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.Jon actually came over and I soon discovered he was on the pledge committee.He seemed to take a liking to me and, to make a long story short, a few nights later I found myself sitting with the other pledges trembling nervously as I awaited my initiation.One by one, the pledges were taken away by their “big brother” who would initiate them into the frat.When my name was called I looked up and nearly shit my pants.My “big brother” was Jon!I followed him out of the room, not knowing what to expect.I’d heard rumors of past initiations, but didn’t know what was fact and what myth.Instead of a group initiation, each pledge was initiated separately by a single frat brother.Jon took me to his room and closed the door.He stood there, just looking at me, knowing I was his to do with as he pleased.His dominance of the entire situation, and my own vulnerability, aroused me as I never had been before.I fought it as hard as I could, but my cock started to tent my jeans.Even my fear only served to heighten my arousal.“Take off your shirt, Devon.”I did as I was told.Removing my shirt did nothing to ease tension in my nuts.Being shirtless always made me horny.It’s not what I needed just then.I desperately wanted to hide my state of arousal.Jon roughly shoved me face down on his bed and tied my hands behind my back.When he was finished he pulled me to my feet.My bound wrists excited me further.My hard-on was becoming noticeable through my jeans.“Getting excited, Devon?” said Jon, glancing at the bulge in my jeans.“No.”“Don’t lie to me! You want in this frat or not?”“Yes, sir! I want in.”“Then never lie to me, or any other brother! Understand?”“I understand, sir.” I was really sweating it.The truth is, I wanted in that frat more than I wanted just about anything.“I’ll ask you again, you getting excited, Devon?”“Yes, sir.” My voice was barely above a whisper.“What’s getting you excited, Devon? Is it me?”I didn’t answer.I couldn’t.“Answer me!” Jon screamed in my face.I knew initiation would be tough, but I was terrified.“Yes sir!” I shouted.I was so frightened, my breath was coming fast and hard and I was shaking.“So if I started undressing in front of you, it would only make it worse?”It wasn’t really a question as we both knew the answer.Jon pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his hard, muscular chest and flat abdomen.It was pure torture.I was drooling, my nuts were aching with desire, and my cock was growing in my jeans.The torment was almost unbearable.So this was it, Jon had picked up on how badly I wanted him and he intended to torture me with his body.I wished I’d been able to keep my eyes to myself, but lack of self-control had always been my weakness.Jon was going to make me pay for that as I’d never had to pay before.I didn’t know if I could take it.My eyes were glued to his chest.I couldn’t look away.His surging, powerful pecs made me yearn to lean in and lick them.The tight ridges of his abdominal muscles drove me out of my mind with lust.My torment increased as Jon unbuckled my belt, popped the buttons on my jeans, and pushed them to the floor.His hands being so near my manhood just about drove me out of my mind.I wanted him to touch him more than anything.Well, almost more than anything.I had to make it into the frat!He stood back and smirked.My cock was tenting my boxers and oozing pre-cum.My dick was so hard I think I could have rammed it through a brick wall.Jon enjoyed my predicament.Suddenly his punk attitude didn’t seem so attractive, and yet it still drove me out of my mind with lust.Jon ran his hands down over his chest and tight abs.He looked at me wickedly, knowing how he was tormenting me.“So I guess if I took off my jeans, it would only make it harder on you?”What an evil fucker! He slowly took off his shoes, socks, and jeans.Watching him undress just about drove me out of my mind.It was like a private strip show, all for me; wondrous and terrible.I’d have given anything for this and anything to escape it.I was about to explode with desire.Jon stood before me in nothing but a pair of red briefs.He wasn’t hard, but he had quite a nice bulge.The sight made me drool and Jon knew it.He turned around and bent over to pick up his jeans.I nearly creamed my shorts at the sight of his tight little ass! I was in hell.“Get on your knees, Devon.”I did as I was told.Jon stepped near, his enticing bulge mere inches from my face.“You touch me and you’re out of the frat.”Jon moved even closer.His bulge was so close to my face I could actually feel the heat emanating from it.I yearned to lean forward and mouth Jon’s manhood.I would’ve done about anything to touch him, but I knew I couldn’t.My cock was rock-hard, my nuts churned so they actually hurt.A big sticky, wet spot was forming on my boxers.I couldn’t stand it much longer!Jon stepped back and pulled his briefs down.His long, thick tool sprang to freedom.Jon gave it a few strokes and it grew longer and harder – six inches, seven inches, eight inches.I stared at his hand on his dick.My eyes glazed over with lust.“You want it, don’t you, Devon?”I remembered his warning about lying.There wasn’t much use in denying my desires anyway.My dick was a barometer of my lust.“Yes, sir!”A wicked smile crept across Jon’s face.He stepped forward once more.“Don’t move a muscle, Devon.”Jon rubbed his hard cock across my face, even across my lips.I can’t begin to describe how difficult it was not to open my mouth and suck him in.It would almost have been worth it, just for a fleeting moment of pure pleasure—a taste of Jon’s cock.I trembled with desire.I’d never in my life been so aroused.My cock throbbed, jerked, and oozed [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]