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.Maybe the cleaning crew moved it.Grace hoped to find the charger in the desk.She didn’t want to waste time searching for a replacement.She moved to the desk and set her purse down.She opened every drawer before she found it tucked in the bottom drawer.Grace’s purse slid off the end of the desk and its contents scattered on the floor.She got to her feet and was busily stuffing her things back in the oversized bag.The air in the room stirred and she had the sudden feeling that she wasn’t alone.When a large pair of hands grabbed her hips and pulled her ass back against a very stiff and familiar erection, Grace chuckled softly and wriggled her hips.Jack’s hands slid down her thighs to the hem of her dress and slowly drew it upward.“Do you think tormenting me is funny, Ms.Yates?”She smiled to herself and waited for him to realize she hadn’t bothered with panties.When she’d dressed for the day she decided to put as few barriers as possible between herself and the pleasure she knew Jack could give her.She’d need to store it up for the long weeks they’d be apart.Jack let out a loud groan and his hips jerked against her backside.She chuckled again.He noticed.“Grace.Fuck.” He held her steady with one hand while the other slid around to cup her naked sex.Grace stood slowly and pressed her back against Jack’s solid chest.Jack’s long fingers slid easily over her heated flesh to separate her folds.He instantly narrowed in on the spot that made her do some moaning of her own.“Did you lock the door?” she asked him in a naughty purr.Jack nodded.One hand moved to her breast, the other steadily strumming her clit.“Good.” She turned in his arms and backed Jack toward her chair.She pushed him gently and Jack sat for her.“Do you remember the last time we were in an office together?”He groaned and adjusted his cock in his pants.“Yes.You rode me in a chair.” His hands changed direction and began to unfasten his belt.Grace bent and gripped the arms of the chair.She licked a path from his neck to his ear.He shivered and slid down his zipper.“Do you know what I’ve never done before, Jack?” she delicately nibbled his earlobe.“What’s that, baby?” Jack’s boxers had buttons down the front that allowed him to free his cock without pushing down his pants.It seemed as though she wasn’t the only one who’d thought about easy access this morning.She watched him pull out his erection and give it a long slow stroke.“I’ve never let anyone watch me masturbate.It’s kind of a fantasy for me.”“Fuck, Grace.” He stroked his cock again, faster this time.“Are you going to show me how you like to touch yourself, baby? Make yourself come while I watch.Then I’ll fuck that wet little pussy right here on your desk.”Grace was the one shivering now.She was so hot and needy already.The idea of Jack watching her pleasure herself was so erotic.It wouldn’t take her long to find release.She pulled away from Jack and turned so her forearms rested on the surface of the gleaming wood desk.She knew he would expect her to hop up on the desk and spread her legs for him.That wasn’t what she had in mind.Bent over the desk she spread her feet farther apart and presented Jack with her ass.The height of her heel and arch of her back gave Jack an unimpeded view of her hidden treasures.“Oh damn.Baby, I need to fuck you right now.” Jack grabbed her hips and stood to rub his rigid cock against her glistening folds.He twisted his hips, teasing her with the promise of penetration.It felt so damn good Grace almost forgot to protest.“You don’t want to give me my fantasy?” she pouted.Jack groaned and slid the head of his erection over her sensitive clit.Grace faltered in her plan to tease him.She wanted to torture him and make herself come while he watched.It was a fantasy that turned her on, but she’d never been comfortable enough with a man to do it.He growled and settled back down.He rolled the chair forward until his knees were between her spread legs.He had a front row seat.Jack was going to watch really closely.Grace took a deep breath and slid her hand down her belly and between her legs.She couldn’t see what she was doing and she couldn’t see Jack.This first time that was probably a good thing.Her cheeks warmed and she suddenly felt timid, but she pushed through it.Grace slowly slid two fingers through her damp folds and into her pussy to gather moisture before easing them out.Her middle finger circled the aching bud of nerves sending a shot of pleasure through Grace.She moved slowly at first, trying to drag out the pleasure.The sounds Jack made as he stroked himself drove her need higher.She added her index finger and circled her clit with more pressure.Knowing Jack was watching and touching himself while he enjoyed the show was an added layer of pleasure.She was getting close to exploding.Her juices coated her fingers.Grace moved her finger up to plunge into her entrance.This blocked Jack's view for a moment, but the need to come was building fast.Penetration was an aching need in her belly.Grace forgot for a moment that she had an audience and reached for the orgasm lingering so closely.She pressed the heel of her palm against her pulsing bud while applying the penetration she needed to bring herself to orgasm.It hit hard and fast.Grace felt her inner muscles tighten around her fingers and she struggled to contain her shout of release.She shook and leaned heavily on the desk.“That was so beautiful.You smell so fucking good.I want to taste you before I take you, baby.”Jack’s voice brought her back to Earth.His panting breaths blew over her damp flesh a moment before his tongue searched out to join her fingers.She jerked and froze for a moment, totally caught up in the feel of his hot tongue making circuits from her clit to her entrance and back.“Mmmm.So good,” he said against her flesh.Grace moved her hand and Jack sucked her clit into his mouth.“Oh fuck.I’m so sensitive,” she panted.Jack didn’t tease.He zeroed in and vigorously massaged her clit with his tongue.Grace gripped the edge of the desk.She was going to come again [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]