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.She took the phone and in the coldest voice possible said, "Hello.""This is Agent Fennigan.I'm five feet behind you at a table with another man.Is the man squatting down between you and Mr.Luckadeau the man we're looking for?""That's right," she said."Do whatever he says.Where's he taking you?"Jane pretended she was talking to Celia and hoped the agent would understand her form of code."Celia, you think you're so damned smart letting him find out about where I was.With friends like you, I damn sure don't need enemies.You'd shoot a woman in the back as they were leaving, you bitch," she said as hatefully as she could.Her hands were clammy and she had the sudden urge to hum.She'd never forgive herself if John pulled the trigger and shot Slade or that child that reminded her of Lizzy Luckadeau.She handed the phone to the waiter and said, "Here, take this damn thing and if she calls again, don't bring it to me."John told them in a very conversational tone to stand up and walk to the front door.Jane was to loop her arm in Slade's, to remember that John got trigger happy when he was spooked and that he didn't have any qualms about shooting Slade in the back.She envisioned gun battles and dead bodies on the short walk from the pool to the front lobby.The takedown was so anticlimactic, she was almost disappointed.Two agents simply walked up behind John and put a gun barrel in each side of his back.He dropped his gun and raised his hands slowly."John Farris, you are under arrest for attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and…" the agent rattled off a long list of infractions.When he finished, the other one read John his rights."You still want some time with him?" the first one, a short man with a bald head and heavy jowls, asked."No, I found out what I wanted to know already.It wasn't personal.It was just business," she said.John smiled sweetly at her."Darlin', I don't know what this is.I love you.I just wanted to take you home and marry you.Tell them the truth.I made a mistake.Forgive me.I love you, Ellacyn.""Don't let him get in touch with Paul Stokes.I want him to think that John is still chasing me," Jane said."I am darlin'.I will chase you until the day I die.I never forget a woman who does me wrong." His eyes were lifeless and cold as ice."Get him out of my sight.""You got it, lady.And thanks."They put him in the car and Jane shivered in spite of the humid heat trying to suffocate her.She began to hum and then everything started spinning.Slade caught her as she fainted."I'll take her up to the room.She'll be fine.You've got my number," he told the men.He didn't watch as they drove away with John in the car.He laid her gently on the bed and went to the bath room, where he wrung out a cloth in cold water.He laid it gently on her forehead and whispered, "Jane."She shut her eyes even tighter and shivered."Is it over?""It's over.Are you all right?"She began to hum again.He recognized the tune as one from the Martina McBride CD they'd been listening to earlier: "Help Me Make It Through the Night."Slade stretched out beside her and took her hand in his."I thought for sure he was going to get trigger-happy and put a hole in my gut.How in the hell did he slip up on us so slick?"She made no effort to remove her hand, glad for the warmth of his touch."He was dressed like a waiter.It's his job to be slick."The words to the Martina tune came to his mind.The singer talked about it being sad to be alone and asking for him to help her make it through the night.She said she didn't want to be alone.At that moment, Slade could think of nothing scarier in his own world than being alone.He didn't know who was going to help who, but they both needed another soul and a warm body to get through the night.Tomorrow would be a different story.Time would have done its job in getting them past the experience, but right then, they both needed each other.He drew her close to his side and held her tightly [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]