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.Clair Ave.West.She loved the vibrancy of the neighborhood with its mix of trendy bars, boutiques and old-fashioned fruit stands and butcher shops.It was home.She’d put down roots here.Finally.Besides, window-shopping gave her something to do, since Daniel didn’t seem inclined to make conversation over the music spilling from the radio.Instead he nodded his head and tapped the steering wheel to the selection of songs, while singing snatches off-key.And under his breath, thankfully.She was supposedly tagging along to pick out a showerhead of preference.But it felt like a date.Felicity started nibbling on her hangnail collection.“Why not?” he’d asked.And her belly had slithered down to her ankles and wrapped itself around them, while her next heartbeat played hide and seek.Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.htmlHe was the candy in the jar that had been moved down to eye-level and he was telling her to reach right in and grab a handful…of his licorice.Felicity had never grabbed for anything in her life.It had always been a struggle just to keep up.Yet things had changed in the last year—she’d finally found the strength to leave Stuart and then the tutoring had come through.So…She glanced sideways at Daniel’s profile, softened by the sensuality of his mouth and thick sweep of lashes and thought, why not, indeed?Then she started thinking about his gumballs.When they arrived at Home Depot, Daniel parked the truck before hopping out and quickly making his way to her side of the cab to see her out.Felicity took his hand and was rewarded with a current of awareness that shot up her spine and smacked her in the back of her head.After that, she kept some distance between them as they walked towards the store.So much for gumballs.Jawbreakers was more like it.Once inside the store, she looked around the cavernous warehouse with avid curiosity.She was probably the only person on the face of the planet who hadn’t set foot in a Home Depot, but there was never any need to before.She followed Daniel down the aisle, past displays of every gadget, tool and material needed to build, fix, decorate or destroy, and a jumble of ideas raced through her mind.Excitement slowed her step as she took it all in, then she took a deep breath of the lumber-scented air…and fell in love.Now this , this was a candy store.Felicity hurried to catch up as Daniel disappeared around a corner.Luckily his tall, broad-shouldered physique made him stand out amongst the Saturday-morning crowd milling around.As she came up beside him, she tugged on his sleeve.“Can we see what they’re doing over there?”Daniel glanced over at the demonstration taking place.“Sure.” Indulgence curved his mouth and she felt an answering warmth flutter in her stomach.Felicity turned away from that look, that smile, but she couldn’t get away from his hand that landed lightly on her back, guiding her forward.Heat radiated from his touch, spreading outward along her limbs.It was almost impossible to concentrate on the expert’s instructions with Daniel standing behind her.She moved slightly to the right, his hand moved to her hip.She stepped forward, his hand came to rest on her shoulder.She kept fidgeting until Daniel leaned forward and spoke low in her ear, “If you’re really interested in this, we’re doing some tile work at one of the job sites.I could pick you up one day and bring you by.”Felicity swung her head around.This close to him, she noticed the gold-dusted tips of his darker lashes.Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html“Really?”“Really.”She watched his lips, inches from her own, shape the word and felt his breath like a kiss.Abruptly, Felicity faced front again and took a deep calming breath.But images of a bare-chested, tool-belted Daniel kept dancing through her head.Will you get real! Felicity could almost hear Cheryl’s no-nonsense voice.She blinked, and the vision of some fat guy with plumber’s bum—oily pimples, hairs and all—lumbered into her imagination.Her pulse slowed some.“That would be great, if it’s not too much trouble.”“Do I look like a guy who’s looking for trouble?” he asked dryly.To her relief he straightened and moved back to guide her through the crush of bodies.“Let’s go find that showerhead.”They came to the selection of bathroom accessories and Daniel picked a box from the shelf.“Master Stroke 2000, flexible spray nozzle, three-way adjustable head.” He paused, looking up with a decidedly wicked glint in his eyes.“How about it, you interested in a three way?”“No thank you.” Blushing, she pointed to another model.“This one looks fine.”He moved closer and the faint scent of citrus that emanated from him became stronger.“Hmmm…adjustable spray prohibits calcium buildup.” He shook his head.“Naw”, then his interest shifted to a different package [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]