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.Especially if the King’s Champion also gets her hands on their naval defense plans.” He took a breath, keeping his voice disinterested.“I want to present the idea to the king this morning.And I want you to support me.”Because Dorian would never agree to it, not without knowing what Celaena was.And Chaol would never tell anyone, Dorian included.But with an idea this drastic, he’d need as much political muscle as he could get.“An ambitious, ruthless plan.” His father smiled.“And if I support this idea and convince my allies on the council to support it, too, then what can I expect in return?” From the way his eyes gleamed, his father already knew the answer.“Then I will go back to Anielle with you,” Chaol said.“I will leave my position as Captain and … return home.”It wasn’t his home, not anymore, but if it meant getting Celaena out of the country … Wendlyn was the last stronghold of the Fae, and the one place in Erilea where she’d be truly safe.Whatever shred of hope he’d had for a future with her was gone.She still felt something for him, she’d admitted, but she would never trust him.She would always hate him for what he’d done.But he could do this for her.Even if he never saw her again, even if she abandoned her duties as King’s Champion and stayed with the Fae in Wendlyn forever—as long as he knew that she was safe, that no one could hurt her … He’d sell his soul again and again for that.His father’s eyes gleamed with triumph.“Consider it done.”Chapter 53When Celaena finished telling Dorian the story she’d told Chaol—albeit a much more limited version—he let out a long sigh and fell back onto his bed.“It sounds like something out of a book,” he said, staring at the ceiling.She sat down on the other side of the bed.“Believe me, I thought I was going mad for a while.”“So you actually opened a portal to another world? Using these Wyrdmarks?”She nodded.“You also knocked that creature aside like it was a leaf caught in a wind.” Oh, she hadn’t forgotten about that.Not for one moment had she forgotten what it meant for him to have such raw power.“That was dumb luck.” She watched him, this kind, clever prince of hers.“I still can’t control it.”“In the tomb,” she said, “there is someone who might … offer you some advice on how to control it.Who might have some information about the kind of power you’ve inherited.” Right then, though, she didn’t exactly know how to explain Mort to him, so she just said, “Someday soon, you and I could go down there and meet him.”“Is he—”“You’ll see when we get there.If he deigns to speak to you.It might take a while for him to decide he likes you.”After a moment, Dorian reached over and took her hand, bringing it to his lips for a swift kiss.Nothing romantic—a gesture of thanks.“Even though things are different between us now, I meant what I said after the duel with Cain.I will always be grateful that you came into my life.”Her throat tightened, and she squeezed his hand.Nehemia had dreamed of a court that could change the world, a court where loyalty and honor were more valued than blind obedience and power.The day Nehemia had died, Celaena had thought the dream of that court forever vanished.But looking at Dorian as he smiled at her, this prince who was smart and thoughtful and kind, who inspired good men like Chaol to serve him …Celaena wondered if Nehemia’s impossible, desperate dream of that court might yet come to pass.The real question now was whether his father knew what a threat his son posed.The King of Adarlan had to give the captain credit; the plan was ruthless and bold, and would send a message not just to Wendlyn, but to all their enemies.With the embargo between their countries, Wendlyn refused to let Adarlanian men into their borders.But women and children seeking refuge could still enter.It made sending anyone else impossible, but his Champion …The king looked down his council table, where the captain was waiting for his decision.Westfall’s father and four others had immediately supported the idea.Another bit of unexpected cunning from the captain.He’d brought allies to this meeting.Dorian, however, was watching the captain with barely concealed surprise [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]