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.“I’ve taken all the inserted frames that I’ve discovered so far,” he explained, “and recorded them on a separate tape.I think they may give you quite a shock, Nancy.”He flicked several switches and dials on his complicated control board and pointed to one of the monitor screens.Both Nancy and George gasped at the lettering that appeared on the screen:DALLAS CURRY IS A CHEAT AND A THIEF!Again Pete flicked a switch and a new frame appeared.This one said:DALLAS CURRY STEALS OTHER PEOPLE’S IDEAS!A moment later, he switched to still another frame:CURRY IS GUILTY—GUILTY—G U I L T Y ! !Nancy’s heart beat faster.Even though she had expected the tapes to reveal something like this, now that the evidence was vividly on display before her very eyes, she found herself almost breathless with indignation and anger.“This is really mean and contemptible!” she exclaimed.“What a vicious, underhanded way to ruin someone’s good name!”The thought that her own opinion of Dallas Curry had been influenced in this way made Nancy even more upset.George heartily agreed.“Whoever did this is sick!” the dark-haired girl declared.“Well, that’s not all,” said Pete Dornek, “although the frames you’ve just seen are the most shocking.All those, by the way, were inserted in the video tape you received, Nancy—and there are probably more that I haven’t spotted yet.But the inserts are totally different in the cassettes you got from Curry.Those are both pictorial.I don’t even understand them, but you probably will.”He now showed a picture of knights in armor seated at a round table—the second advertising layout that Dallas Curry was accused of copying.“About eight or nine frames just like this were inserted in one of the tapes,” Pete commented.Then he flicked a switch to show another frame on the monitor screen—this one portraying models’ faces superimposed on flower blossoms in a garden.This was the layout that had brought on the lawsuit.“I found this picture cropping up again and again in another of Curry’s tapes,” said Pete.Nancy sighed and shook her head.“I can still hardly believe it, but this certainly makes it clear how Dallas Curry got into trouble.”For example, after Curry played the first video cassette repeatedly, Nancy explained to Pete and George, the Knights of the Round Table image would be deeply imprinted in his subconscious mind.“So if he were assigned to create an ad for a furniture manufacturer,” she went on, “this is the idea that would naturally occur to him!”The same method had been used to trick him into copying the cosmetics layout with the models’ faces superimposed over flower blossoms.“Do you think this evidence will be enough to clear him?” George Fayne asked excitedly.“I hope so,” Nancy replied.“Dad will be able to answer that question better than I can, of course.But I’m not going to stop there, anyhow, George.I intend to find out who’s responsible for this whole mean, heartless plot!”Pete Domek by now was thoroughly caught up in the excitement of Nancy’s mystery case.He promised to finish analyzing the suspicious tapes even before he went back to editing his own tape of last night’s rock concert.“The job takes time,” he added.“I have to play over each tape, bit by bit, in slow motion and then freeze-frame each insert so I can record it on a separate tape.But I should be done by tonight.”“Thanks ever so much, Pete,” said Nancy.“Your help is really important in cracking this case!”George had a tennis date with her boyfriend, Burt Eddleton, at four-thirty that afternoon, so Nancy dropped her off at the Faynes’ house before returning home.After parking in the driveway a few minutes later, Nancy was surprised to find Pamela Kane waiting in the living room.“Hi, Pam!” the titian-haired teenager greeted her.“This is certainly a pleasant surprise.Have you turned up a new lead on Clare’s disappearance?”“No, but I‘ve been doing a lot of thinking, Nancy, since we talked earlier this afternoon.I’m more convinced than ever that Oliver Snell is involved somehow!”Nancy stood facing her blonde visitor and pondered her emphatic remark.“And you base this on the strength of what you’ve already told me—that he and Clare dated, and you found his number among her things?”“Isn’t that enough?” asked Pamela.“Who else do we know who’s more likely to have been in touch with her just before she vanished?”Nancy nodded slowly and mused aloud, “Yes, you may be right about that.” In any case, she had already decided that she would have to return to New York if she hoped to find out who—if anyone—at the three advertising agencies was behind the plot to frame Dallas Curry.Now, it seemed, Pamela was pressing for an immediate confrontation with Oliver Snell.“What exactly do you have in mind?” Nancy asked her.“I’d like to meet him and talk to him as soon as possible [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]