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.Her wolf was close and she let the wolf completely take over.Illiana leapt at him and wrapped her jaws around his throat.At that moment, she also felt the stab of the knife when she landed on him.It hurt, but she was more worried about him.Vorhan struggled.She kept her jaws around his neck and with one final crunch he lay still beneath her.Illiana slipped back into human form and pulled the knife out.It had hit her shoulder.Daruk grabbed her shirt, wrapped it around the wound to staunch the bleeding.“Thank you,” she said to Daruk.“It’s not bad.It should be okay.”Illiana stood before all naked.Those vultures and cougars who remained had fear in their eyes.The wind had died down and the earth was quitted.“Your leaders are dead.Heed this last warning.Leave the forest, free any remaining wolves or ravens you have, and go back to your own villages.You have until tonight to gather whatever you have and get out of our homes.”“What if we don’t?” a brave vulture asked.“Then I’ll personally eat you.” Daruk stepped toward him.The crowd murmured.They started to slink back into the shadows until they were all gone and all that was left were her protectors and a few wolves.Chapter FifteenBelik opened his eyes.Paid radiated up his arm and all over his body where he had hit the branches.Everything seemed to be working except that he was stiff.He got up slowly reached out with the bond that he shared with Illiana and felt that she was hurt.He made his way toward her and he found Daruk tending her wounds.Next he went to working on pulling the arrow out of Ohanzee’s shoulder.He did not see Christopher anywhere.He knelt beside his two mates.“Are you okay?” he noticed Vorhan’s body was abandoned by the vultures.Illiana smiled.“I’ll be fine.Daruk’s a good healer.”“Ha! I know how to wrap a bandage and you need some healing as well.Have you seen Christopher?” Daruk asked.“No,” Illiana replied.He saw the flash of worry in her eyes.“I’m sure he’ll turn up.You took care of the vultures and the cougars.Are they leaving?” He felt a seed of hope sprout within him.Maybe now they could have their home back.“Yes.They have until tonight to get out of the forest.If there are any left, I intend to make sure they don’t leave.”“What about Rama or any others who don’t want to go back?” Ohanzee asked.“Rama’s fine.I’m not sure about the others.”“What will they think if I switch into a lion? Will they decide to put an end to me?” Ohanzee asked.Belik had wondered the same thing, but he was not saying anything.Daruk broke the shaft of the arrow and pulled it out.He stuffed a piece of cloth against Ohanzee’s flesh.The other shifter grunted from the pain.Illiana placed her hands near the wound and closed her eyes.Belik watched while she used her gift and to heal the wound.After a couple of minutes, the blood stopped flowing and the dragon took the bandage away.The wound was tender and raw, but closed.When Illiana opened her eyes, she seemed tired and worn out.“Don’t worry.People will know you’re my mate from the feather braided into your hair and we’ll tell them you can shift into the different animals.I have to help the others who are injured.Belik, are you going to be okay?”He thought about how he had landed and knew it could have been worse.“I’m fine, just a little banged up.Nothing to worry about.How can I help?” he asked.Illiana wrapped her arms around him and kissed him quickly.“Can you find my mother and aunt?”“All right.”“I’ll come with you.” Ohanzee winced, but he was able to stand.“Take care of her,” Belik said to the dragon.He nodded and gave him a smile.Belik turned back to his co-mate.“Can you fly?”Ohanzee moved his arm.“I think so.It’s a little tender, but it feels better.I think it’s still healing from whatever Illiana did to it.”“Then follow me.” Belik let the raven take over before he leaping into the air, feeling his feathers poke through his skin and his form shrunk.For the first time in a long time, it was freeing because he was back home.Nothing would drive them from their home again.His co-mate was keeping up with him.Ohanzee did not fight, but something had happened to him.Weaving through the trees, Belik wanted to settle back in the woods, but Ohanzee would want to return to his village after the eruption.Illiana would not go back without him.Ohanzee was part of their lives now.Belik scoured the forest for any sign of the raven leader and Illiana’s aunt.Rama had gone with them to help find the captives.She had said it would be somewhere away from the village.Tullin navigate because he knew the exact location of them.When they arrived, Belik found the scene below to be that of a slaughter.Bodies were strewn about and a fire was raging in the forest.He spotted Lelana lying on the ground.He touched her cheek and found that she was cold.Her eyes were vacant.Sadness and horror overwhelmed him.Seeing so much carnage made him remember what they had been fighting for.“Belik, over here,” Ohanzee called.Ohanzee had found Coret.She had also been killed.Claw marks marred her flesh.Lelana had had her throat cut.He picked up Coret.They had to take her and Lelana back with them.“Help,” he heard a weak call.The ground was littered was dead ravens, vultures, and cougars.He listened to the cries and followed them further into the wood.They found Rama.She was all cut up and her face was damaged, but she was tending to the wounded.“Rama, you’re okay?” Belik asked.She nodded.“I’ll live, but there are so many others who won’t.”“What happened?” Ohanzee looked around.Others tended the wounded he did not recognize [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]