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.'Tou know that both of your companions have failed me?" Nomura said.The tall green-eyed man nodded.“So I understand,” he said coolly.“But / have never failed in my duty.”“That is true,” Nomura agreed.“And in consequence, the rewards promised to them now fall to you.When the time comes, you will stand at my right hand—exercising dominion in my name, in the name of Lazarus.”Terce's eyes gleamed.Nomura planned to reorder the world to create a paradise for those few he believed worthy of continued life.Most nations and peoples would die, consumed over months and years by waves of unseen nanophages.Those allowed to live would be forced to obey his commands—reshaping their lives, cultures, and beliefs to fit his idyllic vision.Nomura and those who served him would wield almost unimaginable power over the frightened remnants of humanity.“What are your orders?” the surviving member of the Horatii asked.“We are going to attack earlier than first planned,” Nomura told him.“Three Thanatos aircraft should be ready for launch in six to eight hours.Inform the nanophage production team that I want enough full canisters to load those planes as soon as their preflight checks are finished.The first targets will be Washington, D.C., New York, and Boston.”Lajes Field, Terceira Island, the AzoresThree people, two men and a woman, stood out among the small crowd of passengers deplaning from Air Portugal's Lisbon flight.Unencumberedby luggage, they moved swiftly through the slower currents of locals and bargain-hunting tourists and made their way from the tarmac into the airport terminal.Once inside, Randi Russell stopped dead in her tracks.She stared up at a large clock showing the local time as noon and then back to the board showing flight arrivals and departures.“Damn!” she muttered in frustration.“There's only one connecting flight to Santa Maria a day—and we've already missed it.”Walking on, Jon shook his head.“We're not taking a commercial flight.” He led them toward the outer doors.A short line of taxis and private cars stood at the curb, waiting to pick up arriving passengers.She raised an eyebrow.“Santa Maria must be close to two hundred miles away.You planning to swim?”Smith grinned back over his shoulder.“Not unless Peter really fouls up.”Randi glanced at the pale-eyed Englishman walking beside her.“Do you know what he's talking about?”“Haven't a clue,” Peter told her breezily.“But I noticed our friend there making a few sotto voce phone calls in Paris while we were waiting for the Lisbon flight.So I rather suspect he has something up his sleeve.”Still smiling slightly, Smith pushed through the doors out into the open air.He raised his hand, signaling a green, brown, and tan camouflaged Humvee idling just down the road.It pulled forward to meet them.“Colonel Smith and company?” the U.S.Air Force staff sergeant behind the wheel asked.'That's us," Smith said, already tugging open the rear doors and motioning Randi and Peter inside.He hopped in after them.The Humvee pulled away from the curb and drove on down the road.A quarter mile farther on, it swung toward a gate in the perimeter fence.I here a pair of stern-faced guards carrying loaded M16s checked their identity cards, carefully comparing faces and pictures.Satisfied, the soldiers waved them through onto the U.S.Air Force base at Lajes.The vehicle turned left and raced down the flight line.Gray-camouflaged C-17 transports and giant KC-10 tanker planes lined the long runway.On one side of the tarmac, the ground fell away, eventually plunging almost straight down toward the Atlantic.On the other, bright green slopes rose high above the airfield, broken up into innumerable small fields by low walls of dark volcanic rock.The sweet scents of wild-flowers and the fresh salt smell of the ocean mixed oddly with the sharp, acrid tang of half-burnt jet fuel.“Your bird arrived from the States an hour ago,” the Air Force sergeant told them.“It's being prepped now.”Randi turned toward Smith.“Our bird?” she asked pointedly.Jon shrugged.“A U.S.Army UH-60L Black Hawk helicopter,” he said.“Dispatched here by C-17 about the same time we flew from Paris to Lisbon.I thought it might come in handy.”“Good thinking,” Randi said with barely contained sarcasm.“Let me get this straight: You just snapped your fingers and had the Army and the Air Force ship you a multimillion-dollar helicopter for our personal use? Is that about right, Jon?”“Actually, I asked a couple of friends in the Pentagon to pull a string or two,” Smith said modestly.“Everybody's so worried about this nanophage threat that they were willing to bend some of the rules for us.”Randi rounded on the leathery-faced Englishman.“And I suppose you think you can fly a Black Hawk?”“Well, if I can't, we'll soon find out the hard way,” Peter told her cheerfully.Covert One 5 - The Lazarus VendettaChapter Forty-SixPharmaTech Airfield, Santa Maria IslandHideo Nomura paced slowly along the edge of the long concrete runway.The wind, blowing from the east, whispered through his short black hair.The light breeze carried the rich, sun-warmed smell of tall grass growing on the plateau beyond the fence.He looked up.The sun was still high overhead, just beginning its long slide toward the western horizon.Far to the north, a few clouds drifted slowly past, solitary puffs of white in a clear blue sky.Nomura smiled.The weather was perfect in every respect.He turned, seeing his father standing behind him between two of Terce's hard-faced guards.The older man's hands were handcuffed behind his back.He smiled at his father.“It's wonderfully ironic, isn't it?”Jinjiro eyed him with a stony, cold reserve.“There are many ironies here, Lazarus,” he said coldly, refusing even to call his treacherous son by his own name.“To which do you refer?”Ignoring the gibe, the younger man nodded toward the runway infront of them.“This airfield,” he explained.“The Americans built it in 1944, during their war against Germany and our beloved homeland.Their bombers used this island as a refueling point during their long transatlantic flights to England.But today, I will turn their own work against them.This airfield is about to become the staging area for America's annihilation!”Jinjiro said nothing [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]