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.” Hunter teases.When Henry raises his shades to glare at Hunter in the mirror, he winces.“Hey, his words not mine.Now that I’m off the bitch buffet, I’m trainin’ Big Mack to be my replacement.”“Big Mack?” I laugh, holding my stomach.“Oh please tell me he’s not using that!”“Of course he is,” Gray says from the front seat.“He told this chick at the grocery store that his name is ‘Big Mack but what he’s carryin’ is a helluva whopper’.”All of us laugh at the crazy pickup lines Mack is using to get hand jobs while grabbing cookies and bacon.“Does it work?” I ask curiously.“I mean, seriously, women aren’t falling for that shit are they?”“You’d be shocked how easily he makes the panties drop, and in public! The stories are one thing, but he takes pictures too.” Aiden groans, rubbing his palms against his eyes.“Who knew there were sluts in the produce section?”Hunter raises his hand.“I did.Hello, there are bananas and cucumbers in the produce section.Ooomp.” He groans when I elbow him in the ribs.“What, some chicks dig that kinky shit.”“I’m surrounded by morons.Just when I thought you three were settling down, you go and corrupt Mack.” Henry says shaking his head.“One day one of you will end up on the news.‘Breaking story at the hospital.Drive-by banana shafting.’” Even with Henry being mostly serious, I can’t hold back my laugh.“Just don’t call me when he goes full Cunter.I’m gettin’ too old for this shit and some things you can’t un-see.”“Like blowjobs next to the deli specials.” Gray jokes, making Aiden curse under his breath.“Mack is ‘Cunter, the next generation.’ New, but far from improved.”“I say we pimp him out to strip clubs on the weekends.” Hunter suggests.“Redheads are in season.You think I was popular on the pole, he would make a fortune.”“Redheads are in season? You talk about him like he’s a handbag.” Rolling my eyes, I slap his arm.Sure, Mack drops those little one-liners like Hunter, but he’s so sweet.It’s hard to picture him going full Cunter in the middle of a supermarket.“You’re so feisty this morning, Tiger Lily.” Hunter purrs grabbing my arm.Turning in the seat, he pulls me against him.Hunter continues to speak, his breath tickling across my skin.“Don’t worry, you’re my favorite redhead.”“No sex in the ‘Burban!” Henry shouts, slamming on the brakes to keep from running a red light, making me shift in the seat.“That includes sexual acts of any kind.Sonuvabitch, it’s like handlin’ a daycare.” He bitches to the windshield when the light turns green.“Keep your hands to yourself, children.Fuck me; I’m switchin’ places with the horndog.I’ll gladly stay with the kid and the ladies.Tea parties and dog shit clean-up would be better than your crazy asses talkin’ about Mack’s spunk mixin’ with the produce.”“Another reason why I’m a proud member of the no veggies club, assholes.” Hunter nods, pulling me against him.“Bacon could never be so easily tainted.”The minute Henry pulls into the parking lot, the atmosphere in the ‘Burban changes.All joking is gone, it’s game time.Even Hunter’s vibe changes, letting me see how focused the guys are.This is not just fun for them; it’s about making their record the absolute best it can be.It only intensifies walking into the studio.A guy with spiked blonde hair stands from a rolling chair to greet us.“So, this is the lady behind that voice?” Reaching out, he shakes my hand.“‘Bout time I get to meet the Tiger Lily.”“Chase,” I reply, a bit uncomfortable being called Tiger Lily by anyone other than Hunter.“Chase,” He repeats before jerking his chin at the guys.“You’re a nice change from lookin’ at them all day.”“Get your ass on that mixer and run the track for her Ben.” Hunter barks, coming up behind me.“She’s here to sing with me, not for you to drool over.”Ben holds his hands up in surrender.“Sure, sure.” Holding the door open, he gestures us inside.“Now I’ve set the box up just like we talked about, Hunter.You two will sing facing each other so we can feel that chemistry.” He says while I take in the space.Two mics set up facing each other, but several feet from each other.“Wouldn’t it be ideal to sing separately and then blend it together?” I ask.“Clearly, we don’t want our voices echoing off the other’s mic.”“That’s what these are for.” Ben explains running his hand along some board looking things set up behind the mics.“Absorbers.” He clarifies.“We use these to minimize spill on to the other mic.There won’t be any bounce back.”“Alright, then let’s do this.” Hunter says, giving a nod through the glass at Aiden, Gray, and Henry.“Grab the cans, Tiger Lily.” He says gesturing to the headphones beside me as he grabs his own.Ben walks out, closing the door behind him, taking his place in front of the window.Once Hunter and I are set up at our mics, music starts filling my ears through the headphones.Grayson’s riffs are flawless, unmistakable.Aiden’s merciless attack on his kit pounding out a harsh beat mixing with Hunter’s bass line seamlessly.“Unafraid of what darkness lies inside,You’ve fought the dragons to get to me.”He sings meeting my eyes.That raspy voice washes over me, making my heart jump.The room feels like it’s closing in, it’s just us.Even though I know everyone is watching, listening just feet away, I soak up every word.Tears well up in my eyes while I listen to the part of the song he wasn’t ready for me to hear until now.“Broken, just existing.The mask I wear couldn’t hide my heart from you.It’s been yours from the start, no more resisting.Holding back from you is wrong, but those words I could say just aren’t enough.Let me love you with a song.”Hunter’s voice never falters, singing the words to me, breaking any barrier of doubt left in my mind.He is giving me something so much stronger than just three words: a song.Our song.Taking a breath, I prepare to sing back to him.To give him my reply as if we were the only two people on Earth.My fingers grip the stool behind me in an attempt to steady myself.All the nerves flutter away knowing that Hunter is giving me more than just an opportunity here; this song is a piece of him that he’s giving to me.RevelationsHunter“It’s in every note, every word that carries from my heart to yours.” Chase sings, pouring her damn soul into the words.The words flow from that beautiful mouth of hers, making my hands tremble.The look on her face while I sang was one I’ll never forget.Saying the words wouldn’t have meant half as much as singing them to her did.Singing them with her, I should say.My first ‘I love you’ to Chase will be recorded forever and performed over and over.“Can you feel my heart beat baby?It only beats your name.Give yourself to me, there’s nothing left to fight.Everything has changed, I’m here by your side.Blooming from the ashes of shattered pasts.We’ll beat the odds, take the chance.With me.”Chase and I feed off of each other as we sing together.The emotion of the song coming through just as I knew it would.I knew asking the guys to help me would make it better than I had ever imagined.The tweaks we’ve added the last couple weeks made it even better.Hell, the record label wants it to be our first single and I couldn’t be happier.It’s the first real piece of music that really comes from all of us [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]