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.”“You’re kind of a romantic, aren’t you?”“Only for you.”We made love, slow and easy, to the rhythm of the rain against my bedroom window.Growing daylight drove the shadows from my walls as John chased his pleasure and mine while straddled over me.Strong, masculine and beautiful, he drove his ass back and forth, grinding out his lust in tiny little circles, taking my cock deeper with each roll of his hips.John’s hands rested on my thighs for balance, and I strained not to thrust up into him as he gave me a beautiful view of his body—his head thrown back and eyes closed.A moan escaped his slightly parted lips, and one hand came off my thigh to wrap around his cock.I grabbed the lube from where it lay on the bed near my side, popped the cap, and he stopped jacking just long enough for me to drizzle a bit on the head.My hand slid up his side and then over his chest, and I tweaked his nipples as he found his rhythm again.When I rolled one between my fingers and then the other, he moved faster, grinding his hips into mine with the grace of a dancer.His naughty moves would put even the most seasoned go-go boy to shame.The harsh edges of his need and longing collided deep in his groin.“David.” John’s breathless cry culminated in the near violent meeting of our mouths as he fell forward, his hips never slowing in the slap of skin against skin.I came first, surprising us both.John stayed on top of me, stroking his cock with a fevered intensity.He was so close to coming, I would have been able to feel it if I weren’t coming down from my own sweet orgasmic high.It took him less than a minute to spray my abs with warm, slick semen, his cry loud in the early morning stillness.“God, you’re beautiful,” I moaned into his hair as his face pressed into my neck.I held him tight against my chest as my heart banged out a staccato rhythm against the inside of my chest.John pulled back to look at me, his expression one of wonder.“No one has ever said that to me before,” he whispered, and I hated the self-conscious tremor in his voice, like he didn’t quite believe someone would find him beautiful and special.“I’ll say it every day until you believe me.”We stayed in bed just a while longer, luxuriating in the lazy sound of the rain.John lay on his side, wrapped around me with his head on my chest and my arm around his shoulders.A clatter from the hallway made John’s head pop up, and he looked first toward the door, then at me.“It’s just my roommate, Sean.”“Was he here last night while we were…” John trailed off, a sudden flush coloring his cheeks.I smiled at his shyness.It was just one more way that we were different because I couldn’t care less about fucking while someone else did dishes down the hall.Years of screwing college guys in their lofts with a guy sitting underneath studying probably helped to lower my inhibitions a bit.“No, he’d gone over to his boyfriend’s house.I’m sure that was him just coming in.”“Can we pack a bag, head over to my place, shower, and spend the day together?” The hope in his voice pulled at my heart.“How about we shower here, you meet Sean, and then we go over to your place?” I countered.If we were going to be a real couple, give this thing between us a real shot, we needed to start dealing with people together.Sean, my innocuous roommate, was a good place to start.John squeezed his arms tighter around me, either in thanks or maybe in fear, and my lips brushed his hairline.I could have offered him words of comfort, but John didn’t need it.“I’ve been meeting new people as part of my volunteering, and it helps.The closet is getting farther and farther behind me.”“It’s not a race.There’s no prize at the end.”“Yeah, there is…” he said, and nothing could have rivaled the smile in his voice, so powerful it brought the corners of my own lips up.Neither of us needed to say the “you” that completed the sentence, because we both heard it in the silence.It took a few minutes to get John out of bed, but soon we’d showered together and shuffled into the tiny kitchen.Barefoot and shirtless, we both threw on some of my faded jeans, and John kissed the back of my shoulder as I stood pouring coffee for us.My fingers tingled when I reached back and threaded them through his short, damp hair.Deep in my soul, I’d spent my life thinking that the key to feeling good about myself lay in getting guys to find me attractive.My hard body benefited from the daily trips to the gym, and my skin had a healthy glow from consistent care, but what I really needed was this, someone who gave a fuck.I checked the contents of the freezer and saw that my hours of study had taken a serious toll on inventory.My eyes even drifted over that invisible line to Sean’s side, but no, I wasn’t that kind of roommate.“Well, I have ham and cheese Hot Pockets,” I said with a sigh.There were no eggs to go with them, I knew that without opening the refrigerator.“How about a compromise?” John suggested, and I turned to see a light of humor in his eyes I hadn’t seen before.I’d seen him laugh, I’d seen him smile, but I don’t think I’d ever seen him truly happy until that moment.“What did you have in mind?”“Well, since your roommate seems to be standing right behind you, judging by the smirk on his face,” he started, and I turned quickly to see Sean behind me, his mouth quirked in a half smile.I rolled my eyes and faced John again.“How about, I meet him and then take you out to breakfast?”“If we’re going to your place, I need to bring homework.I have an assignment that can’t wait, even for the famous John Middleton.”He laughed and grabbed my hand.I felt free in a way I hadn’t in a long time.The freezer door slammed a bit harder than I’d intended as I fell sideways with his jerk of my arm.Sean remained in the doorway to the kitchen shaking his head.“Sean, this is my boyfriend John.” I’d mentioned John a few times so the introduction was pretty unnecessary, but I liked the word.It didn’t get stuck in my throat as I thought it would but flowed freely in a way that scared the fuck out of me.“Hi, John.David has said some very nice things.”I appreciated Sean’s cordial greeting because sometimes he could be a real prick.Though, thinking back, it seemed that Sean’s most prickish moments had come when I’d brought a trick back at two am and woken him up when he had to be at work at seven.I chuckled to myself [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]