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.Nash squeezed Sidney’s hand.“I’m gonna go find Jackson.The doctor said you should be out of here in a few days, and there are plans that need to be made.”Sidney hadn’t thought of what he’d do once released.The idea of his dad staying at home to take care of him was preposterous.He grabbed the pen and scribbled on the pad.I can take care of myself.Instead of yelling at him, Nash stood and leaned close to Sidney’s face.“I’ve no doubt you can, but you shouldn’t have to, not when you have someone who loves you nearby.”Sidney wrote another note.Dad won’t stay.Nash glanced at the paper and shook his head.“I wasn’t talking about Jackson.”Tears once again threatened.Sidney began to wonder if his emotional state had something to do with the pain medication he was being given.There had to be a reason other than the obvious.He blinked his eyes, quickly dispelling the moisture.What the fuck was wrong with him? Nash had just professed his love.A sudden thought hit him.Was it brotherly love or the kind of love he really wanted? And would Nash still feel the same if he knew he’d lured a man out of his seatbelt minutes before hitting a deer? Then there were the scars.Sidney reached up and ran a finger across his cheek.He came away with the gooey antibiotic ointment covering his finger.Nash grabbed Sidney’s hand.“You’re not supposed to touch it.” He reached back to get a tissue from the table.After cleaning Sidney’s finger, Nash kissed it.“I’ve done a lot of thinking in the last few days.”Sidney swallowed around the lump in his throat as Nash squeezed his hand.“My purpose in life is to love you.When I thought I might lose you…”Sidney sucked in a breath as he watched a tear roll down Nash’s handsome face.Never had he seen Nash actually cry.“I’m still here,” Sidney whispered.The words seemed to make things worse.Nash dropped his chin to rest against his chest as he cried.Sidney lifted his hand and brushed Nash’s hair away from his face.It was his turn to comfort the man who had always been there for him.Nash eventually dried his eyes on his sleeve and looked at Sidney.“I want another chance.I’ll do whatever it takes.”Before Sidney could say or write what was in his heart, his dad strode into the room.Jackson took one look at Nash and stopped dead in his tracks.“What’s wrong?”Nash stood and shook his head.“Nothing.I was just telling Sidney how thankful I am that he’ll be okay.”Jackson’s gaze went from Nash to Sidney.“Of course we’re thankful.” He shifted from foot to foot.“Can I talk to you for a minute?” he asked Nash.“Sure.” Nash smiled down at Sidney.“Be right back.”Sidney watched Nash leave.Although he understood why Nash hadn’t told Jackson the truth about their conversation, it still bothered him.Would Nash forever be in the closet? What kind of life could Sidney hope to have with the gorgeous cowboy if Nash continued to worry what others thought of their relationship? Hell, Sidney wasn’t even sure what to call what he and Nash were starting.Relationship sounded long term.Was it possible the two of them could find a way to be together forever?Sidney stared at the overhead light.Maybe Nash had been right.Perhaps their lives were too different to make it work.The door opened and Josh stepped into the room.He stood staring at Sidney for several moments without saying a word.It was Sidney who finally broke the silence.“How’s Luke?”Josh shook his head.“He might as well be dead.” He took several steps towards the bed as he continued to stare.By the expression on Josh’s face, Sidney wondered just how bad he really looked.Nash had assured him he would heal, but suddenly Sidney wanted to pull the sheet over his head to avoid Josh’s gaze.Josh held up the note Sidney had written.“I don’t want or need your apologies.I just came in to tell you I can’t talk to you for a while.I have some things I need to work out before I can do that.I’ve got your number.”Without another word, Josh turned and left the room.Sidney stared at the door in a state of shock.Had he just lost his best friend?* * * *Nash followed Jackson to the hospital cafeteria.“Coffee?” Jackson asked.“Sure, I guess.” Nash found a table while Jackson went to the serving line.What would Jackson say if he knew Nash had just told Sidney he loved him? Had his emotions been obvious? Maybe that’s why Jackson wanted to speak with him alone.Jackson set Nash’s coffee in front of him before taking a seat at the small table.“We need to talk about what happens when we get Sidney home,” he began.“Yeah, I meant to talk to you about that [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]