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.If the tone of his voice gave any indication, Ju Won was not only a power hungry old man, but he was also a scheming one at that.She purposely rested her head on Tae Hyun's slouching back.Very closely, she listened to the phone conversation."How are you?" Tae Hyun asked coolly, straightening his back to get Yoori off so she wouldn't be able to eavesdrop.Annoyed, Yoori made sure to wrap her arms tighter around him.She continued to rest her head against his back.She didn't care if he didn't want her to hear the conversation.The temptation to know what was happening was just too strong for her to resist.Ju Won got straight to the point."It seems that I have a couple of unexpected visitors tonight – your men to be exact.Kang Min and Jae Won." He chuckled."From the sounds of it from Jin Ae, I believe you've ordered them to find her and have her kneel before someone?"Though Ju Won's voice was calm when he asked this, Yoori could hear the subtle scowl in it.Ju Won was pissed.He may have been pissed at Tae Hyun, but he was more pissed at whomever Tae Hyun wanted Jin Ae to kneel before."My girlfriend," Tae Hyun answered without reservations.Her heart expanded.Though it was sweet of him to announce it so proudly, she wished that Tae Hyun would keep the specifics about her intact.It was such a rash thing to do, and Ju Won didn't have to know the specifics.It scared Yoori.She didn't want the man to know anything about her.Ju Won laughed at Tae Hyun's answer."Bring her here," he said at once."I, along with the rest of the Advisors, would love to meet her."The intonation of his voice was one of those nice pitches that had mockery clearly wrapped within it.Sensing the insulting tone, Tae Hyun's eyes sharpened.Even in the face of losing one of his potential “investors,” Tae Hyun's pride will never fail to get into the mix."Do not tell me what to do," he growled.The humor in Ju Won's voice did not cease."My boy, it was not an order but a request from an old man's part."As if looking at something, Ju Won continued."Kang Min and Jae Won are a little tied up right now.I'm sure they'll be happy to see you and your girlfriend.Plus, I've already invited Ji Hoon to come.We'll have our impromptu meeting since everyone is in town."Tae Hyun had already stiffened up upon the mention of Kang Min and Jae Won being tied up."Let them go, Ju Won," he ordered gravely."I'm not in the mood for anymore meetings."Ju Won refused to let up.He had something Tae Hyun wanted, and he wasn't afraid to dangle it in Tae Hyun's face."This meeting will only prove beneficial to you, especially after finding out that you've somehow managed to get Jae Won to merge into your gang.It's impressive and we must celebrate."The fire in Tae Hyun's eyes cooled.He was reminded of a particular empire that he had been after for quite some time.As his senses came back to him, so did the diplomatic tone in Tae Hyun's voice."Another nigh – ""You're already standing on higher ground than Ji Hoon," Ju Won interrupted before Tae Hyun could suggest an alternative."Are you really going to compromise that position because of an attendance problem?"Tae Hyun fell silent.Satisfied with Tae Hyun's silence, the smiling voice of Ju Won barreled on."I'll see you soon.And please, bring your new girlfriend.I'd love to meet the girl you want Jin Ae to kneel before."The mention of Yoori was the only thing that brought combative fire back to Tae Hyun."Ju Won," he gritted firmly, "I'm not bringing her.""See you soon, young King," Ju Won said clearly, feigning ignorance to Tae Hyun’s retort before hanging up.Muttering a muted curse that he couldn't get a word in edgewise, Tae Hyun angrily placed his Blackberry back into his pocket.When Tae Hyun made no comment to Yoori about the content of the conversation, she concluded that he was still set on taking her home.Too bad for Tae Hyun.Yoori had already made up her mind when Ju Won abruptly hung up on him."I'm going with you," she said resolutely, her voice struggling to remain strong when she said this.She was still afraid, really afraid; however, the thought of Kang Min and Jae Won getting hurt because of her was clawing at her.She was terrified, but Yoori wanted to do all that she could to help them – even if that meant she would have to show her face to the Advisors, all of whom she could only imagine were waiting to punish her for being the “troublemaker.” Her fears, as overbearing as it had become, was no match to the protective nature she had for both Kang Min and Jae Won.Under her watch, nothing will happen to them [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]