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.And though he desperately wanted to click onto Chris’s page to see what he was up to, Peter resisted.Every time a door opened outside, he perked up and listened.The sound of kids talking and laughing in the courtyard outside felt like taunts.And still, fifteen minutes bled into twenty, with no knock on his door.College Boys71“Well, fuck.” Peter sat up and perched his laptop on one of his bookshelves.His muscles were tight and his legs were asleep from sitting in one position so long.Stupid as it was, Peter had wanted to appear relaxed in case Chris went ahead and opened the door instead of knocking.He shook his head at how dumb he’d been.Of course Chris had freaked out and broken their date.Either that, or it hadn’t even been a date—just a figment of Peter’s desperate imagination, and Chris had simply forgotten that they had plans.Peter didn’t know which of the options was worse.Pushing his hands into the wall that separated his room from Chris’s, Peter stretched his back.Then he stood up and reached to one side and then the other, stretching his shoulders.“Fucker,” he said to the wall.It was stupid to talk, since Chris wasn’t there to listen.But once Peter had started, he couldn’t stop himself.“Y’know, you didn’t have to fuck with me.” Anger bubbled up in his chest, and on impulse, Peter kicked the wall.“You didn’t have to talk to me or…or groan at me.”His hand fisted, and it was all he could do not to pound on the wall, demanding answers from someone who wasn’t there.But in the end, he just placed his palm against the unforgiving drywall and leaned his forehead into his arm.“You didn’t have to make me like you.”Peter sucked in a breath, sniffing back the wetness that formed in his eyes.Fuck it.He was done.He picked up his phone and scanned through to Nathaniel’s number.Sure, Peter knew the party’s address.He could have just left and walked over there instead of calling Nathaniel first.But he needed to hear his friend’s voice, to remember that he wasn’t alone in the world, before he took the long walk away from his fantasy.“Hello?” Nathaniel picked up.There was music in the background and happy shouting.72 DaisyHarrisThe sound didn’t cheer Peter at all.“Hey, hon.” Peter wasn’t usually one for terms of endearment, but he needed the comfort.“He didn’t—”Someone knocked on the door.Peter dropped the phone.The fucking tears that he’d fought a minute earlier burst into his eyes.Motherfucker.He couldn’t answer the door crying.If it was Chris, he’d think Peter was nuts.“Hello?” Chris asked from the door.A long moment stretched, and Peter realized he wasn’t answering.Maybe it was too much.Maybe he really couldn’t handle it.Maybe he actually didn’t want to know if this was a date.Only the sound of Nathaniel screaming at him through his phone broke through the panic.“Girl? You there? You okay?”Peter snatched the phone off the ground.He didn’t want to say anything lest Chris hear him from outside.“Is your boy there?” Nathaniel asked.“Yeah,” Peter replied, so quietly Chris wouldn’t hear.“Then what the fuck are you doing calling me?”Peter blinked.Yeah—Nathaniel was right.His friend would never let him live it down if Peter blew this night.“I gotta go,” he said into the phone.He heard Nathaniel say, “Atta boy,” as he hung up.“Chris?” Peter asked, though he couldn’t think who else it might be.“Yeah, uh…I’d thought maybe you’d left.”“No, I’m here,” he said, stating the obvious.He waited a heartbeat before stepping to the door.Then he opened it before he could lose his nerve.Chris breathed hard, his cheeks striped with color.Damp hair curled at his temples as if he’d been running, and he was about the most beautiful thing Peter had ever seen.College Boys73“Hey.” Peter forced his voice low and cool as he stepped back to allow him into the room.“Sorry I’m late,” Chris said as he shut the door.“No worries.” Peter stared at the bed, thinking of how after his emotional rollercoaster of a day he was going to have to sit next to Chris and pretend to watch the movie.“I didn’t even notice.”After a breath, Peter turned to look at Chris.He knew his feelings were written all over his face, and he didn’t have any more energy to cover them up.“Chris, I—”Chris stepped into him, so close their bodies touched.“I’m sorry.”He gazed into Peter’s eyes, his look intense.“I’m sorry I was late.” In an endless, breathless moment, he raised his hand to stroke Peter’s arm.It was a light touch—only two fingers running from Peter’s shoulder to his elbow.But it was enough to make Peter see stars.Peter bit his lip.He felt his cock filling, knew that Chris must have felt it since they were standing chest to chest.But that was okay, Peter realized, because Chris was offering something.His head was tilted back and his eyes were heavy lidded.Peter leaned in close, then closer, until their lips almost touched.“You okay with this?” he whispered.“I wish I knew,” Chris said, right before he fused their lips.He pressed but didn’t open, as if he wasn’t sure what to do now that they’d crossed that threshold.But then Chris exhaled a little huff.The ragged way Peter moaned was completely out of proportion to the intensity of the kiss [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]