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.Sara freed one hand, slid it down his body, and sheathed his cock.“I think we’ll have to postpone that until you recharge.” When she chuckled, Mitch smothered the sound with his mouth.After they shared a long, lingering kiss, Mitch packaged her against his body, her head resting on his chest.Silence reigned once again as they both went back to their own thoughts.Sara stifled a yawn, exhaustion easing itself into her bones.Mitch grabbed their beach towels and covered them.A short while later, she listened to his breathing level out and deepen.She glanced up at his handsome face and smiled, waiting patiently while he slept and recharged.Soon enough she’d wake him, because as far as she was concerned this night was far from over.There were many more fantasies to fulfill, a few toys to be used, and one spankable ass in need of a firm firefighter palm.* * *“Mitch.”He inched open his eyes, still half asleep.“Hmmm?”“It’s time.”“Time for what, babe,” he murmured, automatically reaching out beside him.Disappointment settled in his stomach when his hand came up empty.“Time for you to get up.”He rolled toward her voice, and his cock brushed against the pool lounger.He glanced down at his erection.“I already am up.”“Precisely.” Her sultry tone snapped him to attention.His head shot up.“Sweet fuck,” he whispered, his body rocketing to life.Mouth gaping open, he took in the erotic vision before him.Dressed only in a pair of firefighter pants, with the suspenders covering her nipples, Sara held a rope out to him.He spotted a paddle and a few other sex toys on the shelf beside her.Holy hell.She really did have a night of fantasy sex planned for him.And dammit, who was he to disappoint her.When he looked at the toys again, his mind raced with delicious ideas, and he knew he had every intention of playing his fantasies out to the fullest.Mitch blinked and pinched the bridge of his nose.“Either I’m dreaming or you just tapped into my fantasies.”Sara offered him a sultry smile, her glance roaming over his naked body.“You’re still dreaming, Mitch.It’s your erotic dream, and it’s yours to play out any way you like.”He could barely formulate a response.Climbing to his feet, he approached her slowly.“So this is all just a dream?”She nodded and licked her lips.“Which means I can do whatever I want to you?” He touched her flesh and felt her quiver.Keeping close, he circled her body, his cock brushing against her pants.He positioned his mouth close to her ear.“I like your costume.”“It’s no French maid outfit-”“It’s better.” Oh yeah, so much better.The way the suspenders pressed against her nipples made his mouth salivate, and those loose-fitting pants covering all her sexy curves played havoc with his imagination and shook him to the core.He took the rope out of her hand and stepped behind her.“In my dreams, I have you tied up.” He held her hands and tied them together behind her back.Her sharp intake of air thrilled him.Once she was secure, he rubbed his palm over her fine, spankable ass and squeezed.“Very nice,” he whispered.He came back around to stand in front of her.“In my dreams, your legs are always spread.” She quickly widened her legs.“Yeah, just like that.”He met her smoldering eyes.Her chest rose and fell as her breathing deepened.“And you’re always wet when I come to you.” He slid his palms under the suspenders and ran his hands from her shoulders to her pants, his knuckles brushing against her hard nipples.“Are you wet, Sara?”She grinned.“I’m always wet when you come to me.”That brought a smile to his face.He slipped a hand down her pants and brushed her pussy.“Mmmm, very creamy.Just the way I like it.” He nudged her clit and watched the storm brew in her eyes.He loved the way she wanted him.He could smell her arousal.He pushed his finger inside her pussy, stirring her heat.“What…what else happens in your dreams?” she asked him as she pitched her hips forward.“Well, first we kiss because I can never get enough of your mouth.” He pressed his lips to hers, reveling in her sweet taste.She drew his tongue into her mouth and sucked it.His cock throbbed, aching to move in and take its place.He raked his thumb over her clit and felt her shudder.“Sometimes I let you come right away.Other times I like to tease it out of you.”She was so goddamn close to coming right now, it amazed him.He pulled one suspender and then let go.It snapped against her nipple.Heat flooded her cheeks and her eyes widened, erotic delight apparent in her expression.Aching to claim her, to taste her, every fucking inch of her, just like he did in his fantasies, he covered his finger in her cream and walked behind her.Slipping his hand down the back of her pants, he pulled open her ass cheeks and coated her puckered opening.She tightened.“Mitch-”“Shhh…” he whispered.“You never protest in my dreams.”“But-”“I know how to take care of you, Sara.” Her words fell off when he unhooked her suspenders and let her pants fall to her ankles.He grabbed the paddle and smacked her ass.“Oh.My.God.” Her whole body quaked.He pitched his voice low.“See, baby, I know what you like.” Brushing his lips over the back of her neck, he lowered himself to his knees, inhaling the scent of her skin.Heat exploded inside him when she shook beneath his touch.It took all his effort not to back her up against the wall and sink into her.He whacked her ass again, leaving a bright red mark.“That stings,” she cried out, clearly enjoying it.Her head rolled to the side.“Tell me more about your dreams,” she coaxed, her words coming out breathlessly.He hit her a third time, then dropped the paddle.“You always like my tongue, no matter where I put it.”With the soft blade of his tongue, he caressed her ass cheeks, working his way to the center, giving her time to get used to the new feeling.He reached between her legs to get more cream and knew she was damn close to erupting.“Sometimes you come when I do this.” After generously slathering her cream on her puckered opening, he ran his tongue between her cheeks.As he pillaged her with his mouth, he reached around and pinched her clit.Her aroused scent curled around him and his body grew needy.Desperate to sink into her heat, his cock pulsed, his balls constricted.She fisted her fingers and moved restlessly against him.He continued with his gentle assault, stabbing her sweet hole with his tongue.“That’s it,” he whispered, encouraging her to let go.He worked his tongue over her rim harder, making her delirious with pleasure.A moan caught in her throat.Her breath came in a rush [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]