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.They choose to be blind to the wedding band that he wears proudly and never leaves his finger.At a couple of events we had to set up a buddy system just to make sure that BoyTroy was left unmolested by a few certain female execs who hoped he would take them from their boardroom to his bedroom as an added sales perk.And he is equally protective of us in return when the situation warrants it.To us, BoyTroy is like the kid brother everyone wishes they had, but apparently those on the make see him as something completely different.On the flip side, Jake, our other star sales executive, thinks he’s HOT and God’s gift to women.Luckily for us, it seems he’s not completely correct.No one is literally dropping at Jake’s feet, although that did happen to BoyTroy.The wife of one of BoyTroy’s client guests—a senior executive—did exactly that in front of her husband, and before BoyTroy could disengage himself, she loudly and drunkenly suggested that they meet up at the resort for a naked Jacuzzi.As can be imagined, the senior executive was none too pleased to have his wife making a fool out of herself and of him in front of his peers and his bosses.We later heard that they ended up divorcing, and that the husband knew BoyTroy had done nothing to encourage her actions.It was apparently the last straw for the senior executive as this kind of behavior had gone on before.Guests often don’t realize the impact they can have on someone’s life personally and professionally when they forget the event that they are at is primarily business mixed with pleasure, and that their behavior will reflect directly back on the person who invited them.For some an open bar is like waving a red flag; they end up being a bull in a china shop, with reputations crashing everywhere.Using the buddy system, we kept a close eye on Jake as well, but for very different reasons.So far, nothing Jake had done had come close to crossing the line but we—okay, mostly I—worried about what could happen if his joking overtures ever met with a yes.Dee Dee swears Jake is harmless and says that he’d turn tail and run so fast in the opposite direction that you wouldn’t see him for the dust.Jake swears he is on the lookout for Mrs.Right but my intuition tells me he would not be averse to hooking up with Ms.Right Now if the opportunity presented itself.But Jake is aware of the company rules with respect to expected conduct and to the best of our knowledge follows those rules while on-site and representing our company.What happens in his personal life after a program has run is none of our business and in our industry a number of people do end up dating and even marrying their clients, participants and even local staff they have met on a program.Jake’s clients seem to love him, even his brassy style, and he has some big multimillion-dollar accounts.Go figure.Jake’s clientele tends to lean towards blue-collar boys-and-their-toys and boys-will-be-boys manufacturers who are more than comfortable on site inspections asking Jake to take them or direct them to the best stripjoints in town or find them a fun companion—Jake usually recommends they talk to the hotel bell staff or concierge and stays clear of it from that point on.BoyTroy’s client’s are more high-end, white-collar folks on the financial, pharmaceutical and entertainment side, and did the same but usually more discreetly although not always.BoyTroy was shocked at what had taken place during one site inspection to the Orient where he witnessed firsthand the previously unimagined talents and flexibility some young female “dancers” had and said, while his clients didn’t want to leave, he kept his head down on the bar most of the time.Jake, on the other hand, was nonchalant about the fact that one of his clients wanted him to go visit a renowned club called Dirty Harry’s in the Caribbean where reportedly anything goes and patrons were locked in once the show began.Those kinds of requests were frequent from Jake’s clientele and he took it in stride, practiced discretion and never told tales, which is one of the reasons his clients loved him and booked with him repeatedly [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]