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.Until today.“Once you announce your plans for the memorial park, there will be no revoking them,” Dad said for the hundredth time.“I know,” I said.“But I think it’s what Mom would’ve wanted.”One corner of Dad’s mouth tugged up, but the smile didn’t quite touch his eyes.He put a hand on the small of my back and kissed the top of my head.He’d been good to me since I’d gotten home, even sending my cameras to specialists for repair and replacing those too broken to salvage.He’d given Ryder permission to take the Harker Elite exam as soon as he was cleared for active duty; awarded Jude the Harker cross for his service to the family in the Obscura; and as for Oliver, Dad gave him a large research grant and space in the R&D department to develop prosthetic eyes for Gemma.Ryder, Jude, and I had already taken bets on how long it’d take him to develop a working prototype.A few months, maybe less.As for Bianca, Jude still saw her die every time he touched her—but somehow, he still managed to smile.I never developed the roll of film I brought back from the Obscura, but burned it instead and scattered the ashes around Mom’s grave.Somehow, I’d find her killer.“Miss Helsing?”I looked up, finding the PR lady waiting just inside the sliding doors.“It’s time,” she said.“Okay.” My nerves twisted into a tight bundle, and I tried not to think about how Jude told me most people were more afraid of public speaking than they were of death itself.If people saw the world the way I did, knew what I knew about ghostlight and death … well, that was my duty, to protect the living from the kinds of terrors that could kill.Dad gave me a gentle push toward the doors.“Good luck.”“You’re not walking out with me?”He shook his head.“The world should see you’re strong enough to stand at the helm.”His words squared my shoulders, lifted my chin and my soul.When I turned to face the crowd, I smiled.ACKNOWLEDGMENTSBRINGING A NOVEL INTO the world requires the work of many hands, hearts, and minds.First and foremost, thanks to my literary agent, John M.Cusick, whose unflagging enthusiasm for this book turned me into a believer, too.No author could ask for a better agent or friend, and I am blessed to have both in one amazing person.You have my deepest and sincerest gratitude.Thank you.To my keen-eyed, sharp-witted, wonderful editor, Liz Szabla—I do not exaggerate when I say it has been an honor to work with you.The wise, gracious advice you gave me shaped this novel in unimaginable ways—thank you for leaving your mark on this project and for everything you taught me.I am a far better writer and person for having worked with you, for which I am most grateful.Jean Feiwel, thank you for believing in the project (and in me).After I met you, I knew Feiwel and Friends was the only place I wanted Shutter to be, and I know how richly blessed I am to be on your list! To Allison Verost, Ksenia Winnicki, and the marketing team at Macmillan—you all deserve to be showered in cupcakes (not literally, as that would be awkward).Thank you for everything you have done and will do for this book, my gratitude is immense! And I cannot forget Rich Deas, cover designer extraordinaire: Thank you for all the hard work you put into the book’s terrifying and wonderful cover; you are a gem!To my amazing critique partners, who have been my most stalwart supporters through this whole journey—Kate Coursey, Chersti Nieveen, Kristen Knight, and Jane Hughes.Thank you for your shrewd insights, your indefatigable friendship, and your constant confidence.You keep me afloat.And to the writers who read this tale first—Katherine Mardesich, Jennifer Mardesich, and Rachel Mardesich—thank you.Thanks to Carol Lynch Williams and the Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers conference—you changed my life and will always have my gratitude.To Holly Black, who I had the good fortune to meet at said conference, thank you.Your words gave me the courage to throw out the early draft of this book and start afresh, and it made all the difference.And to Cynthia Leitich Smith, thank you for being my literary fairy godmother.I keep expecting the clock to strike midnight, but I am starting to think your magic is real.To Gene Nelson, thank you for letting me run amok in your library and for all the extraordinary things you empowered me to do.Thank you for “going steampunk” with me and for being the best boss (and most well-read one) I have ever had.To all the librarians, staff, and patrons at the Provo City Library—you are my joy.Thank you for the years of support, friendship, laughter, hard work, and celebration.I am lucky to have you in my life.And to Carla Zollinger … you now have your name in a book! (Blame Breanne Gilroy.) Thank you for bringing me home again.To the great friends who have been my lights: Emily Ellsworth, Kylie Comfoltey, Carla Morris, Sara Larson, Kathryn Purdie, Jennifer and J.Scott Savage, Mark Holt, Celesta Rimington, Melanie Jex, Lauren Widtfeldt, Trina Hsieh, Rachel Coleman, Kerry Fray, Melissa Walker, Cori Vella, Ashley Crosby, Jess Smart Smiley, Mikayla McIntyre, and many, many others.I am blessed to have so many remarkable people to love.Many thanks to the YA Scream Queens: Hillary Monahan, Catherine Scully, J.R.Johansson, Lindsay Currie, Lauren Roy, Sarah Jude, Trisha Leaver, and Dawn Kurtagich.I hope we’re screaming together for years to come, ladies.Thank you to Diantha French, who taught me about shutter drag and took my killer author photos.Thank you, Marie Teemant, for showing me how to develop film in a darkroom.Thank you to Josh Callahan and the team at Wilson|Meany, who gave me a personal tour of San Francisco’s historic Pacific Bell Building.Sorry to demolish the top of your beautiful building in fiction!Thank you to Jason Graves, whose musical scores are truly, deeply terrifying.My best work is done while listening to yours.To Mom and Dad, my deepest gratitude and affection.Children are not born readers, we are raised readers.If I have achieved any modicum of success, it is because you put books in my hands and kept putting books in my hands [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]