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.“He’s crazy,” she whispered back.“Just look in his eyes.”“I know,” he agreed.“Are you okay?” She faced him.“I’ll be sore but I’ll heal soon enough.”“When I saw him punch you and you went down, I was so scared,” she admitted.“Hey.” Cupping her chin, he brought his lips down on hers.“I’m okay.When we get back to the house, I’ll even let you help me clean up.A shower would feel wonderful.”She laughed just as he’d intended.“You’ve got a deal.”* * * *The hot water sluiced down her shoulders as Kayla ran the soap over Chase’s back.He’d already washed the dirt and grime from her body.The bruises on his ribs were already starting to fade, which had her feeling much better.She gripped his shoulders, turning him to face her, then dropped on her knees, his cock already hard and ready for the taking.She gently grasped his erection, placing a small kiss on the tip.He groaned as he slapped his hands out onto tiles beside him.Kayla lapped more at the salty pre-cum escaping from his cock and slowly wrapped her lips around his shaft.“Yes,” he hissed.As she pulled back, his unique taste exploded on her tongue and she immediately wanted more.Keeping her teeth tucked, she started to suck him deeper and faster.The feel of his hands buried in her wet hair encouraged her.Licking, sucking and swallowing, she quickly had Chase begging and pleading with her.Using her hand to pump his cock as she tongued the slit in the tip, she grinned around his shaft as his knees started shaking.Sliding both hands around to grip Chase’s ass firmly, she encouraged his thrusts.It only took about half a dozen deep plunges to have him tightening his grip in her hair and coming.Pulling back enough not to choke, she took what she could until she popped off his cock finishing him up with quick hand pumps.“Jeez,” he panted out, almost collapsing against the wall.Worried, she climbed to her feet, wrapping her arms around his waist.“Are you okay?”He shook his head.“I think you just sucked my brain out of my cock.”She stared at him in confusion.He lifted his gaze and she saw amusement shining in it.Sucked his brain…oh.“Ass!” she smacked his chest.“I thought I’d hurt you.”He chuckled, the smooth sound echoing in the small space.“Let’s get out of here and I’ll make it up to you.”Pretending to pout, she crossed her arms over her chest.“I don’t know if you can.”Shifting enough to twist the knobs and cut off the water, he moved so quickly that she didn’t expect him to grab her around the waist and lift her off her feet.“Chase!”“Hush, my turn to take care of you,” he said as he carried her out of the shower.As he placed her on the soft rug in the middle of the bathroom, he used a fluffy towel to dry her off.This man knew how to pamper.She’d noticed it before but he went even further by making sure she was warm and comfortable.He only gave himself a light wipe down.She returned in his arms immediately.“What is it with you carrying me?” she asked with a laugh.“I like to have my hands on you,” he answered.She really couldn’t argue with that.“Okay.”They reached the bed.“I’m glad you agree,” he said as he dropped her onto the mattress.She bounced and had to grip the sheets.Rolling over, she lifted an eyebrow.Chase only grinned.He pounced on her but made sure that his knees landed at her sides.Not having seen this playful side of him, she couldn’t stop smiling.Easily, she pushed him back and flipped their positions.Straddling his legs this time, she leaned over him.“Are you going to ride me, baby?” he questioned huskily.Now that is one of the best suggestions I’ve heard in a very long time.“Maybe,” she teased as she lowered her mouth to his collarbone.Peppering soft kisses on his flesh, she once again savored his wonderfully unique flavor—all musk and man.She continued down, paying special attention to his pecks, before moving to the trail of hair down his stomach.Chase tensed when she bypassed his cock and nipped his thigh instead, his cock hardening again.She could see in the way his body responded that his need matched hers.Cupping his sac with her left hand, she carefully grasped his cock with her right.Pumping a few times, making him lift to help, she couldn’t wait any longer.In one smooth slide, she positioned herself over his erection then slowly lowered herself on it.Chase gripped her hips once he’d fully penetrated her.With her hands on his chest, she began riding him, just as he’d wanted.The seduction in the shower already had her ready and wet for him.It didn’t take long before she wildly lifted and slid down, forcing him to take her faster.She crested the edge, dragging her nails down his chest and leaving red marks.He yelled out her name, filling her with his warm seed.Chapter NineChase stretched his legs out, making sure he didn’t disturb Kayla too much.For the second morning in a row, he’d woken wrapped around an amazing woman and he hoped there would be many more mornings that he would be able to do so.With her not living in Canyon, he wasn’t sure how they would manage it but he was determined to find a way.She was a beautiful woman anytime but there was something about her in sleep that made her seem even younger and more innocent.Her tangled brown hair lay fanned out against the white pillowcase.Chase didn’t even try to resist the urge to run his fingers through the silky strands.Kayla smiled with her eyes still closed but he could tell by the increase rate in her breathing that she was awake.Keeping his right hand buried in her hair, he trailed his left down her breasts and lower.Fingering her damp folds, he started to open her sweet pussy with one then two fingers.She lifted her hips, riding his hand just as he lowered his mouth to hers.They kissed deeply as he pumped his fingers deeper.Already his cock stood full and he was dying to bury himself inside her.Once he had her wet and moaning, he pulled his hands away to roll her over onto her stomach.Chase scooted closer to her and she rose to her hands and knees [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]