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.With a groan, he guided his shaft to her entrance, pausing there, teasing them both with the anticipation of pleasure.She made a small sound of protest, moving against him entreatingly.One day, he thought, he would be able to resist her, but not yet.He pressed forward, flexing his hips so that he filled her with a slow, sure stroke.She gasped beneath him, crying out with pleasure.Closing his hands over the curve of her hips, he held her still as he began to move, setting a rhythm that would drive them both to the brink of madness.He moved slowly, pressing in with deep, commanding thrusts and then withdrew just as slowly, relishing the drag and resistance of the tight muscles of her sheath.In the mirror, above them, he watched, and when he met her gaze in the glass, he knew that she did, as well.It was unbearably erotic, unbearably intimate.He didn’t increase the speed or the intensity, but kept to that same maddening pace, until he could feel her thighs trembling against him.Her soft moans had become demanding cries.Michael shifted slightly, pressing deeper still.She strained against him, rising on her toes, pressing back against him.“Please, Michael, please,” she cried, all but insensible with need.It was all the prompting he needed.He slid his arm around her waist, pulling her more firmly against him.His thrusts became faster, harder, as he pressed into her more deeply.He could feel her clenching around him, her release imminent.He moved his hand over her belly, down to the nest of dark curls and slid one finger inside her, teasing the small, hooded bud that would make her shatter.He pressed against it lightly, massaging gently as he thrust again and again.He felt her shuddering beneath him, gloried in the harsh sounds of pleasure that escaped her.Every quiver of her belly, every quaking muscle in her thighs, spurred him on, until he was lost to his own release.He met her gaze in the mirror, taking note of the sleepy and sated expression on her face.Gently he withdrew from her and scooped her into his arms, carrying her to the bed.Her body still trembling in the aftermath, Abbi said, “Don’t think you’ve completely succeeded in distracting me.I still want to know everything you discussed with Lord Wolverstone.” She could feel the rumble of his answering laugh against her.“I will tell you everything,” he said, “As soon as I can remember my own name.”Chapter ThirteenThree days later, Abbi and Michael were back in the carriage heading for Blagdon Hall.Spencer was riding along side on horseback.Though Abbi had not seen much of the city, Michael had taken her to see the Elgin Marbles.Recalling them made her blush, as did the events that had unfolded after.As they’d lain in bed, panting and breathless, Michael had told her he would have had replicas installed in their bedchamber had he known what her response would be.As if he’d guessed what she was thinking of, he grinned at her from across the seat.“What wayward thoughts have brought you to blush, wife?” he asked teasingly.“It’s merely warm inside the carriage… Perhaps when we stop, I will get a bit of air.”“Or perhaps you are too warmly dressed.If you were to remove some clothing—““You are incorrigible! Lord Wolverstone is right outside.”So he was.Michael knew already that Spencer admired Abbigail.He’d spent a great deal of time with them over the past few days and had remarked to Michael about how charming he found her, and how lovely she was.He’d never been a jealous man, but he’d wanted to plant his fist firmly into Spencer’s face every time he’d caught him smiling at Abbi.The last thing he wanted was to listen to a lecture from Spencer about how to treat his wife like a lady, or worse, to add fodder to any wayward fantasies Spencer might have about her.“I concede the point.I am utterly incorrigible and selfish enough not to want Spencer picturing you without your clothes on.”“Not every man is as obsessed with the female form as you are, husband,” she admonished, though her blush deepened.Michael quirked an eyebrow at her.“You saw the Elgin Marbles yourself, not to mention some of the other statuary at the museum last night [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]