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.Wherever he went, he was always leaving, never able to settle down for very long.It had always been that way, ever since he had lost his home a long time ago.“I cannot believe that the captain of the guards would want to borrow a scribe like me in the first place,” Hava grumbled to himself as he picked at his food while Marlo the steward sat across from him, drinking wine.“That man doesn’t need a secretary--his duties do not require a lot of paperwork.I think he just needs someone to yell at on a regular basis, and take notes whenever he feels like complaining.And he does complain.That man has an enormous ego the size of--he’s not here right behind me, is he?” Hava asked, looking around behind him nervously.“No, Goga is too far away to hear what you are saying, relax.” Marlo said, shaking his head.“I understand your frustration, I do, working with a disagreeable man.When I was 18, I still had high hopes of leaving Coe Aela.It was worse in those days.I thought that if I refined and dedicated myself to working hard, I could be transferred--as a butler--to a higher household.However, I am satisfied now with the honorable post of Coe Aela’s steward.Fobata is not so bad, compared to his father.” He remarked.“I came here to serve a Duke.” Hava insisted.“I did not come here to serve Goga.” He sighed, and laid back in his seat.“Hopefully, His Grace will tell Captain Goga that he has no right to borrow me, and he will put me back in with the rest of the scribes.”“Don’t hold your breath.” Marlo muttered.“If Captain Goga had been a regular captain of the guards, Fobata wouldn’t have allowed it.However, Captain Goga is not a regular captain of the guards, and Fobata has to be wary of keeping good relations with the man.”“What do you mean?” Hava asked.“It is nothing,” Marlo said dismissively.“Besides, our lord doesn’t have the luxury of noticing little things like yourself.Right now, he’s distracted over worry about the group that arrived today.They’re all young, yet they’re all supposed to be…troublesome.” Marlo muttered the last to himself.“Troublesome in what way?” Hava asked.“I’m not allowed to tell you that.” Marlo snapped.“I just want to know!” Hava cried defensively.“You ask too many questions.” Marlo said, and sighed.“I mean, it’s just two boys, a girl, and a falcon.I even questioned the girl Gnat after she brought them to this hall from their rooms, and she told me that they were all harmless.Yet none of us, especially Fobata, can take that for granted.Fobata wants to know more about them, and so I’m supposed to be spying on them.” Marlo grunted.“Yet I cannot because I have too much work to do.How am I supposed to be spying on them if I must take care of the whole household? I must have someone else do it, but there are so few people I can trust.”Hava nodded and reached for his glass of wine, but then he spotted…“Janus!” He cried to a brown-haired man in his mid-twenties, and turned to the steward.“Marlo, I want you to meet a friend of mine, Janus, a good fellow.”As Janus approached from the far end of the table where he had been clearing off silverware and plates, Marlo frowned, wondering how long the man had been working down there.Still, if Hava trusted him, perhaps it did not matter that the man might have overheard their conversation.They did not really talk about much.Janus stopped just beside Marlo and bobbed his head at the steward, smiling as he waited for his superior to speak.“So, your name is Janus…it is a unique name, is it not?” Marlo asked, appraising the other man.“Yes, but I cannot help it.” Janus shrugged.“It was given to me, and so I shall use it as necessary.However, I thought you knew every servant in the castle.” His eyes gleamed.Marlo frowned and cleared his throat.“It is difficult to keep names and faces straight in my memory.I do recall, however, that you are fairly new around here.” Janus seemed to act unabashedly honest, frank, and humble, yet he could be a disingenuous man whose smile was more of a smirk.Marlo had to be a good judge of character when it came to his work, and he did not recall hiring Janus.It must have been one of the lower butlers who had hired this man, for Marlo never would have.“So am I, Marlo, but that did not stop you from befriending me.” Hava remarked, pointing at Janus.“This man has treated me likewise.He works well enough without protest, and he deserves kindness.Perhaps if you give him that assignment that has been troubling you, he will not fail you.” Hava winked.Marlo studied Janus again [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]