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."He's going through a lot right now.He just told me he's at the tattoo shop picking out a new tattoo.He asked if I wanted to come and watch."I remember Ryland telling me about his ordeal but I don't want her to be mad at Ryland that I know, so for now I'll keep it to myself."You don't like tattoos?"She is kind of spaced out as she stares down at her knees, lost in thought."It's not that," she shrugs."I don't know, it's his second one in a month.At this pace he's going to be covered in a year from head to toe.They aren't small ones either.He's never been the 'bad boy' type.He's just becoming very.different and fast.Each tattoo represents something different and it's not really the happy reason to get a tattoo.He and his girlfriend recently broke up after three years of dating.What's going to be next? He turns into the rest of the jocks at school and sleeps with everything that walks; breaking hearts along the way or becomes the bad boy rocker man slut seducing women with his voice.I'm just scared he's going to regret it, is all, when he finally gets over all of this.He really.loved her I guess." Her nose scrunches in disgust.Lesson number one, she obviously doesn't condone sleeping around.Lesson number two, it's only making me want her all the more.I don't really know what to say because I've never been in that situation.I learned years back not to trust a woman with your heart.It will only kill you in the end, Beau being the instructor in that lesson; therefore, I have no idea what that feels like and from the looks of her she doesn't really want to go into any further detail.I finally got her laughing and having a good time so I'm perfectly fine with steering away from this conversation.I nod in understanding and turn to put the DVD in the player and return to the bed after turning the lights off."Do you guys have a curfew?" It really isn't that late but according to what she said last night she's never out late.She shakes her head.Her smile is slowly coming back."As long as Presley's mom knows where she is and it's someone's house she can pretty much stay out until two in the morning.Anywhere else and she has to be home by twelve." She leans back against the pillow and starts to shiver.Ryland usually keeps anywhere he stays pretty cold."You can get under the cover.I promise I'll keep it PG-13," I grin because I couldn't help myself.I love messing with her.She raises her brow at me and begins playing with her curly hair as a smirk begins to form."I think you better keep it G rated or I'm kicking you off the bed.I know how to fight." Oh would I love to see that.I might just give it a go for that reason."I might like to see you try," I say playfully.I can't imagine her tiny body being able to do much damage."My parents wanted me to learn self defense so I had to take classes when I was fourteen.I'm quite experienced in taking down an attacker.Don't let my size fool you." She pauses and then smiles, "Didn't your mom always teach you not to judge a book by its cover?" She is really starting to relax around me and I like the sassy side that seems to be trying to break through.I place one knee on the bed followed by the other.Feeling playful, I grab her by the ankles and pull her across the bed to meet me.Kneeling between her legs, I release her ankles and grab her hands in mine pinning them to the bed."Is that a challenge?"I lean forward, getting closer to her face.I can feel her breaths coming out short and quick.I can tell I'm having an effect on her.She brings her knees up beside me, the bottom of her feet flat on the bed, opening her spread wider.Her eyes are slightly hooded.I place my mouth right beside her ear."One point for me."With a big grin on my face, I release her hands and sit back up grabbing the remote and pressing the play button.She quickly sits up and moves back to the head of the bed.I'm starting to worry she is mad but then she smiles."Not a chance.Payback's a bitch."We lay there watching the movie.It's mostly quiet, with the occasional small talk.She seems to be more comfortable around me now than when she first got here.The more I talk to her, the more I realize how down to earth and likable she is.We seem to have a lot more in common than I originally thought.I look at her, lying back on a pillow watching the movie [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]