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.The hunger inside of him was to the point that if Connor was going to refuse, he better do it now.He was barely holding back his restraint.“I have to go,” Connor said as he jumped up, racing for the office door.Vaughn caught his mate before he fled.“You can’t just run out of here.” He took a deep breath, reining in his lust as he blew his breath out slowly.“I’m not the one you need to worry about.”“How many vampires are there?”Connor had no idea the trouble he could get into running away from Vaughn.For one, if he made it to the front door, Harley would scrub his mind of any memory his mate had of vampires.And there was no damn way Vaughn was going through the whole “stake you in the heart” routine again.Connor’s arousal was also heavy in the air.If any vampire out there got one good whiff, Vaughn was going to have to kill a few good men.“I told you that you could crash at my place.No strings attached, mate.”* * * *Connor was conflicted inside.Vaughn’s eyes glowed with a savage inner fire that Connor wanted unleashed on him.But, the undeniable and dreadful fact that Vaughn was a vampire stopped him from begging shamelessly for Vaughn to take him.He tried to deny the pulsing knot that formed in his stomach at the thought of leaving Vaughn.The guy was a vampire, for christ’s sake!There shouldn’t be any second thought about it.He should be running screaming from the place, not hesitating at the door.But yet…“You promise that I’m safe?” Connor asked as he let his hand fall away from the doorknob.Why in the hell was he even considering this?A faint light twinkled in the depth of Vaughn’s cocoa-brown eyes as he nodded.“Never in life will you ever be as safe as you are with me,” he said resolutely.Connor prayed the man was telling the truth because he was about to place his life in Vaughn’s hands.“Take me home.” He sighed.What the hell, it wasn’t like he had anywhere else to go anyway.“Okay, this might freak you out a bit,” Vaughn warned, “but, it’s the quickest way.”Connor was getting a bad feeling about—“Holy hell!” he shouted as the office disappeared and a bedroom formed around them.He grabbed his stomach and his mouth at the same time, praying he didn’t vomit from the feeling of vertigo.“I told you it was the quickest way,” Vaughn said.“But we’re here.So you can get nosey or crash on the bed.” He waved his hand toward a very large and plush-looking bed.Connor headed straight for the bed, not realizing how tired he truly was.But as he laid his head down on the softest pillow he ever felt, sleep eluded him.Connor cursed.Why was his insomnia kicking in now? As he fought to go to sleep, Connor’s mind wouldn’t shut down.He lay there wondering if everything he had read about vampires was true.Vaughn didn’t seem like a savage who only wanted to drain him.The man had been nothing but nice to him.“The bathroom is over there.”Connor turned to look where Vaughn was pointing.“Thanks.”“I’m just telling you now, I’m sleeping in the same bed as you.But I promise, no funny stuff,” Vaughn said as he walked into the bathroom.Connor turned back over, staring at the wall when he heard the door open a few minutes later.He didn’t dare look.Temptation was riding him hard enough as it was.Vampire or not, Connor was lying there hard as a rock.He needed to sort everything out without throwing sex into the mix.The bed dipped, and Connor felt Vaughn pull the covers over his body.He lay there stiffly, his arms crossed over his chest and his legs pulled up to his body.“You don’t sleep in a coffin?” He heard an amused chuckle come from behind him.“I told you not to believe everything you read.”“What the hell can I believe then?” Connor inquired heatedly.He was irked by Vaughn’s cool and unaffected manner.He turned his head to glance behind him when the guy remained silent.Connor was caught off guard by the tender expression in Vaughn’s dark eyes.Don’t you dare give in!“You can believe that I would do anything to keep you safe.” Aw! How sweet.No, he shouldn’t be thinking like this.Vaughn was a damn vampire with razor-sharp teeth, and the man wanted to drink Connor’s blood.Connor wanted to turn back around, but his traitorous ass body turned to fully face the hot and tempting man [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]