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.Plus, I didn’t think you’d believe that it was innocent.’Mac squeezed my arm.‘I believe you, mate.Thousands wouldn’t.’I grimaced.‘I just hope that Lia isn’t one of those thousands.’I DIDN’T hang around at unit base after I’d finished talking to Mac.Not with everyone nudging each other when they saw me and staring at me with knowing looks.I got on my bike and went down to Cremyll, where I sat on a bench and considered my options.There wasn’t too long to go now until the film wrapped here and the crew went up to London to shoot the scenes up there.The holidays were almost over.Was it worth going to Roland and begging for my job back as I still needed money for a camcorder? No way, I decided.He had made it very clear that he wanted me off the set.He hadn’t liked me from day one.I could live without being involved in the last few days of the shoot, in fact, it would be cool to have a few days to myself.It bothered me that Charlie might think badly of me, though.I’d liked her.Maybe I’d drop her a line and put the record straight when it was all over.Savannah and the photo? Just got to let that one go, I told myself.No doubt I’d be teased about it for months to come, but the gossip would die down in the end and it was a good lesson in how the press can make something out of nothing.Shame I never got to say goodbye to her, though.I really did think that we’d become friends.But that’s another lesson, I told myself.Some people are like life: they take you up; they take you down.And Lia? When I thought about Lia my stomach churned.But where it used to churn in a nice way when I thought about her, now the only sensation I felt was a knot of anxiety.Savannah, Charlie, the whole film set and everything that went with them would be up and gone in a few days.But Lia.She was a part of my life.I’d still see her every day at school.It had to be sorted, or seeing her would be a constant reminder of how things might have been if only I’d kept the promise I made to her that day on Whitsand beach.If only I’d told her about the rehearsal kiss.If only I could turn the clock back just a few days, we could maybe have had a laugh about it and she would still be my girlfriend.This has to be one of the worst days of my whole life, I thought, as I sat there on the beach.I’d never felt so mixed up.I felt angry with Roland: sacking me had been so unfair.I felt hurt by Savannah for taking off and leaving me in it, and without even saying goodbye.Not even a phone call.And, from the reactions of the crew that I’d seen this morning, not a word in my defence.She could have said something but it – or rather, I – obviously wasn’t important enough for her to have taken the time out for.I felt like a total reject.But there was still Lia.She hadn’t rejected me; not yet.And maybe I could still rescue things with her.She was bound to see the newspaper sooner or later, but maybe if I came clean, apologised for not having told her about it, grovelled, begged, offered to carry her school books for the rest of eternity, she might give me a break.As my mum says, nothing is ever over until it’s over.I reached into my pocket, pulled out my mobile and tried Lia’s mobile again.Still switched off, but this time I left a message for her: ‘Lia, I really need to talk to you.Have you seen the paper today? There is an explanation.Call as soon as you get this message.Please.’I waited at Cremyll for half an hour and watched as a couple of ferries came in and passengers got off.I felt numb, unsure what to do.Should I get on a ferry to Plymouth and go and look for Lia? Maybe not, I decided.For one thing, I didn’t know where they’d have gone – they’d probably taken Donny to some posh place for lunch.Plus, there’s no way I’d want him around when I see Lia.She’d probably have seen the paper by now and it would be so humiliating if she gave me the cold shoulder with Primadonny looking on.And if Lia’s dad was there too.I like Zac Axford and we get on really well normally but he might not be so friendly if he thought I’d been cheating on his daughter.I thought about going up to Lia’s house and waiting by the gates.I’d get her on her own and explain everything.It was all innocent after all.But I couldn’t get away from the nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach.The promise.The promise that we’d made to tell the truth to each other.I might be innocent as far as the kiss was concerned but I hadn’t kept that promise.Promise to tell the truth, even if it hurts, no matter what.That’s what she’d asked me.I went home and luckily no one was there, as I didn’t feel much like talking to anyone.Apart from Lia that is.I made a sandwich but I couldn’t eat it.I went up to my room.It looked like a bomb had hit it – I hadn’t tidied up since the beginning of the shoot.Half-heartedly, I began to put things away.Every fifteen minutes, I tried Lia’s mobile.I didn’t care if I seemed desperate.I wanted her to know how badly I wanted to get through to her.Around one o’clock, I decided to phone her house and see if her mum had any idea when she might be home.‘Oh, they’ve just got back,’ she said.‘Hold on, I’ll call her.’I felt my heart begin to thump in my chest as I waited for her to come to the phone.A few moments later, her mother came back on the line.‘Sorry, Squidge, she says she doesn’t want to talk to you.’‘Oh, right,’ I said.So that means she’s seen the paper, I thought [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]