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.I smile, playful.You can’t help but be playful dressed as a flapper.I smile wider.I’m wearing the same shade of lip color that I did last year.It’s perfect for this outfit.“Okay,” I say through the door.“I’m coming out.”I take a breath before I turn the handle.He’s waiting for me, his fedora cocked toward his eyes, his light trousers baggy, his dark shirt freshly ironed.He looks like something out of a Dash Hammett story.I laugh.“What?”“We should stay home,” I say, though I know there’s no way we’re going to pass up a chance to go out in public.But he’s hot.Really fucking hot.He puts his hands on my hips, cocking one of his.“What, and not get to show you off?” he says.I drape my arms over his shoulders.Still smiling.His body is familiar now.Comfortable.Sexy.He’s a keeper.His hat starts to slide off when we kiss.I catch it and hold it against his back, pushing my fingers into the back of his hair.His body presses against mine.He hugs me, and we stay there a moment, quiet, before he takes my hand, puts his hat back on, and takes me out for a night on the town.We’re both smiling as we step out of our apartment into the sunshine.###Also by Zoe X.RiderGames Boys PlayDown a NotchDown Another Notch“Whiskey & Bedposts” (Breaking In Bryce #1)“Pins & Need” (Breaking In Bryce #2)“Skin in the Game”“Coming Clean”“Hotel Rooms (and Their Deleterious Effects)”“Caught in Cuffs”As Holden WellsRoughing It“Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love”Zoe X.Rider writes dark and erotic fiction, usually featuring musicians.She doesn’t think twice about driving eight and a half hours to a dark armpit of a club to see a favorite band.She can’t play music (seriously, do not ask her to sing), but her life runs on it.When she’s not chasing bands the way some people chase tornados, she spends her time at home in the Appalachian mountains with two dogs and a very patient partner, who thinks she should get out more in the daylight hours—and not just to drive to another venue.Reading and eating are her other hobbies.Her favorite foods include Milky Way candy bars, collard greens, NY strip steak with butter, soy-mustard roasted Brussels sprouts, and rum milkshakes.(Milkshakes are a food, right?)Zoe can be found at www.zoexrider.com, zoexrider.tumblr.com, zoexxxrider.tumblr.com (NSFW), twitter.com/zoexrider and facebook.com/zoexrider [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]