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.Terez will see to that.”“Isn’t that the brothel where Phillip met Franny?” Brandon asked.“Yes,” Anthony said.“Do you really think the killer is going to get careless after all this time?”Amos nodded.“I’m certain of it.Your return to London has him worried, Anthony.Everyone knows you’ve always planned to prove your father’s death was not suicide.If the killer is stupid or careless enough to have my agent attacked, then he’s scared.Go to Calais and bring back your family.By then we should know something.““Very well.I’ll leave now.” Anthony headed for the door, but then stopped.“Will you have someone watch Emily’s house while I’m gone, Amos? And Miss Stanhope’s as well?”“If you wish,” his friend said.“But I don’t think either of them is in any danger from the killer.Miss Stanhope is surrounded by all those brothers and Mrs.Martin wasn’t even in London when your father died.”“That may be,” Anthony grabbed his coat from the standing rack in the corner and put it on.“But the entire ton knows of my association with both those women and I’ll send the killer to hell myself if he even thinks of harming either one of them.I’ll see you gentlemen in a few days.”Chapter Fifteen“Why not speak to Miss Stanhope’s father before you go to Calais? The Earl of Chesterfield is surely aware by now of your interest in her.” Emily watched Anthony impatiently fiddle with the buttons of his great coat.The weather had turned chilly and a bank of immense, dark clouds stretched across the sky, gathering strength.In the distance, the faint rumble of thunder promised the coming of rain.She should be accustomed to his unexpected arrivals after all this time.After all, they were friends as well as lovers.There was no need of formality between them.But as always, his striding into her morning room as if he lived here made her heart lurch with gladness.He looked so at home, so at ease, as if he belonged here.And knowing that would soon end was breaking her heart.Better to end things cleanly and quickly and have done with it.“Why not?” she asked again.He frowned.“Number one, I still haven’t completely made up my mind about Miss Stanhope.Number two, if I did speak to Chesterfield before I leave, Aunt Dorcas would read my mind and I’d be forced to listen to her and my sisters pummel me with questions all the way back from Calais and I refuse to do that.Besides, if the weather doesn’t turn bad, I should be back in six days.Two days to Dover, two days to cross the Channel to Calais and back, and two days home.”“But why are you waiting?” Emily persisted.“The Season will be over soon and wasn’t that one of your intentions? To find a suitable bride? Miss Stanhope is a diamond, Anthony.You don’t want someone to beat you to the punch.“Her words deepened his frown.“You seem very eager to see me married,” he said.She shrugged.“Wasn’t that part of our arrangement? I would help you decide on a bride and from what I have seen there is no one to compare to Miss Stanhope.Just think, by this time next year you could be holding a son in your arms like Phillip Danbury.I seem to remember you saying years ago that you wanted a nursery full of children.”“What about the pleasure we’ve shared?” A perplexed expression drove the frown from Anthony’s face and sadness entered Emily’s heart.“The fun? There was more to what we shared than an arrangement.”Emily forced herself to smile.“It’s been lovely, Anthony.Lovely and wonderful.Every pleasure I’ve ever dreamed of you’ve given me.But I can’t continue to be your mistress with your sisters and aunt returning.And certainly not if you’re considering offering for Miss Stanhope.It wouldn’t be right.”“Then this is…goodbye? Last night was our last time together?”“Since you’re leaving for Calais can you think of a better time?”Six days without seeing you will break my heart, but since I must start the forever without you sometime, I might as well start now.“Well,” he said, slowly rising from his usual chair, holding his hat.“If that is what you wish.”“It’s for the best.” Emily forced a gentle firmness into her voice as she stood.“Perhaps when you return, I shall have the pleasure of meeting your sisters and aunt.”“If you wish,” he repeated.His fingers slid around the brim of the hat.“I’ll send word when I return.”“Thank you,” she said.“Have a safe journey, Anthony.”“Goodbye, Emily.”He gave her one last thoughtful look before leaving, his footsteps echoing back as he crossed the tiled foyer.There was a murmur of conversation with Joseph and then the front door clicked in farewell.Somehow, Emily managed to get to the parlor door and close it before giving herself up to her tears.* * * * *God’s Death! The killer stared at the pages, his hands gripping the sides of the book.If the information exists, that’s where the old duke hid the papers! It would appeal to his sense of the absurd.Now how do I get into his house?Word at the clubs said Dyson left for Calais last week to bring his sisters and aunt home.Depending on the roads, weather and horses, he could be gone as long as six days.Dyson would never put a good horse at risk unless his need was urgent, and fetching back his family shouldn’t prompt him to rush.But now, for the killer, time was running out.He had to find a way to break into the old duke’s house and search for the incriminating papers that surely must exist [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]