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.Well, he wouldn’t come himself; he would call the sheriff.But the sheriff was nowhere to be found, which meant that Melanie hadn’t called anyone.She didn’t care what happened to Raymond.Or she cared enough about Jake to not want him to get into trouble.That glimmer of hope was the only motivation he needed to slide his master key card into her lock.Chapter ThirteenThe empty wine bottle sat on the table.The sweet drink had not calmed Melanie down, as she’d hoped, and now she paced in front of the bed, unsure of what to do.She did not call anyone.What would she say if she did? That Jake was angry and itching for a fight and Raymond was the likely recipient? Her father would just want to know why Jake was all riled up and how she knew.Those were subjects she thought best not to broach with her father.Plus Evelyn might not like being disturbed so late, especially tonight of all nights, only to find out that her son was being what she would most likely perceive as chivalrous.Calling Raymond to warn him offered no better options.If his wife answered the phone, how would Melanie explain Jake’s anger without having to share details that no wife wants to hear, especially a very pregnant wife.No, it was better to let this play out however it was meant to happen.Every time she heard a sound in the hallway, she raced to look through the peephole or press her ear to the door.When she heard a car in the parking lot or saw lights flash, she ran to the balcony door and pushed her face against the glass to look out.Soon all the sounds stopped, but there was still no Jake.Of course, he probably didn’t even plan on coming back to see her tonight.Maybe she’d imagined his interest in her.Maybe he’d found someone else to satisfy his lust.Maybe he and Raymond were sitting at a table somewhere, having a good laugh about how they played her.Melanie finally flopped down on the bed, her overwrought emotions exhausting her.Raymond had made his bed, so to speak.Yes, she’d come home to win him back, but she’d told no one of her plans, and all desire to be with him ceased the moment she met his wife.Melanie rolled over on her side.That wasn’t exactly true.If she were honest with herself, her plan had been in serious jeopardy the moment she’d seen that cowboy get out of his truck to help her on the side of the road.Her brain just took a little longer than her body to catch up with reality.Although she hoped the wine would silence the thoughts whirling in her head, it only made the thoughts take on a more provocative tone, punctuating her imagination with visions of Jake’s kisses all over her body.Her body clearly knew what it wanted.Of course, her brain argued the point, but her body was winning by a landslide.No one could blame her for wanting to have a little fun, and a weekend fling would be just what the doctor ordered, wouldn’t it? She had no doubt that Jake would be able to work out every kink in her body so she could wake up tomorrow refreshed and ready to take on the world.Her brain was still arguing though.If she acted on her feelings, it could make for awkward family get-togethers.And what if it turned out that they didn’t get along at all, that it was just a physical attraction?Melanie giggled.A physical encounter was all she wanted.She was still adamant about no long-distance relationships.Jake probably wasn’t even relationship material.All she wanted was a one-night stand, no strings attached.If it was good, she might come back and visit more often.If it was bad, she could always get too busy at work to visit.She didn’t want to fall into the Raymond trap again, where she was pining over someone only to have those feelings unrequited.Jake’s casual flirtations from their first meeting and his good looks led her to believe that he liked having fun as well, so she didn’t think he would pressure her for any kind of commitment.The fact that Jake was hell-bent on hurting Raymond proved to Melanie that he at least had some respect for women.It really was the best of both worlds for her: satisfaction with no commitment.If only he would hurry up and come back to her.He would come back, right? Melanie let out a slow breath, telling herself to be patient.Raymond didn’t stand a chance.She willed Jake to go easy on Raymond.Yes, Raymond should get what he deserved, but Jake didn’t need to get in trouble, and as much anger as had flashed in his eyes, she hoped he could control it.If not, he’d probably be calling from the jail.Or worse.What if he killed Raymond?Melanie sat up, blinking as her eyes adjusted to the lights that she hadn’t bothered to turn off.“He wouldn’t, would he?”“Wouldn’t what, darlin’?” Jake was leaning heavily on the open door, a key card in his hand.“How did you get a key?”He wiped his hand slowly across his mouth.“Um, it’s my.my.I know someone.”Melanie’s eyes narrowed.He wobbled as he stepped into the room to close the door behind him.She laughed.“You’re drunk.”“Am not.But I have had a drink.Or two.”“Just a drink or two?” She giggled, thinking about the wine.She didn’t feel drunk, but she knew her inhibitions were impaired, to say the least.“Would I have been able to make it back here if I were drunk?” He glanced around the room, smiling.His eyes came to rest on Melanie, and she saw him take a sharp breath in.“Sweet Jesus, you are beautiful.”Looking away demurely, she realized that her robe had fallen open, revealing her nakedness underneath.She pulled it tightly around her.“No, please, don’t do that.” He stepped toward her, his eyes burning brightly as he licked his lips.Melanie studied his shirt pulled tightly against his broad chest and tucked into dark jeans that made it all too easy for her to see that he was aroused.She let the robe relax slightly open, watching his reaction.His breathing became heavy, and he groaned lightly.She felt bolts of electricity shocking her skin everywhere his look traveled.She would go mad if he did not touch her soon.The robe fell back to reveal one breast.He licked his lips again.She wanted to feel his tongue caressing her entire body.She arched her back slightly.It was the only invitation he needed.He stretched out on the bed next to her, kissing her deeply, their tongues chasing each other back and forth.She could taste just a hint of alcohol on him.When he struggled to remove his clothes while maintaining the connection with her, she reached out to help, only to fumble with the buttons on his shirt as well.He stood up to rip off his shirt without ever taking his eyes from hers [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]