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.You should be seen by a healer.I’ll send one of the druids your way.”It was clear that nothing he could say would convince Seamus that a female had come into his room.Modez didn’t believe the poison theory, but he agreed to see the healer.The healer arrived sometime later and confirmed that Modez had experienced some blood loss.Unfortunately, he couldn’t explain the cause of it.There were no signs of internal or external injuries.The healer had told him that it wasn’t an excessive amount of blood loss and he would recover without treatment.He did prescribe rest, which Modez wasn’t thrilled about.A warrior couldn’t afford to be confined to bed.* * *“There’s a girl in the closet.She must remain hidden from Diermont and the others.”Cassia couldn’t hide her shock.“What girl?”Cabrian pulled on his typical uniform, which consisted of the black tunic and trousers.“Visant and Seamus took her from one of the villas.They’re coming back for her once they find a safe locale.”“What do they want with her?” Cassia knew the answer, of course.There was only one reason for hybrids to take human females.“She’ll serve them both, but she’s no breeder.Her life is in danger.”Cassia waited until Cabrian had gone before opening the closet.She draped herself in a bed sheet to preserve her modesty, or at least what was left of it.She wasn’t sure what to expect once she opened that door, but this wasn’t it.She recognized that girl.She tapped her on her shoulder to wake her.The girl blinked her eyes in confusion and slowly brought herself to a sitting position.“Baby, it’s me.”The girl’s eyes widened.“Mistress.How did you get here?”“You’re at the Maximus villa.Do you remember nothing of how you came to be here?”The girl’s eyes widened further.“We were attacked.I was with your stepmother.”Cassia wasn’t surprised that she had been with Lucine.The girl had worked for the Maximus family for a number of years.Someone had left a squalling infant on Lucine’s doorstep many years ago and that child had since been called Baby.Her stepmother owned a number of properties and Baby had been employed at one of her villas in Eros.“What happened to the mistress?” Cassia was afraid to ask the question, afraid to learn the answer.“Your stepmother escaped.But the rest of us were trapped.”“How did she manage to get out?” Once the hybrids took a villa, escape was nearly impossible.“She had help.A friend.He waved his hands and a blue shimmery bubble opened in the air.They just walked into it and disappeared.”Only a hybrid could transport.Lucine owned a number of hybrid slaves who could transport, but they were all collared.She couldn’t imagine that any would assist her.No hybrid would choose to remain a slave if rescue was around the corner.“Who helped her?”“I don’t know his name.He was tall and he always wore a disguise.Often he was masked and wigged.”“And he was a hybrid.”“He must be one of them.Your stepmother was afraid of him.She never acted fearful of any man, but she was terrified of this one.She was always armed when she met with him.She was never without her poison darts.”“Why would this hybrid help Lucine escape?”“I don’t know.” The girl started to shake in fear.“I think it had something to do with the Hydra.Their meetings had to do with the Hydra lab.”“How long has this hybrid been involved with Lucine?”“I don’t know.He’s only been coming around the past few weeks.”“You know nothing else?”Baby trembled.“No.I’m frightened.That villa burned to the ground and I think I was the only one who came out of there alive.What will they do with me?”“You’re a captive now.The ones who took you will make you their slave.But they don’t seem to be bad sorts.Just obey them as you did the mistress and you’ll be okay.”“I’m not going to be shelving books in the library anymore, I take it.”“No, they’ll want to touch you.Bed you.”Baby nodded.“I thought so.It is what invaders do.I will not fight them.”“You must avoid the other hybrids.” Cassia explained the current situation.The girl deserved to know her life was in danger so she could protect herself.She hoped Seamus and Visant managed to take her from the villa before Diermont caught wind of it.* * *Cabrian’s reception was rather chilly once Diermont realized the reason for his visit.The prince had not liked the idea of taking Cassia to the breeding camps.“As I was saying, the druids there have medicines to make a human fertile.I want Cassia to have this treatment so I can begin breeding her immediately.”“No, absolutely not [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]