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.You will remain here for training.”Crap, where was her head? She acted as if all he had to do was give her proof and she’d believe anything he had to say.Was it really that simple?“I want one more thing,” she blurted then slapped a hand over her mouth.Where had that come from?Mikos frowned but nodded.“I want you to help me find Devyn.” Big Joe and his dire predictions of the human race perishing if she continued to look for Devyn aside, Lexi knew she couldn’t simply go on with life and not know what happened to the young girl.“Who is Devyn?” Mikos’s head tilted, his dark eyes questioning.Confused.And more than a little bit annoyed if she read his expression correctly.Bully for her.She wasn’t here to make the angel’s life easier.“It doesn’t matter who she is.She was with me the night I, er…” Lexi paused, her mind’s voice tripping over the word.Taking a deep breath, she continued, “Died.She was with me the night I died.I need to know what happened to her.I need to know if she was harmed by those men.”“She is not important.”Lexi sucked in a breath.Her eyes narrowed.“She’s important to me.And whether I believe your proof or not, I’ll stay and train while we look for Devyn.”He ran fingers through his hair and swiped his hand down the back until he rubbed the back of his neck.She could almost see the thoughts whirling through his mind.Probably the same ones in hers.What did she have to lose by agreeing? What was the downside to staying here and training for a job she believed was a joke?Her instincts didn’t scream danger at her.Meaning he wasn’t a threat.At least a physical threat.Her mental state? Well, that was another thing.Seeming to come to an understanding in his mind, he nodded.“Very well.I will help you find your Devyn.”Lexi took a mental step backward.Was she really going to do this? Stay and train? Since he couldn’t possibly prove his angelic claim, she’d lose nothing by staying.As long as he helped her find Devyn.But, what if, by some weird burp in the universe, he pulled it off? She’d have to believe, right?Her inner Lexi scoffed, yeah and what about being around a man who’s already proven he can make you howl with desire?And did she dare believe when he said he wanted nothing from her? Her lips firmed.He promised to help her find Devyn.And right now, that was more than enough.Besides, she could handle him if he decided to be frisky.“Lexi?”She lifted her lashes, and it was her turn to look deeply into Mikos’s polished gray eyes.The longer she stared the more she was able to see beyond the surface to the soul of the man.Her vision narrowed into a needle point.Light dwelled behind his gaze.Pure light heavily surrounded by gray and dark whirls but still light.Eyes were supposed to be the windows to a person’s soul.For the first time in her life, she believed it.And if what she saw was true, Mikos’s had a well of sadness, pain and guilt she figured never emptied.Her own soul twisted with the strength of his emotions.She tore her eyes from his and took a deep breath.Words failed her.All she did was nod.Satisfaction filled his eyes.“Apud mei voluntas, ego precor vos.” His voice rang out, the clear sound striking like a hammer to a bell.Bold, powerful.“Hey, girl.”Lexi started.The familiar, yet completely and utterly impossible, southern-style intonation that invoked the sensation of sun-filled days, skin wrapping moisture and the sweet-tangy smell of citronella scented flowers from the southern magnolia, flowed throughout the room.Her knees wobbled.She knew that voice.She knew the woman who owned the sultry drawl.A flicker of movement caught her attention.The form of her best friend in the whole world shimmered into view.Catherine, Kat, Ferchaud.Kat who had been dead for the last seven years.Lexi gawked at the apparition, unable to articulate a single thought.She couldn’t even manage to squeak out an expression of alarm.However, she did stumble back a few steps only to come up against a warm, unyielding surface.Mikos grabbed her by the upper arms to steady her.A good thing because her knees buckled under her.Her gaze locked onto Kat.Her friend’s body was solid, if a bit smoky about her outlines.Her eyes held the same deep affection Lexi had returned so long ago.More than a best friend, Kat was the sister of her soul.And she was dead.Or had died.Mentally, Lexi shook her head.What was she saying?Kat was dead.Lexi remembered the sharp crack of a gunshot, the hot, copper smell of blood, the screams of the others who’d had the bad fortune, like Kat, to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.For her best friend, though, it hadn’t just been about that.For her it had been about choices.Kat hadn’t had the same kind of childhood as Lexi.From a wealthy home, with both parents still alive, Kat had chosen to rebel against the strictures of the wealthy society she’d been born into.Lexi had already been living on the streets a year before she found Kat.Or rather, before Kat had found her [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]