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.She looked up to see Jack and Blair standing over her.Caleb was right.She did have something else in mind for tonight.They reached down, each gripping an arm to pull her from the water.As they positioned her between them, and her breath rushed from her lungs, a bevy of fantasies flitted through her mind.While she’d never been with two men before, especially two this hot, there was a part of her that wanted to try this.Jack ran his thumb over her mouth.“I’ve wanted to fuck you since that first night at the club,” he murmured, his eyes so dark, so full of heat, her nipples tightened almost painfully.“And I’ve been dying to taste you,” Blair said from behind her, his hands all over her body.“Now what was this about eating.?” Jack questioned, a teasing edge to his voice as his fingers slipped between her legs.She opened her mouth to tell him it was just a silly saying when his lips crashed down on hers, stealing her response.He kissed her hard, and from behind, Blair pulled her hair from her shoulders.“How about I go first,” he whispered.Tension rose in her as he kissed a path down her neck, untying her bikini top along the way.Once he released the strings, it fell to the ground, and Jack groaned as her breasts pressed up against his naked chest.He broke the kiss and dipped his head, closing one hot mouth over her hard nipple.She arched into him, loving the feel of her breasts encased in his warm hands as Blair sank to his knees behind her.Deft fingers gripped the band on her bikini bottom, and she wiggled slightly as he shimmied it down her legs.He reached her feet and tapped her inner thigh.Reading his silent command, she lifted one foot then the other, kicking the wet scrap of material aside.After a good hard suck on one nipple, Jack spun her around.He held her tight against him as she faced Blair.“Open for him,” Jack demanded in a soft tone.“Show him your pussy.”With Blair still on his knees, she widened her legs, and his nostrils flared as he reached out to pull her wet lips open.He spent a long time just looking at her, and she could feel herself grow wetter.“So fucking pretty,” he murmured before he leaned in to swipe his tongue over her clit.“Oh, God,” she whispered with effort.As her knees weakened, Jack held her tighter, his hands once again going to her breasts as he packaged her against him.Blair gripped her thighs and buried his face between her legs, his tongue circling her swollen clit before plunging hungrily.His hair tickled her inner thighs while the soft blade of his tongue did the most delicious things to her pussy.She moaned without censor as the fresh sea breeze whipped over her hot body, doing little to cool it down.One thick finger pushed inside her, and her body responded with a shudder.Jack continued to pinch her nipples, the erotic sensation traveling to her inner core.She could hear cheers coming from a boat as it passed, and it gave her a secret thrill to know she was being watched.“You like that, baby?” Jack asked, pinching her nipples harder.Since a reply was beyond her, she whimpered and concentrated on the points of pleasure between her legs as Blair feasted on her.A second finger joined the first, and her body went up in a burst of flames.Feeling wild, reckless, delirious with pleasure, she rocked her hips, rubbing herself against Blair’s mouth as he finger fucked her.She began to shake, the tension in her body escalating, then, in a haze of arousal, an explosion tore through her, her muscles clenching hard around Blair’s fingers.Her knees gave out, and if Jack hadn’t been holding her, she would have collapsed in a heap.“That’s it, baby,” Jack said, as Blair continued to lick her, soothing her sex as she rode out the last waves of her orgasm.“Take what you need.”When the scent of her arousal reached his nostrils, Jack groaned and rubbed his cock against her back.“I need to fuck you.Now.”He pulled a foil packet out of his pocket, kicked off his shorts, and sheathed himself as Blair stretched out on the wharf and pulled her on top of him.He kissed her hard, and she could taste herself on his mouth.Before she could even catch her breath, Jack grabbed her hips and flipped her over.From below her, Blair captured her legs in his and spread them wide, completely exposing her to anyone interested in looking.Jack gazed at her naked body and trailed his fingers over her breasts, her stomach, stopping when he reached her pussy.He stroked her, then slipped a finger inside.“Are you ready for me?” he asked.She nodded as he climbed up her body, his crown breaching her opening.His skimmed his mouth over her breasts, his weight coming down on her and Blair.As their three bodies melded together, Jack jerked his hips forward, driving the length of him into her.She opened her mouth, but he swallowed her cry with a kiss.He slammed deep, his teeth scraping her lower lip as he chased an orgasm.Gripping her shoulders, he angled his body to pound hard, and Blair groaned into her ear as he slid his hands around her waist to play with her nipples.Jack continued to fuck her, long, hard strokes that sent her higher and higher.Her nails bit into his shoulder, and she whimpered as her passion soared.She gave a breathy cry as Jack’s body began to tense, his muscles bunching.Knowing he was only a stroke away, she gave herself over to the pleasure.Her throat clenched, and her body convulsed as her pussy muscles tightened and contracted around his throbbing cock.Jack threw his head back, stilled, and joined her in orgasm.His breathing labored, Jack depleted himself inside her then collapsed on top of her, burying his face in her neck as they both recovered from their climax.She touched his back, running her fingers over his moist skin, his rigid muscles relaxing beneath her soothing touch.As she lay trapped between these two awesome guys, her passion receding, a strange, uneasy feeling moved into her stomach.Her hands stilled on Jack’s back, and her brain took that moment to think about the lump pushing into her throat.The sex was good.Really good.These two were skilled and definitely knew their way around a woman’s body.So why then did she suddenly feel so lost, so completely empty inside?Because it was lacking intimacy, a real connection, her inner voice warned.She’d come here to have fun and get laid.But as she found herself sandwiched between these hot guys, it occurred to her that she still felt lonely.That sobering reality startled her and had her questioning what it would take to fulfill her, to make her feel loved.important.A noise in the distance caught her attention [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]