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.I felt really alive.On Tuesday, Cat and I both got letters confirming our places in the next round and asking us to bring casual clothes and be prepared to stay in London if we were picked for the third round on Sunday.At school, everyone was talking about the competition and when news got out that three of us had got through, we were treated like celebrities.People whispered when we walked past and one girl from Year Seven even asked for my autograph.Of course Jade was a bit sniffy with us and kept to herself.Shame, because if she’d only been a bit friendlier, Cat and I would have been as supportive of her as we were of each other.Part of it all being so fantastic was sharing it with Cat.Cat and I practised at every available moment.I’d never worked so hard at anything in my life – sometimes at her house, sometimes at mine, sometimes at Lia’s.And Mac and Squidge came over to watch and lend their support.‘So what happens on Saturday?’ asked Squidge as he filmed us rehearsing in Lia’s bedroom.‘Don’t know exactly,’ I said.‘We’ve just been asked to come prepared with another song.’‘But are they going to get the numbers down again?’ he asked.‘How many get through this time?’‘I think it’s down to fifty next,’ said Cat.‘Twenty-five boys and twenty-five girls.Oh, I wish you could come as well, Squidge.’Squidge shrugged and pointed at Mac.‘Ah well, I have my man here to report back, and besides, that Tanya told me I had to stop filming when the real TV crews arrived last week so I couldn’t have done much anyway.’‘I wish I was coming as well,’ said Lia, ‘but Mum wants me here to help her get ready for Christmas.Maybe next time.’‘Next time?’ I asked.‘Yeah, dummy,’ she said.‘You don’t think it’s all going to stop this weekend, do you? What about the next round?’I hadn’t thought about that.I’d been so focused on this weekend, I hadn’t thought about what would come after that.I’d better be careful with my Christmas money, I thought.I may need it to stretch to two weekends.‘Ohmigod.What if one of us actually won? What if we do get through into the final rounds?’ I asked Cat.‘I know,’ she said.‘It’s so exciting isn’t it? Today Torpoint, tomorrow.’‘The world,’ said Squidge, grinning.‘Let’s look up what your horoscope says on the Net,’ said Lia.‘There’s a brilliant site my sister told me about.Maybe it will tell us if you’re going to win or not.’‘Brill,’ said Cat.‘Switch your computer on.’A few minutes later, Lia had printed off our horoscopes.Aries for Cat and Pisces for me.Cat and I quickly read the sheets of paper Lia handed us.‘Ohmigod,’ said Cat, ‘December twenty-first.Does it say anything on yours, Becca? Mine says there’s a new moon on that day and that can signify the start of a new chapter.Then it says that Aries is the sign of individuality and I should be ready to shine.I’ll be getting attention from some ‘higher-ups’.That probably means the judges, don’t you think? It doesn’t say if they’re going to like me or not, though.What does yours say, Bec?’‘Same.The twenty-first is a star-studded day and time of new beginning.Oh, and Venus is conjunct with the moon, meaning romance is in the air for those who are single.A meeting with new friends.’‘Hmm,’ said Mac, ‘don’t like the sound of that.Maybe it’s a good job I’m coming along to keep an eye on you.’I went over to Lia’s window seat where he was sitting and put my arm around him.‘Not worried about me running off with Robbie Williams, are you now?’Mac took my hand.‘Nah, course not.He’s way too old for you.’I laughed and went back to my horoscope.It did sound promising and I had to admit to myself that there had been some very cute boys at the last audition.It would be nice to at least get talking to some of them and I hoped Mac wasn’t going to hold me back from getting to know them by being possessive or jealous or anything.No harm in making a few new friends, I told myself.‘Well, bring a few of those boys home for me,’ said Lia.‘I could do with a bit of romance.’‘No prob,’ I said.I noticed that Cat wasn’t saying anything [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]