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.His finger slipped from Jackson’s anus and he covered Jackson’s hips to keep him still while he licked him clean.Jackson’s knees collapsed, sending him sliding down the wall to the floor in a heap.Purring, Trey kissed his way from Jackson’s softening cock, over his navel, paused at his nipples where he tugged them deep into his mouth, and finally to his lips where Jackson tasted himself on his lover.Still panting, he pushed his tongue into the agent’s mouth.It wasn’t enough.He needed, no, wanted to reciprocate.“As soon as I catch my breath, you’re mine.”Trey laughed.“As much as I’d like you to, there’s no time.We shouldn’t have gone this far even.” He sat up and Jackson saw for the first time Trey’s cock was hanging out of his fly.It glistened and Jackson knew Trey had found release with him.“We for damn sure needed the release, Trey.Don’t tell me you regret it.”“Hell no.” Trey’s chest rumbled against Jackson’s where he lay atop him.“But we came to get your shit and your dog, not fuck.I need you at a safe house.”Jackson snorted.“You don’t think we were safe here with the front door standing open?”Trey leapt to his feet and swore.Jackson laughed out loud and stood.“Got you.” He winked at his new lover and pulled him in by the back of his neck for another mind-blowing kiss.“I’ll get my shit, as you so nicely put it, and my pooch, but before we go anywhere, I have to go talk to my father.He needs to be made aware of the situation.” Jackson nestled www.samhainpublishing.com 39Annmarie McKennahis sated penis back in his pants and grabbed his shirt off the floor.Trey followed him through the house to the kitchen.“The situation between you and me?” Trey came to a standstill behind him.“Hell no,” Jackson retorted.“About the possible danger following me.Besides, he might be able to shed some light on Caleb.”“This isn’t your fault.Even if it isn’t Caleb, you know better than anyone there are some sick fuckers out there.You just happened to catch the attention of one.”They stopped in front of Corky’s crate.The dog sat up, thumped his tail on the rather impressive bedding Jackson had put inside and gave a sharp bark in greeting.He was one of the mangiest looking mutts Trey had ever seen.Missing an eye and half a front leg, Corky was a piss-poor excuse for a dog.Yet the second Jackson opened the gate, it bounded out to dance, three-legged, around him, tongue hanging out and tail wagging so hard Jackson was amazed the damn thing didn’t fall off.“Meet Corky.”Trey snorted.“That’s not a dog.”Jackson crouched down and rubbed the scruff of Corky’s neck.“Don’t say mean things.You are too a dog, aren’t you? Aren’t you, boy? Yes Corky’s a good boy.”“Please tell me you don’t talk to him like this all the time.”Jackson stood, his hand still reaching for Corky’s head.“If you hurt his feelings, he may eat you while you sleep.”Trey raised an eyebrow.“Be kinda hard from the confines of his crate.”Jackson looked down at the kennel.“Oh, he’s only in there when no one’s home.At night he sleeps with me.”“Not in my fucking bed he won’t.”“And why would he be sleeping in your bed?”Trey stepped closer, only stopping when they were toe to toe.“Because in my bed is where you’ll be.”The corner of the judge’s mouth kicked up.“Where will you be while I’m sleeping in your bed?”40www.samhainpublishing.comCourt AppointedHe grazed Jackson’s lips with his own and rasped, “Spooned against your naked body.”“Sounds good to me.”“You still gonna sic Corky on me?”“Absolutely not.” Jackson wrapped both hands around Trey’s face and sealed their mouths together.Minutes later, after they’d staggered clear across the kitchen to end up pinned against the counter, the kiss ended.Eyes glazed, cocks rubbing each other, chests heaving, they broke apart.“I can’t fucking stop touching you.” Jackson spun on his heel and stormed to the master bedroom.He looked over his shoulder.“You have cuffs, right?” he asked, changing the subject completely.Trey’s answer was drawn out.“Yesss.Any particular reason you need to know if I have cuffs?”Jackson shrugged and started throwing shirts and pants from his dresser into a suitcase he tugged from the closet.“You might have to make an arrest.”“Your father won’t do a damn thing in front of a federal agent, Judge.Whether or not you’re his son.”“Probably not.”Trey cocked his head.“Then what—”“He might not, but I can’t guarantee I won’t.Things tend to get a little volatile when we’re in the same room.”www.samhainpublishing.com 41Annmarie McKennaChapter Five“Where is he, Cordelia?” Jackson strode briskly through the front door of the mansion he’d grown up in, right past the housekeeper who’d practically raised him.Partially because he was pumped up and ready for a likely confrontation with his father and partially because Corky was dragging him full force.The second Jackson dropped the leash, Corky bounded off straight to the kitchen where he knew from previous rare visits he would be given scraps from the cook.“Oh, Jackson.He’s not…”Jackson rounded on the small woman.“Don’t tell me he’s not seeing visitors, Cordelia.I’m his son and he’ll see me whether he wants to or not.” He spun back around and headed for a closed set of doors [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]