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.”He’s gone, I knew he would.No time to think more on it, I must live in the now.My Malice attack slashes into Oryon’s torso, sending him tumbling backwards.Suddenly Penk casts a magical shield about us as a barrage of passionate attacks is launched at us, clattering off the shield which is only just erected in time.The power of Trife’s attack is impressive, and his passion is his strength, but Oryon is still alive, unfortunately.“Rocci, deceased, Kiwi wing defensive.”“Giannemn, deceased, Kiwi wing defensive.”When the barrage from Trife has stopped I glance up and notice that Legion has stopped his purple spear attack.I presume that this is to let the inter-wing fighting take place.I reach out and grab the ankle of Penk, seeking his bare skin for flesh to flesh contact.He knows this is the sign to drop the shield, and he does so, only long enough for me to cast again.Using the power of both of us, I cast and the fireball leaps out of my palm, streaking towards the downed Oryon.“Teok, deceased, Cassowary wing offensive.”Before the fireball strikes the twitching Oryon, something gets in the way.A shield dashes the flame from its course, spraying small drops of fire in all directions bar that of Oryon.Trife, his sudden shield long gone, casts again.I can feel him drawing in as much power as he can for a killing blow.I have no doubt that it will be aimed at me.“Hyomney, deceased, Vireo wing tactical.”“Johun, deceased, Cassowary wing offensive.”“Xoigh, deceased, Kiwi wing offensive.”I’m still holding Penk’s ankle when he drops down to his knees, his shield no longer in effect.I’m going to die.Trife will kill me.I look to Penk to find out why he’s giving up.With a sudden shock of horror I see why; a spear of ice has smashed its way through his torso, puncturing at least one of his lungs, maybe both.It came from behind.I can tell by the cold blood on the ice that erupts from his breast.I nearly panic, but manage to school myself.I need to stay calm.Forgetting about Trife I set to work on Penk, he of all people does not deserve to die down here.“Maro, deceased, Cassowary wing tactical.”“Oryon, deceased, Kiwi wing command.”“Trife, removed, Kiwi wing command.”“Dinss, deceased, Vireo wing defensive.”I only hope I can heal Penk enough before I die.Dragging in ambient magic from my surrounding to augment my own, I cast my healing spells.I place my hands on his chest around the spear.The ice begins to crack, and the flesh around it starts to freeze, trying to heal and regenerate while the flesh is frozen is not working, it is only making it worse.I see my error and make amends.The Fourteenth Chapter- Muzbeth -13 days until the birth of a godThe 20th day of Spring-Fall, 1538I’m sneaking along a cleft in the hills, so to be hidden from any prying eyes.The wall surrounding the Lighthouse looms large, towering above my crouched, decaying form.As I reach the bottom of the wall I turn to face out and press my back up against its solid brickwork.The rough texture against my back is reassuringly mundane.Summer slinks gracefully towards me.She reminds me of a dark shadow closing on its prey.When she is within ten feet I turn and jab my hands into the mortar around the bricks.Doing so does not hurt, but my rotting fingers crunch and break, making it much harder to pull myself up.I continue, despite the small difficulty.When I get to the top I’ll have to cast, using up the last of my magical reserves to heal my body as much as possible.Fortunately being a Lys-Karalis I do not need to feed, thus I cannot die by starvation, but without blood I can’t fuel my magic.I need to feed as soon as is possible.Without thinking I’ve soon reached the top of the forty-foot tall boundary.I pull myself upright and once balanced perfectly atop it I glance down either side.Within the walls there are no guards that I can see, and without, Summer is rising up the side of the wall.She is just floating serenely upwards.When she reaches the top she simply steps off the nothing she wasn’t standing on and onto the top of the wall beside me.“I’d have given you a lift if you’d just waited, sweetheart.”I’m sure she would, but her little display has rekindled a memory.“Remind me after this that we’ve got to finish the conversation that so briefly started in Tomam,” I say, before leaning in to quickly kiss her.I notice that she’s slightly out of breath.I should ask her about that too, at some point.“Will do, love.Now, are you going to jump down or can I help this time?”“Very well, show me what you’ve got.”She steps off the side of the wall.I half expect her to plummet down, but instead she merely stands on some kind of invisible platform.I step out next to her hesitantly, unsure of how all this works.As soon as I’ve got my unsteady balance, we begin to descend into the torch lit courtyard.To take my mind from the slow descent I cast my magic, healing my broken hands and sharpening and hardening my nails, preparing them for another climb.Soon we are at the bottom of the wall and I’m happy to feel that I still have a small reserve of magical power to call upon if necessary.I step off whatever I’d been standing on and feel the equally solid ground beneath my feet.It is such a nice feeling after standing on something you can’t see.A quick glance around to take in anything I might have missed.The walls are washed white, both the exceedingly tall Lighthouse itself, and the wall that marks its boundary.All around the wall are placed burning torches in sconces.Above and to the right a little, the Light burns brightly from the top of the Lighthouse, forging its brutal way across the sky.I turn my attention back to the lack of guards; I find that a little odd.No sooner than I think that, a guard rounds the corner of the Lighthouse.Within an instant Summer and I are pressed against the Lighthouse, out of sight of the guard.He didn’t see us.We’ve made it to the Lighthouse undetected…- Holste -“Efoke, deceased, Vireo wing research [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]