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.Whether or not they believed me is still open to question, but they were supportive when I needed them; as it turned out, their encouragement was as important to me as their advice on scholarly and critical matters.Kate Donahue (Mrs.John Berryman) and Robert Giroux knew from the beginning what was involved in editing Berryman’s poems.For their forbearance, encouragement, and confidence in me I am deeply grateful.They did all they could to make every document known to them available to me; even though they would have wished to accelerate the process, they seemed to have a sure sense of when to prompt me and when to leave me to Byzantium.John Berryman’s brother, Jefferson, knew as well what the editing involved, and I appreciate very much his genuine enthusiasm for my work.Several friends and colleagues kindly criticized my Notes on Texts and Introduction; some advised me on tracing obscure sources of quotes and spellings; others patiently listened to me rehearse almost weekly how I planned to solve the most recent crux.Each in his or her own way sharpened my thinking, polished my expression, and saved me from several blunders.To Eileen Simpson, Richard Kelly, E.M.Halliday, Kathe Davis, Philip and Ellen Siegelman, Patricia Brooks, and Mike Powers—some of whom gave detailed comments on my introduction—I am glad to have the opportunity to thank them publicly.Among my colleagues at St.John’s and College of St.Benedict, I am particularly grateful to Florence Amamoto, Peter Carlton, S.Mara Faulkner, S.Nancy Hynes, and Ozzie Mayers for their close readings of my introduction.Lively conversations with them and other colleagues—Fr.J.P.Earls, Fr.Pat McDarby, Jane Opitz, Cyril O’Regan, Jon Hassler, Annette Atkins, and Bart Sutter—not only allowed me to follow the elbows and stops of my ideas but also gave me great pleasure.For administrative support that faculty at most universities would envy, I am indebted to Fr.Hilary Thimmesh, S.Eva Hooker, Robert Spaeth, and Janet McNew.For financial assistance, I gladly acknowledge the support of the MacPherson Foundation.I wish to extend my warm regards to William Meredith and Richard Harteis, who helped me determine some of the history of the publication of Sonnets; to Richard Wilbur for his help on Delusions etc of John Berryman; to James Laughlin for permission to photocopy Berryman’s TS of Poems; and to Richard J.Finneran, Jerome J.McGann, and Carmela Vircillo Franklin for their criticism and counsel on editorial principles and procedures.Alan M.Lathrop, Curator of Manuscripts Division, and his assistant, Vivian Newbold, did everything possible to facilitate my work on the large collection of manuscripts and proofs in the John Berryman Papers at the University of Minnesota Libraries.I appreciate their help all the more because they frequently put aside other pressing duties to assist me.I am also indebted to several library staffs for their promptness and efficiency in responding to my queries, particularly Madeleine G.Gosselin, Manuscript Department, The Houghton Library, Harvard University; Timothy D.Murray, Curator of Manuscripts, Washington University in St.Louis; and Bernard R.Crystal, Assistant Librarian for Manuscripts at Columbia University.A special word of thanks to Ernest C.Stefanik, Jr., for John Berryman: A Descriptive Bibliography (1974).His meticulously researched work has been invaluable in comparing the embodiments of Berryman’s published texts.The editing of an author’s collected works demands not only persistent attention to detail but also staying power.On both counts, I have indeed been fortunate to have Roger Ehresmann as my student assistant.His conscientiousness in proofing typescript and comparing texts and his perseverance through three dispiriting summers stake an important claim to the text of Collected Poems.Others helped in the early, fumbling stages of the editing; I am grateful for the careful work of Tim Herwig, Greg Machacek, and Maya Mannat.Pam Schrader typed and retyped most of the manuscript; her geniality made every stage of the project much more cheerful.Lynn Warshow of Farrar, Straus & Giroux has been a superb editor; her careful scrutiny of the typescript raised editorial questions I had not considered.Ann Marie Strukel assisted me in proofing the galleys; her dedication and alertness greatly improved the accuracy of the final text.I am, of course, responsible for any errors.To Ozzie Mayers, Kathy Paden Thornbury, Herbert Thornbury, my mother (Mae Thornbury), George Connor, Hazel Paden, and Richard Kelly (“the lovely friends,” as Henry says), I wish to say how grateful I am for your interest, kindness, and friendship.One of the pleasures of slowly accumulating the completed pages of the manuscript for Collected Poems has been my teenage daughters’ amazement—“awesome” is the current word—at the number of pages it finally came to; it did not matter that John Berryman had written the poems; it did not matter that I was their temporary custodian.I would like to pay my own tribute to my daughters Kendra and Clare.Berryman’s poems “terrify & comfort”; they cajole and make you laugh; they brood and they celebrate.His poems belong as much to your generation as they do to his and to my own.Index of Titles and First LinesThe index that appeared in the print version of this title does not match the pages in your eBook [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]