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.Thx, busy working.LuxYes, I did it.I signed the text with his stupid nickname.This is probably not my smartest move, as I need to discourage his antics of seducing me.If this were only about sex, that would be one thing.However, this is not.I am not sure what we are doing, but there is more than sex shared between us.Dominating the corp accounting world? RexI almost laugh out loud at his question.I wish.LuxWhen I don’t get an immediate response, I go back to work and don’t give further thought to my phone.After a bit, it dawns on me.Rex invited me to lunch.I look at the clock to see it is after two in the business day.I haven’t seen or heard one sound from Chad today.Knocking on his office door, I am surprised when I get no reply.I don’t open his door; rather, I go back to my desk and push down the discomfort building in my belly.I have never known Chad to take a sick day.My phone pings a little after four with a new text, just as I settle back into my client’s file.U could dominate me.RexSomehow, I don’t think anyone could do that.LuxI reply to him quickly as I finish up and ready my workstation to leave for the day.My desk phone rings at the same time my cell chimes with a new message.It takes a deluxe model, but I can be overtaken.Anything 4 u.RexI don’t reply because my office phone has my attention.Picking up the receiver, my gut twists in anticipation.Something feels wrong today.“Caroline Milton,” I greet.“Miss Milton, this is Charles Thorton.I need to see you in my office before you leave for the evening, please.My secretary will send you in.I’ll be waiting.”“Yes, sir.”What does the Vice President of Charlotte CPA, Incorporated, want with me? I feel like I am a child being summoned to the principal’s office.Only, now the consequences are much harsher than detention.Personal phone and Rex forgotten, I make my way to Mr.Thorton’s office.His secretary greets me and instructs me to make my way inside the large executive office where behind the large desk sits a short, balding man with glasses.He is not in the least bit the intimidating shark at the top of the corporate ladder I had always envisioned.Off to the side of the room are two men with badges clipped to their belts and guns.What the hell is going on?“Miss Milton, take a seat please,” he instructs, looking at the chairs positioned in front of his desk.As I make my way over and sit down, anxiety runs through me.Did Chad tell him everything? Am I getting fired? Where has Chad been all day? Am I getting arrested? What did I do?“I called you in here to inform you that we have to transfer you to another account executive.” He pauses, waiting for me to react or acknowledge.I simply nod my head in understanding.“You will be transferred to Mrs.Thompson effective immediately, and you may move your desk contents tomorrow.“I don’t know anything further at this time, but the officers are here because Mr.Stillwell was found dead in his home yesterday afternoon.They will be here tomorrow morning, conducting interviews with everyone he associated with.However, since you worked directly for Mr.Stillwell, they would like to ask you a few questions today.I will escort you all to a conference room where the two detectives here can talk with you privately.”Chad is dead.Oh, my God, Chad is dead.The room spins as the shock overcomes me.The detectives move to the doorway, waiting for Mr.Thorton and me to make our way over to them.The conference room we go to isn’t the big one I am used to.The room houses a table for six with the oversized chairs dwarfing the space.The marker board lining the back wall, the projector on a cart in the corner, the phone in the center of the table with the speaker for client conference calls, all scream boring office.However, right now, this is far from boring or normal office time.Chad is dead, and these detectives want to speak to me privately.“Miss Milton, I am Detective Liam McCarthy, and this is my partner, Bruce Longhorn.We won’t take much of your time.We understand on Saturday night you attended a company engagement with Mr.Stillwell.Is this correct?”“Yes,” I reply meekly.“We think you may be the last person who saw him alive because he was found still in his suit from that event.We need to inform you, we are investigating his death as a possible homicide.Do you know of any enemies Mr.Stillwell had? Is there anything from that night that stands out to you? ”“I didn’t know Chad—I mean, Mr.Stillwell—that well,” I stammer, thinking I didn’t know him well enough to know he was scum before I was in too deep.“The driver took him home from the dinner that night.”“You didn’t ride home with him?”“No, I … I went home with my friend who also attended the event.”“Is there anyone who would want him dead?”Yeah, me two days ago, I think, but don’t dare speak.“Who is the friend that you left with so we can verify this information?”I draw in a deep breath.“Drexel Crews took me home.”“Any enemies? Or anyone you can think of who would have a problem with Mr.Stillwell, no matter how minor the dispute?”I shake my head while my mind attempts to process everything they are telling me.“Thank you for your time, Miss Milton.Here is my card.If you think of anything at all from that night or about Mr.Stillwell, please don’t hesitate to call.”They wait for me to stand, and we all exit the office.I make a right and head back to my desk as they make a left to exit the building.Gathering my things, I leave work with my mind all over the place.Chad is dead.Homicide [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]