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.Was just you.The way you held yourself, the way you were so.controlled.Calm and in charge, and so sure of what you were doing.Never got off on cops before, so clearly it's you.""That works, too," Charlie laughed."I don't mind being the object of your perversions.""Do we have to actually discuss this?" Hank asked, slipping his hand inside Charlie's sweats."We can move right on to the perversions.""Oh, nice." Charlie nuzzled him again, licking at his jaw, and added, "I was just noting it.We can do it again, if you want."Hank looked at him."Which part? The sex or the whole you being all strong cop and me being all melty girl?"Charlie laughed and kissed him."You are no melty girl.You got a hit of adrenaline, same as me.But we can drop it, if you want.""I want," Hank said, moving his hand slightly so his knuckles dragged over the soft skin of Charlie's belly."I want kind of a lot.""We've moved onto the sex part, right?" Charlie asked, his breath suddenly short."I hope?""We have," Hank said, teasing the very tip of Charlie's cock."Were you serious earlier?" Charlie blinked at him, his eyes heavy lidded."About what? Jesus, Hank, touch me already."Hank smirked and nudged his hand a little bit closer to where Charlie wanted it."About me taking my turn.""Well, sure," Charlie said, his eyes drifting closed."Assuming you want to, of course.""Oh, I'm pretty sure that's a definite yes," Hank said, curling his fingers around Charlie's erection."You know, it might be a thing to move to the bed.For a change of pace.""The pace is already changed," Charlie pointed out, kissing Hank with a lot of tongue."It's nice." Hank agreed and kissed him back.It was nice.He had nothing against the rushed and frantic sex they'd had, both on Charlie's couch and in his own kitchen, but just touching Charlie was something to be enjoyed.There was so damn much of him to explore, it would be a shame not to take the time, do it right."Come on," Hank said, stroking Charlie's cock once more before letting it go."Let's go to bed.I want to spread you out like a banquet.""So romantic," Charlie said, rolling his eyes.But he was grinning and moving, kissing Hank again as they stood up."You're such a sweet talker.""Would you prefer I said I want to take you in there so I can lick you all over and make you scream my name?"Charlie laughed and turned out the lights as Hank used the remote to turn off the TV."That's a mighty fine promise you're making.""I like a challenge," Hank said, leading him to the bedroom."Plus, it'll be fun just to try.""There is that." They stripped off their sweats and Hank pulled the covers back, admiring Charlie's body again.He could spend a lot of time just looking, but it would be a shame to waste the chance to be a lot more tactile than watching.Together they climbed onto the bed, one from each side.It wasn't the tumbling down of two men intent on getting where they were going as fast as they possibly could, Hank noticed, but something much more comfortable; easy and not at all frightening, something he hadn't even realized he'd expected.There was wanting, of course, and anticipation, but the mere act of going to bed was just a blip where he'd expected a loud and sonorous ping.Charlie reached for him, pulling Hank close, and the moment vanished before thought had really formed.Instead, Hank just went with it, went with Charlie, and his hands and mouth moved instinctively, Hank's body intent on sensation and exploration.Charlie's skin was hot to the touch, flushed and smooth, and as Hank's fingers sought out sensitive spots, tiny bits of flesh that made Charlie moan and his muscles twitch, Hank tasted the bare hint of salt that signaled the start of dampness.Over Charlie's chest to one shoulder, Hank licked a path, pausing to tease at one nipple.Under him, Charlie arched a little, not a lot, and Hank moved on.Hank bit down on the curve of Charlie's neck, nuzzled along his collar bone, and smiled when Charlie's hands at the small of Hank's back clutched him a little tighter.They moved slowly for a long time, trading kisses that were intense in their delicacy, gentle sweeps of their hands along backs, thighs, bellies.Hank couldn't remember the last time he'd taken so long to know a body.He didn't try to figure it out.Legs brushing, Hank could feel when Charlie's hips started to shift, his movements growing a little restless.Urgency held off, but Hank kissed Charlie a little harder, finally allowing his hand, which had been tracing the ridges of tight and defined abdominal muscles, to go a little lower, until he was once more learning the feel of Charlie's cock.Charlie laughed, voice a little husky, smile a curve Hank could feel against his neck."I like the way you touch me," he whispered, and Hank could feel goosebumps rising up on Charlie's arm, and all up and down Hank's spine."Good," Hank told him, smiling as well.He used the tip of one finger to sketch the whole length of Charlie's cock."I like touching you."Charlie's palm coasted down Hank's back until his hand fit around the curve of Hank's butt."It's mutual." Hank shivered and dropped his hand a little lower to cup Charlie's balls.Their legs slid together, Charlie's parting and Hank's thigh lifting, his hips starting to move in a slow rhythm as Charlie squeezed his ass.Hank rubbed his cock along Charlie's hip, only slightly, not wanting too much friction as he rolled Charlie's balls and stroked the insanely soft skin behind them.The kisses moved on from gentle and long and wet to a little harder, a little deeper, and when Charlie moaned, his hand sliding down to pull Hank's thigh tighter against him, Hank nodded."Time," Hank said, urging Charlie to lie back, both hands skimming up to Charlie's chest, kneading him.Charlie went slowly, falling back as his mouth parted and his tongue flicked out to dab at his lower lip."More than," he said, his legs easing apart so Hank could move between them.Hank wasn't sure why he'd expected Charlie to resist being fucked; he didn't like to think that he had stupid, preconceived ideas about what kind of person topped or bottomed.He certainly didn't about himself.But Charlie was just so damn big that it appeared to trip some weird, ultimately foolish instinct that said men like Charlie didn't take it.It didn't matter right then.Nothing like roles and cultural perceptions mattered at all as Hank reached for the lube and the stash of condoms.He didn't care about that shit at all, not with Charlie in bed, lying back with one hand on Hank's hip, the other curling into a loose fist beside his own cock.All that mattered was making sure his hands weren't shaking as he rolled the rubber on and got his fingers wet.It wasn't that he was nervous, or even in such a state that his hands were jittery from his need; it was just Charlie.It was different, it was slow and sweet, and it was Charlie [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]