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.I wanted to tell him, but I didn’t know how.Or when.Brenden and Rachel were right behind us as we headed across the big room, and the entire wedding party was following along.Tuck had gained a perch high on Babs’s shoulders.Maddie was right between Brenden and her mother, holding tight to both their hands.My breath caught at the sight of that little girl latching on to my brother like there was no other place she ought to be.Much like me, she’d come a long way toward healing from some horrifying things in her past.Now Brenden was going to be her father, and there wasn’t a man in the world who would be a better fit for that role.He’d lived through my ordeal; he knew what Maddie needed, and he knew how to give it to her.Our guests got up and shifted to let us through, moving out of our way while at the same time positioning themselves in spots they thought best for watching this tradition.When we arrived at the cake table, Eric and I went around to one side of it while Brenden and Rachel were on the opposite side.The four of us were going to cut into it at once, this huge, single cake.We’d talked about having separate cakes but decided against it on Brenden’s suggestion.We were getting married together, he’d said.We had shared groomsmen and bridesmaids and everything else that was part of our big day.We might as well share a cake, too.He had been so adamant about all of that, yet he still felt like he owed us an apology.I had to wonder when he would get past it, when he would let it go.Lord knew Eric and I both had a long time ago—if either of us had ever really been upset with him in the first place, which was debatable.We both understood where it had come from, so there wasn’t any reason to be upset with Brenden.I picked up the cake server that was lying on our side of the table.Eric stepped into place behind me, placing his arms around me so his hands could settle over the tops of mine.Brenden and Rachel took up a stance similar to ours, with Maddie standing just off to the side.Babs and Katie slid into a spot near them, with Tuck still up on Babs’s shoulders, so that their entire family could be together for this.The photographer and videographer started shifting people around—wedding party and guests alike—in such a way that their cameras would be in perfect position for all the right angles.I twisted around and kissed Eric while we were waiting for everyone to get in place.Just a peck for now, just enough to buy some time and sort out how to tell him my news.“Have I told you today how beautiful you are?” he asked before I could figure out my plan.Granted, I’d been trying to figure out my plan since last night when Katie had guessed my secret, and I’d only gotten more confused about what to do and say and the timing of it all once I’d bought the test and seen the two little lines.And now he wanted to tell me I was beautiful again.Amazingly, I felt beautiful.Maybe pregnancy could do that.Or maybe it was more than just being pregnant.Maybe it was everything.I had to laugh because everything today had been perfect so far, exceeding my expectations by a mile.“Only a dozen times or so,” I replied.“Not nearly often enough, then.” He pulled me closer, oblivious to the throng of people surrounding us.“Dana Zellinger, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known.”Hearing him say that—Dana Zellinger, not Dana Campbell—sent a series of shivers skittering up my spine.That only reminded me that this—today—was real.All of it.Even the baby.“It might take a while to get used to hearing that as my last name,” I murmured, not even attempting to stop myself from grinning.“That’s okay.There’s plenty of time for that.”“Not as much time as you think,” I said under my breath.Not only was I a Zellinger now, but our child was going to be a Zellinger, too.I needed to get used to it as soon as possible.The look on his face was one of utter confusion.“Are you already planning to leave me?” He said it with a light tone, but I could feel his concern in the way his arms tightened around me, as though he had no intention of letting me go anytime soon.“No! Definitely not.” My denial did nothing to ease the concern causing that all-too-familiar tic to start up in his jaw, so I stretched on my toes so I could kiss his cheek, the spot right beside his ear.That way no one else would be able to hear when I whispered, “I’m pregnant.We’re going to have a baby.” I lowered back down and waited for it to sink in, amazed at how easy it had been to say those words when I’d been stressing myself out over it since last night.“Oh,” he said.“Okay.” A moment later, his eyes widened.“Oh!”That was when I knew he understood.“So I want to be used to being Mrs.Zellinger before the baby comes,” I murmured [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]