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.The world didn't know about Wild Bluff, but once he took them down, a lot of people would thank him for making the playing field even again.*~*~*Roger settled in his room, wishing that Grant would stop by.Of course, Grant didn't owe him anything.They'd come together so quickly, and with few words, he wondered if Grant regretted it.He pulled off his clothes and stepped into the shower, feeling the need to rinse the dirt away.The heat of the water relaxed his shoulders, and he sighed as he closed his eyes, relaxing with one hand against the shower wall.The door to the shower opened and he snapped open his eyes, taking in Grant's naked body and hard dick.No words were exchanged as Grant stepped in and pulled Roger into a kiss.He allowed Grant to touch, lick, and kiss him.Then Grant's soaped up finger was at his ass, sliding along his crease, relaxing his opening.The digit slipped in and he clenched a bit.This was the first time anyone had breached him since Hayden.He rested his forehead on Grant's shoulder, letting the emotions roll over him.During his time with Hayden, he really thought no one else would ever do this to him.It was his and Hayden's to share.But now Grant's finger was inside him, searching for his prostate.He arched into Grant, making his search easier.Long fingers stroked his channel, finally hitting the spot.He groaned and pulled Grant tighter, digging his fingers into Grant's shoulder.They rocked together, Roger's balls riding high, his dick sensitive as it moved between them."You like?" Grant asked."Yes," Roger breathed out, pressing as close to Grant as he could.Grant spun him around and pushed him against the side of the shower.His dick slid between Roger's cheeks, riding his crease hard.Roger wanted more.He wanted to feel the sting of being fucked hard.Grant pushed Roger's cheeks together, trapping his dick as he thrust forward.It was almost enough.The brush of cock against his hole had him gasping.He reached down and grabbed his dick, stroking in rhythm to Grant's movements."Grant, fuck, I'm gonna come.""Do it.gonna.fuck."Grant's hot come hit the small of his back, and he couldn’t hold it in.Roger came hard, shooting against the wall as Grant spread his come over Roger's crease and down to his pucker."You know I'm safe, right?""Yeah, frequent medical tests and all."Grant pressed his come coated finger into Roger, then another.He ground back against Grant's hand, forcing his fingers deeper."When you get back, I'm going to fuck you hard." Grant's words came out in a growl, racing through Roger like hot lava.Roger closed his eyes, trying not to think of Hayden and the times they'd been together, but he couldn’t stop the memories from flooding through him.Tears burned the back of his eyes.Grant pulled his fingers out and spun him around."Hey, what's wrong?""Nothing.Everything."Grant placed one hand on the back Roger's neck and the other at his waist."Tell me.Trust me."Roger didn't want to tell, he didn't want to have to trust.Because they worked together, he felt that he had no option.They were brothers in arms and they needed nothing between them, no secrets left unshared.Other guys told him to go fuck some stranger after Hayden passed away.Told him it would make it easier once he found someone he actually wanted to be with, but he hadn't listened.With Hayden, everything had been special.They were the type of couple who made others jealous, now they were nothing, but he still had feelings.But where did that leave Grant?"Babe, please don't shut me out.""I'm afraid of what I'm feeling.Hayden was it for me.I didn't think I'd ever be with another man.And now I'm with you.I like that, but I'm torn.I feel guilty, but I know I shouldn't.He's dead and yet, I don't know what he'd say about us being together."Grant pulled him closer and kissed his forehead.They stayed like that for a moment then Grant grabbed the soap and washed Roger's body, shampooing his hair before cleaning himself.When Grant shut off the water, Roger still didn't know what to do.Grant dried him and led him to the bed where they snuggled under the covers [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]