand why you’d worry, but I really don’t think you need to.I mean, I don’t have a crystal ball or anything, but I’m not the kind of person who enjoys going to bars and stuff.Even in Arizona I didn’t really party with the other guys.”Everything Bobby said sounded too good to be true.Chet wondered if Bobby was simply telling him what he wanted to hear.Chet thought of the conversation he’d had with Julian.Was it possible Chet’s past was the main obstacle in his relationship with Bobby?“I don’t think you give me enough credit,” Bobby said.“I know I’ve done some things to let you down recently, but really all I want is a regular life.”“But you were meant for so much more than this,” Chet tried to argue.“No I wasn’t.Like I told you, my fate was sealed the first time I went to the food pantry with Mom.I couldn’t believe how many people were there that I knew.” Bobby swallowed, enthusiasm for his chosen profession evident in his expression.“Good people, Chet.Men who worked with my dad stood in that line.I could see the shame in their eyes.They’re the people I want to help, not some multi-billionaire playboy who’s just after the fanfare that comes with owning a professional football team.”While Chet commended Bobby for his way of thinking, he was also afraid the young man was being too idealistic.“You’re one person, babe.I’m not sure what you think you can accomplish but you could do a lot of good with the money the NFL would pay you.”“Why’re you trying to talk me out of doing something I want to do?”“I’m not.I just don’t want you to settle for a normal life when you could do so much more.”Bobby stepped back, pulling out of Chet’s arms.“I thought you’d understand.”“I’m trying to.” Chet reached for Bobby but he took another step back.“Will you still drop me by the house?” Bobby asked.Chet knew he’d taken another step back in Bobby’s eyes but wasn’t sure what to do about it with only a few minutes before he’d have to leave.“Yeah.Let me get my bag.”* * * *After a short warm-up in the exercise room, Bobby headed to the field for his first official practice.He still wasn’t sure if he was doing the right thing, but he still had until the start of the first official game to make up his mind.“You’re practising for real?” Chase said, jogging towards him.Chase’s smile was infectious, and Bobby found himself grinning from ear to ear.“Thought I’d give it a go.”Chase settled in stride beside Bobby.“You mind if I walk with you?”“Not at all.”Chase gestured towards a small group of players.“You met Farley yet?”Bobby shook his head.“I’ve watched him, but I haven’t met him.You?”“Tried.He didn’t seem interested in talking much after he found out I lived in BK.That’s okay.My mom told me not everyone’s intelligent or tolerant.” Chase grinned.“Your mom?”“Yeah.Mom moved us to Cattle Valley when I was eight.It was right after I told her I was going to marry my best friend Sam.Sam’s folks didn’t take the announcement as well as Mom did.So she moved us from Ohio to Wyoming just so I’d never have to go through that again.” Chase rolled his eyes.“Sounds totally stupid, I know, but that’s the way my mom is.She’s always put me first.”By the time Chase finished his long-winded explanation they were on the field.Chase stopped and dropped down on the thirty yard line.“Wanna warm-up with me?”Bobby looked over towards the other players.He wasn’t sure whether or not it was cool for him to work out with a freshman, but so far Chase had been the only player who’d approached him.“Sure.”He sat next to Chase and began stretching despite his earlier workout.A shadow fell over him and Bobby glanced over his shoulder.“Hey,” he said, staring up at his competition.“Did the Prince finally decide to come down from his castle and play with us peasants?” Colson Farley asked.Bobby couldn’t blame Farley for the jab, he deserved it.“I’ve been healing from an injury, but I finally got my release, so here I am.” He started to explain further, but Chase’s earlier comment about the way Farley had treated him came to mind.Instead he returned his attention back to Chase.“Wanna run some sprints with me?”Chase glanced from Farley back to Bobby with a satisfied smile.“Sure [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]