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.Some of the time, we can stop bad things from happening,” Frankie told him.His face brightened, “Can we? Then we must.” He sounded so serious that if matters weren’t dire, Frankie would have laughed.“Yes, but what is important is that when these waking dreams or vision come to ye, ye share them with yer parents.Right?”He nodded, “Yes that is what Mama says.”“Okay, now, will ye share it with me?”He stared with those open blue eyes and Frankie wanted to squish him as he asked, “Will you save her Frankie—the glowing lady?”“I will try,” she answered although she hadn’t a clue what he was talking about.“Do you know about the bad Fae, very bad Fae and other things?”” he asked gravely.Frankie nodded, “I do, but what do you know?”“We were at Disney? You would love Disney, Frankie, but I fell, banged my knee, it hurt and then it was all better—I am Fae.” He announced obvious repeating the explanation he had received from his parents before he continued.“The lady in my dream though, didn’t get better.She is Fae—real strong Fae.I could feel her, but she didn’t get better and she was hurt.I felt bad.Then the dream was gone, and I should have told Mama right away, but I was afraid.”“Afraid? What were ye afraid of lad?” Frankie asked.He didn’t look up but studied his toes, “The wolf.”His father started forward, frowning darkly, worried and Ete put out her hand to stop Breslyn, lest her son clam up.“Tell me about the wolf, for I have seen a few meself lately,” Frankie encouraged.“You have?” he brightened.“A wolf with big yellow eyes was there growling, and its teeth were scary, and Frankie…” he looked directly into her eyes.“Ye were standing there staring at the wolf, and then it all went away and I felt sick.“When did ye have this dream?”“This morning on the pirate ride,” he said solemnly.“Bray, don’t ye think about it anymore.We will take care of it, okay?” Frankie said and ruffled his bright yellow hair.He nodded and Frankie steered him back to trucks and little vehicles before she looked at Breslyn who was frowning and Ete who was lost in thought.Everyone was silent as they exchanged glances.Finally Frankie broke the quiet stillness.“That is why I came.I had a vision, but it wasn’t even as much as Bray’s.All I know from mine is that something horrible has happened or is about to happen.And I don’t know why, I can feel the pull of Dublin—Trinity in particular.” She nodded her good-bye and added, “Going now to check it out.Jazz was chewing her lip as she stepped toward Frankie, “I want you to be careful, Frankie.Whatever this is, my gut tells me Pestale is behind it.He will want to take you out of the equation because of what you managed to do six years ago.Promise me, you will be aware of everything around you.Look for a trap, Frankie.I will join you as soon as we speak with the Queen.”Frankie hugged Jazz, winked at Trevor who was in deep conversation with Breslyn, but stopped and called out to her, “Frankie, do as Jazmine Decker tells you, aye, and keep in touch.”“Aye, aye,” Frankie grinned, but then found Ete touching her arm.She turned and smiled softly at the auburn haired beauty whose quiet grace had always, since Frankie was twelve, impressed her.Ete said, “Bray gets his visions from me, you know, and Frankie I also have seen something recently, something that didn’t make any sense.Maybe between us, we can figure out what it means.I don’t know if he picked up on my vision, or if his vision is an affirmation that what I saw is meaningful.Perhaps you will know?”“What is that?”“I saw you facing a wolf, a honey colored wolf,” she pulled in her bottom lip with her teeth and nibbled it before a sigh escaped and she threw up her hands, “That is just it--nothing else.”Frankie frowned and thought of the Shapeshifters and the one honey colored wolf that seemed to stand apart.“Thanks Ete, I will keep it in mind.”Chapter Twenty-TwoTRINITY LOOMED BEFORE Frankie’s eyes, still so regal even after the beating it had taken.It was a connection to the past, a monument to history.Even after the effects of the blast, Trinity as a whole had endured.However, so much had been blown to pieces.The sculptures that had been on display in the middle of what had once been a grassy square had been destroyed; their parts scattered and covered with dirt and shrapnel [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]