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.“I want you.all of you.I want to fill you.I want you to feel me fill you.”“I have never wanted a man like I want.like I need you,” Mary Beth said, then sucked in another wild breath when he ran his hand down the front of her, then touched that part of her between her thighs that had never responded to a man before.She closed her eyes in ecstasy when he began slowly caressing her there.“It.is.so heavenly.” she murmured breathlessly.He smiled, lowered his lips to hers, and kissed her with fierce, possessive heat.His knee eased her legs apart.With his hand he guided himself to where his fingers had just been, and without hesitation, entered her in one deep thrust.Feeling her inner folds enwrapping his heat, Brave Wolf groaned with pleasure.He laid his cheek against hers, closed his eyes, and began rhythmically moving within her.Mary Beth wrapped her arms around his neck and clung to him, her body seeming to know how to move with his.Oh, Lord, this time she didn’t have to pretend to feel the bliss that came with lovemaking.It was real, so very, very intensely, beautifully real.She smiled and moved with him, giving all that she could.It came so easily to her, as though she was practiced at it, but in truth, she was learning everything tonight.And she was so glad that she was feeling these wonderful things.Had she never known such bliss, she would have felt cheated when she grew into an old woman looking back on her life.Now, ah, now she would never feel cheated.As Brave Wolf’s lean, sinewy buttocks moved, his heat filling her magnificently, Mary Beth was flooded with more wondrous rushes of bliss.“I never knew it could be this way,” she whispered against his cheek, her voice catching when he went deeper into her, touching a place that aroused an even more delicious sensation within her.He puzzled over what she had said.More than once she had mentioned having not known such pleasure before.She had had a husband!Had her husband only selfishly satisfied his own needs, ignoring hers?He would not question her about this.It could be humiliating for her to have to say it.“My goal is to give you more pleasure than I take for myself,” he whispered huskily, his thrusts continuing.“But I want you to feel it, too,” Mary Beth said, as he leaned up away from her to look into her eyes.“How can you not? Aren’t I desirable enough to make you feel the pleasure that I am feeling?”“Desirable?” he said, his eyes dancing.“My woman, you are so desirable I can take pleasure just by looking at you.” He smiled almost devilishly.“My woman, do not think I am not feeling all the wonder of how your body responds to mine.My body is alive with you.”He pressed his lips against hers and gave her a sweet kiss as he swept a hand between them and cupped one of her breasts.“You fill my very soul with your sweetness,” he whispered against her lips.“You are sweeter,” she whispered back, then melted as they came to that place where they both soared in passion’s embrace.then lay together, still clinging, their hearts now beating as one.“Never, oh, never will I forget this night, these special moments with you,” Mary Beth said, her cheeks flushed from the heat of their lovemaking.She turned over onto her belly and gazed into his eyes.“I shall love you always, my wonderful, handsome Crow chief.”“For as long as there is breath in my lungs, I shall love you,” he said, reaching out for her, drawing her down beside him again.Sighing contentedly, she cuddled against him as she gazed at the dancing flames of the fire.“I wish there was nothing else but now, forever and ever,” she murmured.Then she winced when she realized what she had just said.Her son.She could not want only moments like this forever, for that would mean she would not be with her son ever again.She hurried to a sitting position.She was not even uneasy about sitting there naked as his eyes roamed slowly over her.“You are thinking again of your son?” Brave Wolf said, sitting up, himself.He reached for her, placed his hands at her waist, then lifted her onto his lap, facing him.“Tomorrow comes soon, my woman.I know what tomorrow brings.We must be separated for a while, and I understand why.Your son.You must then focus only on him.”“Yes, on finding him,” she said.She swallowed hard.Her eyes wavered.“What if he isn’t.?”She couldn’t say it.She just couldn’t think it.She must find her son, or a piece of her heart would be gone forever.“Do not think about the bad when reality may eventually be all good,” he encouraged.He drew her into his arms.“My woman, as the pony soldiers are searching, so will my warriors be out looking again.Everything within my power will be done.”“Yes, I must think all things positive,” Mary Beth said, smiling weakly up at him.Then she cuddled close to him again.“Just hold me,” she murmured.“Please.just.hold me.”“Then you must sleep, for tomorrow is almost upon us,” he said softly.“You must get what rest you can.”“I shall hate leaving you,” she said, her voice breaking.“After having found you, and loving you so much, being parted from you for even one day will be hard.”“Days pass quickly,” Brave Wolf said.“Sometimes it seems that I only blink my eyes and it is another tomorrow.”“Yes, I have felt that way, myself,” she said, laughing softly.Then she eased from him and stretched out on the pelts.She reached her arms out for him.“But this is now, and we are together,” she murmured.“It will be wonderful snuggling against you as I sleep.”He smiled, then moved down next to her.He reached out for her and drew her close, their bodies melding together as though they were one.“Istima, sleep, my pretty one, my woman,” he said, then brushed soft kisses across her brow.She smiled as her eyes slowly closed.Chapter SixteenLet those love nowWho never loved before;Let those who always lovedNow love the more.—Thomas ParnellIt had taken a good part of the day to arrive at Fort Henry.The sun was lowering behind the distant mountains, but it was still light enough to see the huge fort that loomed ahead of her on the flat land surrounding it.Mary Beth’s insides quavered as she stared at the fort.It was only a short distance away from where she sat on the lovely dark sorrel that Brave Wolf had given her.She looked at Brave Wolf.“I don’t know why, but I am suddenly afraid to go on to the fort,” she murmured.“When the sentries first see me alone, they will wonder why.It is unusual for a woman to be alone in this wilderness.”“I would accompany you there, but that would raise more suspicion than curiosity,” Brave Wolf explained.“It is best not to let them see you and me together.Go, my woman.I shall stay hidden here among the trees, watching you, until you are taken safely inside the fort’s walls.Only then will I feel that you can fend for yourself.”Mary Beth laughed nervously.“My teeth are actually chattering,” she said.“I don’t know what I am expecting from them to make me so.so.afraid.”“I should never have told you my opinion of Colonel Downing,” Brave Wolf said ruefully.“I am sure that is why you are apprehensive about going to his fort.It is not too late to change your mind.I can take you to Fort Hope.”“No, I truly believe I have come to the right fort even though I do not look forward to meeting Colonel Downing,” Mary Beth murmured.“Just remember that those at the fort are your people, so expect understanding and kindness,” Brave Wolf said, reaching a hand to her cheek.“You are a brave, courageous woman.Now is the time to use that courage.”“I believe I know what is truly causing my hesitation,” she said, searching his eyes.“It is because I have to leave you [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]