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.”“I thought you hated it and thought that we were all mad.”“Not really.I like it here.I love that all the rooms are done up in different colours and different styles.I like that your dad dresses like a beach surfer.My dad is so straight and our house is cream.And beige.And boring.”“Oh but it’s so tidy.” (Aunt Maggie was a control freak like me and kept the house spick and span).“I know that but it’s like living in a hotel, nothing out of place.”“But won’t it be good to be home?”“In one way but… I love that people are coming and going all the time here and… you never know what’s going to happen next.”I was amazed at what she was saying.“I didn’t know.I…”“No one knows the real me,” she said.“I’m really good at keeping my feelings to myself apart from today because I feel… well… I feel rubbish.”“You can always come and stay.”“No I can’t.There’s not room and I know you haven’t liked sharing with me.You made that very clear and I don’t blame you either.I wouldn’t want to share my room with me.”“I haven’t minded that much Yasmin,” I said and I attempted a smile.“It’s got easier.”“How?”“I realized I had some things to learn.”“You? Like what?”“Like I don’t know everything and I don’t have to try to be perfect and I have to chill.”“But that’s what’s awesome about you.You are so perfect.”“Me? No way.I’m the black sheep of this family.The odd one out.”“No.It’s me who’s the odd one out.Like your whole family are so colourful and interesting.I feel so drab compared to you.Miss Ordinary.”“No.That’s me.I’m not colourful or interesting.”“Yes, you are.You’re amazing.You do everything so well and are so organized.I so wish I could be like that.”I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.This wasn’t the Yasmin that I knew.“Yasmin, are you on drugs?”“Course not.”“But I thought you hated me.”“No.Never hated.I envied you and your naturally sunny nature.It made me want to rub you out because you showed me up for being such a Miss Misery.Like you’re so thoughtful – you left me oranges and flowers and in return I was mean and spiteful.”“I thought you hadn’t even noticed.”“I did.And I’m sorry I didn’t say.I was so angry when I got here.So mad with my mum and dad for falling out and not even considering how it affected me.It was me who got turfed out of my room and my home.No one asked what I wanted.I was mad with them and I took it out on you, but it wasn’t your fault and I… I am sorry.”“I think I took it out on you too,” I said and I gave her another hug and laughed.She pushed me away.“Why are you laughing at me?”“I’m not laughing at you.Just… we’re more alike than we realized and here we are competing for the title of the dullest member of the family.It’s… quite funny if you think about it.”Yasmin regarded me for a moment and then her face split into a grin.“I suppose it is, but it’s definitely me.I get the prize.”“No, I do,” I said.“I’m the black sheep.”“No, it’s me,” said Yasmin but she was smiling.“Tell you what,” I said.“We can be black sheep together.”Yasmin held her hand out.“Deal.”“Deal.”I should have known, I thought as we shook hands.There was me on my side of the room with all my stuff and there was her on her side and both of us pushing the other away when we could have been getting on instead.“And I’m sorry we wasted so much time not getting along.We could have had a nice time together.” And then I had the most brilliant idea.While Mum, Dad and Pat got to grips with the rest of the house, Yasmin and I attacked the spare room.We threw out a pile of junk onto the front lawn ready to be taken down to the charity shop, took all the merchandise that Mum wanted to keep and stacked it in the garage, then we got to work cleaning [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]