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.The interview with Hodgson yesterday had ended too soon.To get the guy to confess to the affair was a breakthrough, without doubt.But he had pushed too hard, too fast.If Hodgson was as cold-blooded a killer as the MOs suggested, he wasn’t likely to be lured into incriminating himself that easily.Lockyer had barely made it back to his office before Roger, his senior investigating officer, had called to tell him that Hodgson’s lawyer was lodging a complaint.Lockyer should have insisted that Debbie’s boss had legal representation before the interview under caution had taken place.Of course, the fact that Hodgson had refused several times made not a scrap of difference.It was all about the procedure.He had gone above and beyond his pay grade, but if Hodgson was their man, Lockyer didn’t have time to tiptoe around the guy.‘Sir.’He looked up to see Jane leaning into his office.‘Yes, Jane.’‘I meant to say, I checked with Hodgson’s colleague regarding the two hours Hodgson and Stevens allegedly spent in the apartment over near Moorgate,’ she said.‘The colleague confirmed Hodgson borrowed the keys to the flat late afternoon on the day of the murder and returned them at the MPS dinner function that evening, about nine-ish.’‘Right,’ he said, waiting for Jane to leave.As the door clicked shut he looked down at the piles of paper covering his desk.He picked up Phoebe’s file and scanned the contents page.There were three sections devoted to the crime scene, the post-mortem and all the physical evidence collected, but he had already read the summaries, so he doubted he would find any new information there.There was only one exhibits section so he flicked to the relevant pages and began to read.Phoebe’s clothes were listed, their condition photographed.A sentence, highlighted in yellow, caught his attention.A section of lining material, four-inch square in diameter, was missing from the trousers she was wearing.Not ripped out but carefully cut and removed.He opened Katy’s file, turning to the exhibits notes.He put his finger on the page over another highlighted note.A piece of Katy’s coat was missing too but it hadn’t been cut out like Phoebe’s.An entire section had been ripped away and taken.He tipped his head back, his neck cracking.He didn’t need to look at Debbie’s file.He knew it by heart.Her clothing was listed and described: jacket, removed prior to attack, intact.Jumper, on victim, intact.Skirt and tights torn.He ran his fingers through his hair.Her skirt and tights were so badly damaged it was almost impossible to decipher what the original garment had looked like.There was no way of knowing if her killer had taken something from her too.And even if there was, what did it mean? He remembered the bite mark on Debbie’s shoulder, as if she had been attacked by a wild dog, not a man.He let out a frustrated breath and flicked to the contents page of Phoebe’s file.The interviews with her family and friends were as good a place to start as any.He opened his laptop and logged in to the audio files section.There were fourteen statements.It was going to be a long day.An hour had passed and he was only on the third interview.The temperature in the room had dropped enough for him to put on his jacket.He looked out at the practically empty office and drained his fifth cup of coffee.The last two had been decaf but his heart still felt like it was hammering in his chest.With a shake of his head he went back to the audio transcript of the interview with Stefan Riste, Phoebe’s partner.Riste had already been cleared of any involvement as he had been visiting friends in Manchester at the time of his girlfriend’s murder.A Post-it note attached to the bottom of the page also confirmed he had alibis for the dates of Katy’s and Debbie’s murders too.As Lockyer listened, he was struck by the pain.Every answer seemed to tap into a new part of the poor man’s grief.He sat back, the January sun casting intermittent shadows around his office.His breath fogged up his screen as he let out a weary sigh.As he pressed play again he decided to finish Riste’s statement and then take a break [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]