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.”Adam shook his head.“That’s not how it happened,” he said, as if he knew the story and it had been told to him a thousand times.“We didn’t use protection.Hell, I didn’t even know what color her eyes were—it all happened so quick.And it didn’t stop there.She hunted me down.She pursued me at every gig I played.We slept together a lot.I had no idea she was married, and then suddenly, she stopped coming around.It wasn’t hard to figure out why—I’d gotten her pregnant.When I went to confront her, I found her sleeping with my lead singer.His name was Rafe, and she was supposedly in love with him, too.She was a mess.I just had no idea she was sleeping around like that.There was no way for me to know until I caught her actually doing it.”Adam moaned, and his eyes stung, then filled with water.“Not true.”“It is true, Son.All of it.I wish for your sake and your peace of mind it wasn’t.Though, I’ll never regret having that paternity test taken from the DNA samples you gave Amelia and me all those weeks ago.I’m glad I found out once and for all.”Adam turned away from him.He’d never thought to ask about the results from his samples, and Amelia never said, so he had figured it all came back fine and there was nothing physically wrong with him.He had no idea they were using it for a paternity test, too.“I’m your father—your biological father.I have the evidence now.I’m sorry I didn’t tell you when I found out, but I wasn’t sure how to tell you.” Dustin sighed, his throat sounding almost clogged.“Yes, I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right.It’s one of the reasons I had Amelia get all those samples.I had DNA tests done to make sure we ruled out any inflammation of tissues that might be triggering your episodes, but I also had a paternity test done.You’re my flesh and blood, and you got your love of piano from me, not Thomas.He’s terrible with instruments.Singing is what he does.I’m the musician that composes, plays various instruments—piano, drums and guitar.He only thinks he can play the guitar and piano, but it’s not very good at all.”Adam blinked, and tears dropped onto his lap.“I can’t hear this.”“I know it’s hard, but believe me—he didn’t want to hear it either.This is why he kept putting you on the piano.He knew he wasn’t any good at it, and he hoped you’d be able to play someday while he sang.It was his dream to have his family form a band.” His father took a deep breath and blew it away.“I’m sorry, sweetie, I know this is hard.” Mari sat next to him and brushed her lips up against his cheek.“Who else knows this? Who knows I’m your child?” Adam’s eyes wanted to scrunch up and block them all out, but he kept them opened.“I suspected right away.It was the only reason I could come up with for why Dustin would take custody of you after Sarah left.” Harkham circled around them and took a seat on the opposing couch.“Why didn’t I know?” Adam searched his memory for clues—some glaring evidence that he should’ve seen all these years.“Does it matter, though? Does this change anything? I love you, and I always did, even when I was unsure whose genetics you came from.” His dad tried to smile, but it looked pained.Adam’s head hurt.It was all so confusing.“She told me you weren’t mine, and I wasn’t sure what to believe, but once I’d found out she was married, I let it go.Well, until after you got hurt, then we started our relationship back up again, and she divorced Thomas.I kept thinking about having a paternity test, but I couldn’t bear it if the answer came out that you weren’t mine.” His father got choked up, and he pinched the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes at the same time.He looked completely worn down.Worse than when he’d worked a hard day at the office.“Adam, did you see something about this when you were having an episode?” Dr.Harkham asked.“Yes, I.Well, I think I did.There weren’t any numbers at all this time.It went straight into a memory at the park with Thomas and dad fighting over me.I was little, but I felt how angry they were.” Adam shifted into the arm of the couch, leaning into it, rather than Mari [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]