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.“I can’t muster up a lot of anger at this for some reason.”“Probably because your face is in my cleavage.I doubt any man could stay angry being there,” the gypsy says, running her hands through his tresses.She tries her best not to catch any of the knots in the strands, but she is sure she yanks out a few hairs.“Now that I think of it, you’ve been oddly attentive and cuddly since I returned and Kira went back to Bor’daruk.Is it because of me or are you desperate for any female attention?”“I thought we settled this in Hero’s Gate,” Luke says, breaking from her grasp.He looks into her emerald eyes, unsure of what to say.“I know I spent most of my time with Kira and then came back to you when she left.I’m sorry that upset you, but I’m going to be with you as we travel.Kira doesn’t get much time with me.Also, I’m still sorry about killing Kayn and eating some of your furniture and-”Sari snaps her fingers and locks the forest tracker’s lips with a clamp of ice.“I find it funny that you just compared killing my former partner with devouring my ice furniture.I hate to admit that I’m more upset about the furniture since Kayn was lost to me long ago.You put him out of his misery, Luke, and I hope you hold onto that thought.Don’t argue with me because I know you’ve been having trouble sleeping or whatever it is you do.It isn’t your meditation or the griffin spirit, but your guilt over taking a human life.There’s nothing you could have done and this is the path you chose long before we met.”The half-elf patiently waits for his companion to remove the ice around his mouth, his lips turning blue.“Nice deflection back to me.I’ve been talking to Delvin about it and he’s been a great help.The guilt is a lot less than before and it’s more about Kayn being the only other survivor of your clan.Now about your anger towards Kira.”“Calling him a survivor is being generous,” the gypsy declares, ignoring his attempt to change the topic.She rolls her eyes when Luke crosses his arms over his chest.“I’m fine with you and Kira.In fact, I support it because I get to spend more time with you while we battle the Baron.In order for her to have a fair chance at claiming you at the end of this, she needs equal time with you.I wouldn’t feel right if you ignored her.Though I wouldn’t really feel wrong either.”“I feel like property.”“Well you’re kind of the grand prize for us.”“So I’m a trophy?”“A very cute and easily flustered one, my love,” Sari coos, playfully patting the warrior on the cheek.A roar rolls from his stomach, causing her to pause.“Risar is bringing a meal, so be patient.It takes time since the chefs are only a month old.Took a lot of studying to create ice golems and put cooking knowledge into them.I don’t know how Nyx did so much reading when she was younger.My brain nearly oozed out of my ears.”Luke takes a seat at the head of the table, slumping in his chair and letting his exhaustion show.He has spent the last few months helping with the repairs in both his half-Elven and griffin form.There have been days where the young warrior has transformed over a dozen times to carry supplies or race to a new work site.Suffering from little sleep and perpetual hunger, he looks sickly with sunken eyes and cracked lips.Sari carefully sits on his lap and gives him a tender kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck.“I’m going to Rainbow Tower tomorrow morning.I want you to rest here until we leave, lover,” she says, laying her head on his shoulder.She runs her finger along the edge of his jaw and kisses his chin.“You’ve pushed yourself too hard.Either to forget your guilt, help others, or avoid talking to me, I don’t know.Please take care of yourself, Luke, because all of us need you to remain strong.”“I think we’ll be fine even if I’m tired,” he whispers while letting his fingers caress her exposed shoulder.“I don’t have the strength of Timoran, the magic of Nyx, or Delvin’s strategic mind.You beat me out on abilities and cunning.I’m not saying I have no purpose, but me going down isn’t going to break us.”The gypsy growls and pinches the warrior on the nose, leaving it red.“You’re fishing for compliments, Callindor.You know you’re the one who keeps us brave and focused.Something about you leaping into the fray and helping others without a second thought brings the best out of all of us.Nyx says I’m the heart of the champions.That may be true, but you’re certainly the guts that makes us carry on [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]