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.If not, there’s the door,” he said, pointing behind them.His face didn’t look like he was joking.“I know that we’ve had fun here today, and that’s good.We should have fun.It is good that we like each other.But, know this — Winggame is more than just something that’s fun.As you all know, it is a matter of life and death for all of us.Whether you’re a fourth semester student, like me, or you just got here, there’s going to come a time when you need points to live.If you want to graduate from this place, you need to earn 1,000 points over your stay.That’s 250 points each year.”He stared at them for a moment.The fluorescents buzzed overhead in the silence.“Winggame is an activity here, in between these Five Mountains, that can earn you the most points.There are eight games in each season.If you make the playoffs, there are two playoff games, and one championship.If you’re on a team, and they win a regular season game, you are awarded 20 points.For a playoff game, you get 50, and for a championship, you get 100.I’m told that there are 41 teams in the league this season.”He paused again.Asa stared at him.He had such a presence that Asa felt scared to look away.His voice lowered as he delivered a more serious message: “For me to live, we have to win six out of eight regular season games, and one playoff.For Darren to live, we must win four regular games.And, if we want Erin to live after this semester,” he took the longest pause of all.“We can’t lose a single game.We’ve got to win every regular season, and the championship.”Asa’s eyes locked on Erin.Her face was stony and hard to read.Asa imagined what it would be like to be her at this time.He also thought about all the other students on all the other teams who were going through the same thing.Now, Koab’s voice rose.He was almost yelling and his voice shook with conviction.“But we can do this! We can! I don’t care the odds; we can do this! For every hour that another team puts in, we’ll put in two.For every drop of sweat that comes from their brow, ours will produce three! We are the hardest working team in this damn building, and WE WILL WIN! We can do this! I believe we can! We are the best team here!” he slammed his fist down on the table and it shook.No one dared to breathe.Koab was panting where he stood, his face red with emotion and passion.He stood for a moment and then spoke, softer this time.“I want you all to meet me here at 5 tomorrow morning, understood.We’ve got work to do.Can we all do this?”“Yes,” they all said in unison.“Dismissed, Bulls!”On his way back to the dormitory, Asa felt as though he were beaming with pride for his new team.He couldn’t wait to put in the hours of work, to show Koab how committed he would be.As he entered the dormitory, he saw Teddy walking out, and Asa remembered what he had wanted to say earlier.He ran after his friend.“Teddy!” Asa hollered, and he jogged up beside Teddy.Teddy turned, and smiled.“Asa,” he said.Teddy looked tired.His face was red and there were bags under his eyes.He looked as though he hadn’t slept all night.Asa brushed this aside:“Teddy, why haven’t you been working on your plot of rock on the mountainside? I can’t believe you! Don’t you understand that…”Teddy put up a hand to stop Asa, but Asa just went on.“…you’re going to have to live there next year? I mean, really Teddy, can’t you see…”“Asa,” Teddy said calmly, still with his hand up.“…the importance of working on a place that you are going to live next semester? This isn’t just a joke, you have to get working on this…”“Asa,” Teddy said again.“project? If you don’t start really putting in a lot of time, you won’t have a place to live come…”“Asa!” Teddy yelled, and Asa stopped.“What?” Asa asked.“I’ve finished my dwelling,” Teddy said.“It’s all done.”Asa cocked his head.Has Teddy gone mad? “Don’t lie to me, Teddy, I saw it yesterday and you hadn’t started.”“Yes, but it’s done today,” Teddy said calmly.Asa was shaking his head, and about to open his mouth to object when Teddy said, “C’mon, I’ll show you.”Although Asa was confident that Teddy didn’t know what he was talking about, he walked with his friend as he was led out the Fishie Mountain side door, over the rope bridge, and to the plots.Asa was speechless when he saw what Teddy’s looked like.“T-t-Teddy! I-I-I…” but Asa just shook his head.He couldn’t talk.How is this possible?“Come look inside,” Teddy said, and he held open the strong metal door for Asa.Asa entered a room that was pure solid rock only 24 hours ago.The dwelling wasn’t large, but it wasn’t small either.There was a fireplace with a vent over it, and stone benches surrounding the circular area that reminded Asa of the inside of an igloo.Bookcases were carved out of one wall.“And look in here,” Teddy said.He opened up the only other door in the place.Inside was a tiny bathroom with a toilet and a tub.“And it works?”Teddy nodded.“Teddy, how is this possible?” Asa asked.“My armband did most of it,” Teddy said simply.Asa stared, not understanding, so Teddy went on.“If you’ll remember, I got my job at Duke for making a meteorology computer program.I’m a computer programmer [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]