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.Oh, and she had.Her pulse had quickened and he’d smelt her arousal.He’d managed to pull himself together before he’d crossed a line but it had been close.“Cody?”He shook off his thoughts.“What?”“You okay, man?”“Yeah, yeah.” He waved off Ryder’s concern.“Just thinking, man.”“About Aubrey Reynolds?” Ryder lowered his voice.Cody jerked back.“What?”Ryder shuffled closer until their shoulders brushed.“Come on, man.I saw your reaction to her.And hers to you.Who is she?”Cody knew that he could trust Ryder—did trust him—and the rest of his team.But he didn’t know how to answer the question.It wasn’t that simple.Thinking, he met Ryder’s gaze.Ryder seemed to realise what Cody couldn’t say because he patted Cody’s arm.“Is it going to be a problem?” Ryder asked with concern.“No, not at all,” Cody assured him.He hoped it wouldn’t, anyway.“I’ve got the info you wanted!” Chloe called from her desk.“Put it up on the monitor,” Cody ordered.“Adrian Brown,” Chloe said.Adrian’s picture came up.“No criminal charges, graduate of Arizona State with a business degree.He’s the CEO of Brown Electronics, a family business that’s been in operation for the last forty years.They manufacture security systems.”“There’s our security knowledge,” Cody commented.“The dots just keep connecting.”“I checked,” Chloe confirmed.“The Cast uses one of Adrian’s companies.”Cody nodded.“Did you check his alibi?”“I got that,” Byron spoke up.“He attended a conference in New York City.Flew in four days ago and wasn’t scheduled to return until two days from now.This is an annual convention and he registered for it six months ago.Arrangements were made over several months.”“So it was common knowledge he’d be gone,” Cody noted.“Yes, his name was on the website for the convention.He was on one of the panels,” Byron confirmed.“And his return?”“I checked the phone logs,” Byron answered.“At five fifteen that morning, a call was made to Adrian’s hotel room from the house.According to interview statements, Mike Williams was the one that made contact then.We have a warrant pending for his cell phone records.”“Okay, financials?” Cody pressed.“I took those,” Chloe responded.“Adrian’s net worth is around four million.He’s pretty damn well off.Nothing hits suspicious.I’ll need a warrant to go further.We don’t have enough yet to get one for the money.We were pushing it on the phone.”Cody waved that off.“Let’s see what we can dig up then decide.What about Mike Williams?”Chloe shuffled papers and picked up the remote again.Mike’s photo appeared on the monitor next to Adrian’s.“Mike Williams, forty-one, head of security for the Cast for the last ten years.Put in thirteen years in the Navy before he accepted an honourable discharge and joined the Cast.”“Military man.” Cody studied the photo.“He had access, but I felt genuine grief from him about Gregory.Did you verify his alibi?”“There wasn’t much of one,” Byron alleged.“Mike went off shift just after nine last night.I have the security disk showing him driving out.Said he went straight home.”“Can we verify? Anyone see him?”“Went home alone, lives in a house about two miles from the Cast, said he didn’t see anyone and doesn’t know if anyone saw him,” Byron replied.“According to his statement, he arrived back at the Cast house at four a.m.”“That’s early,” Chloe expressed.“Had a meeting with Gregory,” Cody said.“I said the same thing.Mike states that Gregory wanted to go over security procedures for an upcoming dinner this weekend.”“Added security?” Ryder questioned.“Yes,” Cody confirmed.“Hmm,” Byron hummed.“I’ll continue to dig into him and try to get more about the meeting.If they wanted some more security there has to be a reason.”“Mike said he wasn’t sure, just that Gregory was adamant.When I questioned Adrian about it, he claimed not to know either.I have my doubts on that, though.”“I’ll check flights scheduled.And look through the other interviews to see if anyone else mentioned the meeting,” Byron offered.“What about his financials?”“He lives within his means.Still gets benefits from the military and makes one hundred eighty thousand a year,” Chloe supplied.Cody whistled.“Nice pay.”“He oversees all security for the Cast and Gregory’s law firm.He also supervises guests who visit,” Byron added [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]