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.That’s not the case with Dicky, Alice and Charlene and those characters are where the life is.Christian Bale, who has played Batman and John Connor in the Terminator and for Werner Herzog played a man who survived the jungles of Laos, so successfully transforms himself that you see a career as a cutup in the Jackass movies.”Peter Travers of Rolling Stone wrote: “After Matt Damon and Brad Pitt turned down the role of crackhead Dickie, Wahlberg lucked out big time with Christian Bale.I have one word for Bale: phenomenal.He dropped 30 pounds to play the skinny, loose-limbed, demon-driven Dickie.But his hilarious and heartbreaking performance cuts deep under the surface.Bale’s eyes reflect the man Mickey grew up hero-worshipping and the ‘pride of Lowell’ who might find that pride again as Micky’s trainer.”Claudia Puig of USA Today raved: “Bale is astounding as a strangely charismatic weasel, giving probably the best performance of his career.Suave Bruce Wayne of 2005’s Batman is long gone, Bale’s handsome face is almost unrecognisably gaunt.Bale’s knockout performance should not be missed.Dicky steals the show, much like he does his family’s attention.”And Anne Hornaday from the Washington Post added: “The title character of the Fighter might be Micky—played here in a straight-up, stalwart, hugely sympathetic performance by Mark Wahlberg.But it could just as easily pertain to the hardscrabble Dicky, especially as he’s channelled by Christian Bale.Down 30 pounds, Bale is nothing less than revelatory as the skinny, skeeved-out crackhead, who, against all odds, commands the audience’s attention and, improbably, a few laughs.”The buzz around the little boxing movie began to grow and before the end of 2010, Christian was being mentioned as the front-runner of the awards season.The movie went on to make $93.5 million at the U.S.box office alone—not bad for a film with an estimated budget of just $25 million.The rave reviews for The Fighter were perfect for the all-important Christmas moviegoers, generating buzz ahead of the award nominations season that would culminate with the Oscars.Christian reluctantly did his publicity duties to promote the film.It was the first time he was in front of the press since his Terminator Salvation rant had gone viral.To head off any potentially embarrassing or provocative interrogation, Christian’s ground rules about the format of the interview were clear: Q&A format only.No personal questions.Christian’s cover interview with Esquire would bring his bad boy image back to the forefront with what Esquire described as a “testy encounter.” Esquire writer John H.Richardson scolded Christian, “There’s nothing that’s more of a dick movie-star move than to say, ‘It has to be printed as a Q&A.’ That’s movie star.You and Tom Cruise back in the day are the only people who do that shit.”“I want to be able to just act and never do any interview, but I don’t have the balls to stand up to the studio and say, ‘I’m never doing another interview in my life!’ So I tip my hat and go, ‘Okay mister! All right mister! I’ll go do the salesman job!’”—Christian Bale, Esquire, December 2010Ironically, after Christian had lost more than 60 lbs.for his role in The Machinist, he received mixed reviews and precious few award nominations.For The Fighter, Christian was careful not to bandy about the exact weight loss figure; instead he just stated that he had to look like a welterweight (140–147 lbs.).Of course, The Machinist came out before Christian was the star of Batman and was widely considered difficult to watch.The Fighter would have that Rocky crowd-pleasing vibe, and Christian’s fans would see the hunky man who had been Bruce Wayne transformed into a sweet crackhead.January 2011 would be an exciting month for Christian as he began to rack up acting award nominations and wins for his performance in The Fighter.Up against the hugely popular The Kings Speech and its Best Supporting Actor front-runner, Geoffrey Rush, Christian scored nominations from BAFTA and the National Society of Film Critics to name a couple.However, Vegas odds-makers were taking notice when Christian won Best Supporting Actor awards from the Screen Actors Guild, the National Board of Review, and most importantly, a Golden Globe Award [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]