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.Now she was down to half the underwear set she’d started out with, a crystal encrusted garter belt over pink lace, French cut panties, attached to sheer black stockings with a seam running the length of the back of the leg.Thea couldn’t quite remember if she was even wearing panties that were the same color as her bra, but she knew damn well they weren’t anything fancier than plain cotton.She was also sat on her hands, having found that unless she did, she was constantly smoothing her own uncontrollable locks into place.It didn’t help that Annelle was working the corporate chic as usual, in a black pencil skirt and crisp white shirt.Thea was beginning to wonder if she shouldn’t rethink her usual jeans, Converse and sweatshirt ensemble, the sweatshirt having been added over her beater in a nod to the cooler weather.Lyla was showing Myla how to work with huge, blue ostrich feather fans and Thea was beyond impressed.There were flashes here and there, but it was all so quick that if you blinked you missed it.It was really artful too.Not that what the girls did on the poles wasn’t impressive at all, but this was something else, like fucking theater or some shit.By the time the lesson had finished, Thea was feeling positively clumpy and frumpy.She followed Annelle to the bar for a refill of coffee, trying her very best not to slouch, while Lyla and Myla re-dressed.As Annelle handed her a new cup of steaming liquid, Lucy and Alex arrived.There was more than an hour until the club opened, and not all the girls would be dancing at once when it did, but they would be taking it in turns until the number of customers increased.Both girls were wearing skinny jeans, but looked completely different.Alex looked catwalk ready in a shiny vest and suit jacket rolled up to her elbows.Lucy had thrown an old, faded plaid work shirt on with hers.Alex and Lucy dropped their bags on the floor as they accepted a freshly poured cup each from Annelle, who turned back to the machine with another two empty cups when she saw Lyla and Myla making their way across the room.Lyla perched carefully on a stool, taking care to arrange the folds of the full skirt of her deep red dress, with not a hair out of place despite the rigorous practice session.Myla was looking typically perky and impervious to the change of season in denim cut offs which were almost covered by a Dallas Cowboys shirt.Thea couldn’t hold back her admiration for Lyla’s talent.“Wow! Just.wow.That was seriously impressive.”“Thank you.” Lyla accepted the compliment graciously.Myla accepted her mug from Annelle.“No, thank you.This is going to be so awesome.”Lyla tucked her hair behind one ear.“Like I said, it’s really nice to be back home.New York, LA, they’re just unreal places.All those people walkin’ around, not givin’ a shit about each other.And I like this, the small clubs.The big places might be famous, but they treat dancers like slabs of meat with legs.”Annelle was in almost full mother hen mode, looking extremely proud.“Hopefully this is goin’ to be the start of somethin’ good for all of us.”“Yeah.Hopefully,” Lucy muttered as she took a sip of her drink.She had a well-deserved reputation as a bitch, but even so, Thea was surprised at the openly insincere tone in her voice.Lucy usually put on more of a friendly façade with new people before she let her true face show.Thea figured her almost outright hostility was probably due to not being in the spotlight.But having seen now what was involved with the routines, even Thea’s amateur eye could see that Myla had talent and capability, and a degree of subtlety, that Lucy did not.Annelle lifted an eyebrow at Lucy, who pushed herself off her seat with a dramatic sigh and took her coffee with her as she headed to the dressing room.“Sorry ‘bout that, hon.She’ll.thaw.eventually.” Annelle apologized to Lyla who shrugged.“I’ve met bigger attitudes.” Lyla’s tone was matter of fact.Annelle nodded, and then turned to Thea with a change of subject that almost induced whiplash.“Dizzy was askin’ after you the other night.”Alex’s eyebrows climbed a couple of notches.“You know him?” She asked Thea.Thea hoped she wasn’t blushing.Not all the house lights were up, but it was plenty bright enough for everyone to see if she was turning beet red.“Not really.We’ve chatted when he’s been in the store.”“He said he helped you out with somethin’ the other night.” Annelle was keeping her expression carefully blank.“Did he tell you what?”Annelle hitched one shoulder.Thea took that as ‘yes, but I’m not talking about it here’.That didn’t leave Thea an awful lot to say, so she shrugged and concentrated on drinking her coffee.“Wasn’t much.” She mumbled into her mug.Myla was smiling widely, though.“That man can help me out with anythin’, any time.”A sharp spike of jealousy nearly caused Thea to choke on her drink, but she kept her eyes down and concentrated on the muted pattern in the carpet until she was sure it had passed.She’d known that Myla had fucked Dizzy, but she hadn’t been expecting to end up actually discussing it with her.She knew that should she want to do the same, she could probably throw herself at him and he’d be unlikely to say ‘no’.It didn’t seem like bikers were big on self-restraint, but for the sake of her own self-respect she needed to take a step back [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]